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It's just a nice way of keeping track fifa 15 account for sale

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  • It's just a nice way of keeping track fifa 15 account for sale

    The new stuff is rounded off fifa 15 account for sale with the inclusion of Friendly Seasons and a PHY (physical) attribute added to player cards. The latter does exactly what you'd expect, as in it adds another number to look at when looking at new players for your squad. PHY covers the likes of stamina, strength and jumping, so if you're looking for a big strong striker or a beast of a defender, then pay careful attention to this new statistic. Friendly Seasons, like in the normal online mode, lets you go one-on-one with a friend over a season, awarding points for bragging right and eventually a nice virtual trophy. It's just a nice way of keeping track of who is better, but in the Ultimate Team side of the game.

    Apart from the above, the rest of Ultimate Team is pretty much the same. At its core it's still the same mode everyone knows from last year a good and bad thing depending how you look at it. If you're happy spending thousands and millions of pounds, FIFA points or coins (so many ways to get packs) to essentially play the teams full of the same players from Barcelona, Real Madrid and Bayern Munich then you'll be fine. On the other hand, if you're looking for Ultimate Team to evolve and actually have some depth/strategy, you might be left disappointed. You might disagree, but the "issue" lies within set-up, a point you'll come to realise the more time you spend with Ultimate Team.