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Sugar rush?

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  • Sugar rush?

    I have been 80% PB for about 3 months and am feeling pretty good on it (lost 8Kg so far without effort). However, I have noticed that I seem to have become highly sensitive to refined carbs / sugar on the very rare occasions that I have been tempted. First time was with some white bread (restaurant!) and just today with a piece of candy (kids!). I seem to have an almost instantaneous response and get what I can only describe as a sugar rush - heart seems to race a little, feel a bit light headed etc; it then takes a few hours for me to feel normal again.

    Is this something I should be worried about or has my insulin sensitivity just increased now that I have withdrawn refined carbs from my diet?

    Apologies if this is a common thread, not an easy topic to search for.

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    From what I know, some people are just very sensitive to sugar. This is something that people typically don't realize until they get off the stuff.

    I have been mostly sugar free for the last 7-8 mos but can still have a piece of good chocolate or even a home baked treat ( I have kids too) and not feel any effect.