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  • Metformin Timing & IF

    For those who take Metformin, I've just started and I'm doing the step-up to 4 pills/2000mg, currently taking a pill with breakfast and a pill with dinner. Eventually that'll be two pills at each meal.

    My question is on timing - I eat in a relatively short window each day, with my first meal between about 10am and noon and my second meal typically between 3 and 6pm. When I'm riddled by lady hormones there may be a snack before bed, but nothing substantial.

    Does it matter that I may take the two doses just a few hours apart, or should I pop the nighttime pill at bedtime and hope it doesn't mess up my stomach too badly?

    I think when I've fully stepped up and it's time for a refill I'll ask for the XR version just for ease of dosing, but for now, does anyone have any experiences with dosing Metformin while using IF?

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    I have never used it - not diabetic.
    I don't know on the timing.

    You do realise that the amounts required BASICALLY follows carb intake and level of insulin resistance ( there may be other variables too).

    Reducing carb intake (and some increase in fat intake) along with use if glucose meter to monitor blood glucose levels will actually probably require reducing Metformin - in some cases total removal of the drug over time as insulin sensitivity and blood glucose may return to normal levels.

    Of course there may be some cases that this does not apply.


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      I appreciate your jumping in, but I've brought glucose levels around 350 to glucose levels around 100 in a very short period of time, requiring much less insulin than my doctor expected. I've done this through diet and exercise, including a small eating window and very low carb. He wants me on Metformin for now, and because I don't know how to reprogram my liver's glucose dumping pattern, I'm all for it. If my body heals and I don't need medication in the future, wonderful. If medication or insulin means I get to keep all my toes and live a long and healthy life, then I'll be happy to take medication or insulin.


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        Good luck.


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            Hubby was diagnosed diabetic 14 years ago. He was started on Metformin just after we went on a gluten-free diet. His blood sugar levels came down, and the meds had undesirable zombie side effects. So I took him off it, and scoffed at the dietician's advice. (Sorry, I was so sceptical). I banished bread, potatoes, rice, most starches and pursued a low carb lifestyle, now called VLC or ketogenic. His blood sugar levels ran a bit higher (and still do) than the ultra-low levels I've seen recommended by some here. But he is a (mostly) healthy person until he sneaks too much icecream and white bread. When his retinas detached, the docs who fixed his eyes found no sign of diabetes. (I asked.) Since then, I've added back certain starches but still scold (nag?) him over any perceived excesses. His sugar levels blab on him. Even so, any health crisis will show his diabetic tendencies, but for an 81 yr old with all his digits and most teeth intact, not bad. Not bad at all.


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              Have you read Mark's recent How to Improve Insulin Sensitivity? I think it is dead on.

              I take 1000 mg of metformin twice a day - when I get up and at bed time. I do have a snack at bed time. When I get up, I usually wait a while to eat. Recently started a minimum dose of Glipizide. Reluctantly. But metformin wasn't doing the whole job.

              For me, the most important factor is being active - not sitting too long at the computer. I'm working on that. Also avoiding carbs like white rice, which I am cutting back on but don't have any intention of giving up completely. Ever. And don't start with me about cauliflower.
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                Yeah, I've got that post bookmarked. It's gold. I've always been "seasonally active" with yard work and gardening (no surprise I went into crisis over the winter), but started walking right away when I was diagnosed and replaced my sitting desk with a standing desk. Which I love much more than I thought I would.

                Paysan, that's an awesome story. Met isn't causing zombie problems for me, but it's definitely giving me the famous digestive problems, though those have lessened quite a bit this week.

                And Hedonist, I just took the first pill with bulletproof coffee. Hopefully it won't bring back the cramping/ugliness. It would be extremely convenient if I could time it separately from food.

                Thanks everybody!