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suggestions for meals to prepare and then freeze?

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  • suggestions for meals to prepare and then freeze?


    I will be doing my first big grocery shop this weekend. I plan to spend a day making a lot of meals and then freezing them for easy reheating in the evenings after work as I wont have a lot of time to make dinner most evenings.

    Can anyone suggest some good primal meals that would be suitable for freezing after they have been cooked?
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    I haven't gotten round to it yet but will be making then freezing STEW.

    Other than that I find meals to be quick and easy. Fry some meat and boil some veg. 20 min MAX.

    Just make sure you het meat out either before bed or in the morning.

    But yes, Stew is my recommendation.
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      My personal favorite.. Steve's kitchen sink souflata" take all of the left over cooked protiens (from bacon to burgers)in the fridge & dice them small. Than saute all of the soon to be history fresh produce in the house (veggies) with olive oil garlic & whatever seasoning you like. Add grated parmasean. than mix with however many eggs scambled you need to completly cover that mess in a lasagna style pan. Than bakit unill its done. cool. slice into a single serve portion. wrap in plastic, & freeze. when ready to eat defrost & nuke for 1 1/2 min. than chow down.
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        Chili. I make in a big batch and then freeze in glass jars. Leftovers are fine.


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          Thanks for the suggestions so far :-) I will make sure I buy some ingredients for these meals.
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