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Have not lifted a weight in years, but want to resume. I need an "all in 1" routine.

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  • Have not lifted a weight in years, but want to resume. I need an "all in 1" routine.

    I have been doing IT/Tabata/Sprints/Yoga/Pilates/Boxing etc for about 5 years.
    I want to lift weights once a week. Everything. Can someone suggest a routine.

    I am thinking 1 set until failure, in a circuit
    Military/Overhead Press
    (I already do Dips & pullups, so I'll skip Tri's and Lat pulldowns)

    Boy, it's funny even typing those names. From a different life!

    What else?

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    Back Squat
    Overhead Press

    5 sets of 5 reps. Train to fatigue, not to failure.
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      No way. At my late 30s, I am wary of back injuries.
      I simply associate that "Olympic lifting" with injuries.
      That's why I avoid most of Crossfit, except the bodyweight stuff.
      Not for me, even if a mental block.
      I suppose I can do a set with a very light weight. (It won't take much, besides)

      I'll prob. just stick to Bench, Curls, Tri Pushdowns, Rows, Pullups, Dips, etc.
      Just a quick 20 min. workout to bring back exposure to weights


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        Where are the squats and deadlifts?

        You won't hurt your back if you practice good form. Man up!
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          Lower body exercises are so very important. I used to avoid them like the plague and I created such an imbalance which was no fun. I used to have lots of back issues and since I've been lifting full body they are gone! Form is most important though, just start light and work your way up!


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            Try sumo squats:

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              To clarify, I feel I can work my lower body WITHOUT any weights.

              Try doing 20 jumping squats.
              Or Tabata air squats.
              Or Crossfit "Fran" with just a 45 lb bar (for me)

              For you squatters, I am curious how you fare on this:
              3 vertical leaps. 3 air squats. 3 long jumps. (Do 5 sets in a row)
              This destroys my legs, and no weights needed.
              My legs get plenty burn, and even sore.


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                Body weight stuff is fine if it fits your goals, but you asked about lifting specifically. If you are looking to build a lifting routine, it needs to include deads, squats, and overhead presses. Performing those correctly will help prevent back injuries as opposed to causing them. Ignoring those movements and lifting heavy in others is asking for a back injury down the line imo.