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Did Grok eat meat dialy?

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  • Did Grok eat meat dialy?

    I have been wondering about this. Is there any hard evidence that primal man ate meat on a daily basis? I have seen literature saying the diet was actually more plant based, and only about 30% protein. So, this makes me worried about the amount of meat I am eating every day. And what of fat> how did he render fat?

    Would it be anti-primal to try reducing meat and fat, but maintaining veggies?

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    Any hunter-gatherer would prefer to eat lots and lots of animal fat. I don't think you have to render it, just eat it along with some protein. 30% protein indicates a high animal consumption, as the hunter-gatherer will eat more of the fat than the muscle if he can help it. Bones were plundered for bone marrow, insidey parts were eaten and muscle discarded except in times of extreme famine. Honestly I would rather eat plants than extra protein, any more than 30% protein would be unbearable.

    I will refer you to Loren Cordain's work at

    There's hunter-gatherers. Mostly animals.

    And exactly what are you worried about? Is the CW machine so efficient that people are afraid of eating meat for no good reason at all? If something is bad, it's bad for a reason. What's the reason?

    I say eat whatever makes you feel good, but not the artificial kind of good like a candy bar or opioid-like peptide rich bread. For me good is a steak with some steamed vegetables drenched in animal fat.
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      It's up to you really, PB is a set of gidelines for everyone to play around with.
      Bear in mind that veggies are VERY low calorie, so even if your plate is 90% veggie and 10% meat, most of your actual ebergy will still come from the meat.
      I don't think rendering fat would have been an option, but they'd likely eat it straight from the carcass. Also, brains and things are high fat. And oily fish.

      Why are you worried about how much meat you're eating? Is it a "CW hangover" - arterycloggingsaturatedfat?


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        Also known as energy

        snap, Stabby