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Digestive speed questions regarding gas and poop after meals.

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  • Digestive speed questions regarding gas and poop after meals.

    Ok, so if i eat for example a fruit salad (excess fructose) or lots of cashews (phytic acid?) i become farty rather fast afterwards. Usually no more than half an hour. After meals with lots of greens (mostly unsolluble fiber) i have very hard poop, usually no poop at all. Then, in comparisson i just ate a meal consisting of a rather substantial number of root veggies (digestible starch). About half an hour later i almost feel like im having diarrhea. Softer poop, easy out and more of it.

    What i can find about digestive speeds is that it takes roughly 33 hours with quite some variety to fully digest a food. Yet i keep getting these effects pretty much immediatly after eating food. I do have a fast metabolism but there's simply no way it can be that fast. I do notice that after eating beets in the evening i have the colored pee and poop the day after, so im probably on the faster side.

    Does certain things in food get ''rushed'' through or body? Is fiber going straight through? I know that it doesnt get digested but still.

    What about the fructose, or maybe certain problematic compounds like polyols or phytates? I just want as much of an explanation as possible. Whatever input you have is good, I just want to learn and understand as much as possible.


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    I think this says more about your digestive bacteria than anything else. Do you eat any probiotic foods or supplements?
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      As far as the fruit and cashews go, they're both high in FODMAPS and you seem to be having issues with them. Gut bug related, as namelesswonder said. Depending on which starchy veggies you were eating, many of them are high in FODMAPS. Eating those things is causing fermentation in your colon, possibly because you don't have the right bugs to break them down or have too few of them.

      Try eating a low FODMAP diet while diversifying your gut biome with a good probiotic. Stay away from sugary stuff that will feed the bad bugs, and can eventually overtake the good bugs you are trying to add back.

      Have you done a stint of low carb eating in the past?
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        I've wondered about this myself on occasion. Perhaps specific foods provoke a certain type of reaction across the entire length of the small and/or large intestines, since I'd imagine that the tissues and microbiome of the digestive tract are relatively homogeneous. Like knocking down a row of dominoes; the whole row gets affected even if just the first portion is disturbed.

        So for example, when you say that eating too many greens causes borderline constipated bowel movements within mere hours, it may not be the case that the lump of greens you just ate actually traveled all the way through your gut in that short amount of time. Instead, maybe the greens somehow react with your gut and cause it to absorb more water in general, so that whatever bowel movement you were about to have (even if it wasn't greens and you ate it the day before) also gets dehydrated and ends up turning into a hard lump.

        Short of actual food poisoning-induced diarrhea where you body is just trying to flush toxins out as fast as possible, that's the only explanation I can think of. I'm hardly a gastroenterology expert though, so I'd be interested to hear other theories.


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          Just a note on beets - the red colouring shows up in urine within an hour, usually. The red feces takes a lot longer, and that depends on your digestive speed. Even so, while on a carby diet years ago, I had high speed digestion. The much lower volume of meats and leafy greens takes its time to exit.