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  • favorite cut of steak

    What is your favorite cut of steak and how do you like to cook it?

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    My steak is always slathered with garlic butter and grilled. my preferred cuts are flank, t- bone, porterhouse, and sirloin.
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      I eat alot of bone in chuck steaks too.

      I just started eating Flat Iron steaks, those are super tasty.

      ...oh yes, and I really like the Pork Chop.


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        Ribeye. Most tender and most flavorful. Nuff said.


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          I like ribeyes and NY strips grilled just enough so that they're tender, juicy, and still bright red inside and served with mushrooms sauteed in butter
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            only one? That's like asking what my favorite book is! Lesseee.

            Something basic like blade for a casserole - cheap and tasty. Rack of beef - quessing that's ribeye on the bone OMG that was THE best roast EVAH. Porterhouse for a barbeque or just in the pan.

            The local butcher has these two-inch-thick New York Cut steaks that I keep eyeing off... they look amazing but are so huge, I don't know how I'd get through one!


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              Ribeyes or Porterhouses cooked medium rare - more on the rare side though...


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                I had a bunch of tenderloins recently and that cut cooked rare is truly on a different level for me. I can't say that it's my favorite, but it almost seems like a different animal, so rich and tender. I slow cooked top sirloin outside, half grilled and half smoked and it was amazing. Prime Rib is the opposite of tenderloin for me. Give me the end cut with all the baked on seasoning and I growl as I eat it, au jus and horseradish please. I don't have a favorite other than what's on my plate next, which just happens to be a two pound sirloin flap, grilled over mesquite and cut into to strips for fajitas. I'll put the strips over a Mexican salad and top it off with a big dollop of guacamole. Can't beat that... today anyway!


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                  I love so many different cuts!!! Our every day steaks are top sirloin, but I love porterhouse for a treat!!! I don't love fillet mignon, I find it a bit bland for all it's tenderness. (Guess I love fat! ha ha) We like to marinate our steaks in homemade primal bbq sauce, with some added balsamic vinegar, crushed garlic and onion. Yummy yum. We have also played with peppercrusts, mushroom sauces, steak topped with seafood and hollandaise, and topping the hot steak with herbed garlic butter. (OMG this is SO good!!!)

                  For pork I love bone in pork chops, pork loin steaks... mmmmmmmmm meat! Pork is so versatile, you can do it with a mustard white wine sauce, or bbq sauce, or thai with a peanut coconut milk sauce, or with curry... possibilities are endless.

                  ETA: Oh, and I like my meat rare. I won't eat it if it's cooked more than medium rare.
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                    Ribeye, and it must be bleeding!
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                      beef - rump steak by far. sirloin comes second. For some reason i just can';t get into ribeyes! I find them much less tender than rump! its really weird...
                      For lamb i like lamb leg steaks


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                        Cross cut shanks for sure. You get a decent portion of marrow along with a mixture of some really tender meat, some really tough meat, along with some soft connective tissue and fat.

                        My favorite cooking method for any type of steak is pan fried in butter for only a minute or two on each side. I like the meat to be 90% raw.


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                          A steak a day keeps the doctor away


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                            I've had a lot of grassfed Ribeye and love it but I don't think I have ever had a porterhouse steak in my life. At least not one like this place by work that serves it - 8 weeks dry aged USDA Prime. It cost $10 more per pound than ribeye and has to be ordered at a 1 lb minimum, compared to the ribeye which you can get less of.

                            Would the splurge be worth it?

                            Because of what I 'm guessing would be highly fatty content is UDSA Prime meat really badly stuffed feedlot cows?
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                              Ribeye or Porterhouse cooked medium with butter.
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