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  • hypoglycemia

    i am thinking i have hypoglycemia....i do martin's leangains 16/8
    i got a blood glucose monitor yesterday as im recovering from anorexia and keep my diet keto b/c carbs screw with my head and i have the worst insulin problems known to mankind.

    berfore meal glucose last night:51
    45 miins after meal: 96 (45pt rise)
    2 hours after : 69
    this morning: 59

    what i ate
    1/2lb fatty ground pork
    1/2 lb chicken
    2 cups fage mixed with hot spices/peppers
    celery/turnips/rutabagas for dip
    about 3 oz cheese over chicken
    then i ate
    1/2 block cream cheese mixed with 1/4 cup flax and 2 eggs, sprinkles cinnamon
    1 cup cottage cheese
    1 cup fage
    1/4 cup sour cream
    1/2 jar of a 7 serving maca nut jar

    ok...i dontneed to know the cals i know they are high i try not to look at them. thats a hellofalota food. all full fat

    WTF is up with my blood sugar and is there and insight into why it is so damned low and weird. i am 5'7 and this morning 114. i know im underweight still and AM currently gaining so should my blood sugar be higher??

    any insight on hypoglycemia?
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    how long have you been eating lower carb?

    I know I used to experience hypoglycemia but after about a month of eating low carb my low blood sugars went away. If I start eating higher carb again for a few days I'll start getting low blood sugars again and I feel like crap when my bs dips too low. But, for some people low bs is just what their normal is. How do you feel when you bs is that low? Do you feel weak and shaky at all or do you feel normal?


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      haha geez about 6 years...i feel fine...but sometimes i get lightheaded when i stand b/c i have low blood pressure too
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        bump.....anyone have hypoglycemia experience???? like today, i was fine and the BG reading before my dinner was 89, not one low feeling all day. i also did a kettlebell workout this morning...
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          All those numbers seem pretty fine for someone who is low carb.


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            so blood sugar in the low 50"s is healthY?@?!?!
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              I had to do some converting But as a nurse ... if you were my patient ... I'd feed you.

              It took me a long time (months) to feel like I could go very long without eating. I still span the hours with cream in my coffee.

              I don't have any scientific evidence to support this but I "think" that perhaps hypoglycemics need to work harder to get to that nice level blood sugar thing. It's all hormonal right? So maybe our systems are just touchy that way? Touchy glycemic response to stressors?

              I don't mind feeding myself more often and I don't see any long fasts in my future. So far, I'm OK and who knows how I'll develope. It is kinda tempting to get a glucose meter.