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basic primal diet for a teenager, I need help!!

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  • basic primal diet for a teenager, I need help!!

    So yeh, Im 16 and I wanna be primal. Exercise like grok = no problem, its the diet that im finding more difficult. I got to school 5 days a week. While at school I get two breaks for food.

    So here is what im thinking.
    Breakfast will be free range eggs and sometimes bacon/ham. 2 eggs some bacon or 3 eggs. (Does it matter how I do the eggs?) and some fishoil.

    First school meal, Fruit and nuts.

    Second school meal (lunch) Canned tuna/salmon/something - what els can I have to go with it?

    Afterschool if im hungry (which I most likley will be) Canned something, nuts, fruit or vegetable??? (give me some ideas)

    Dinner, whatever parents cook but we almost always have meat with vegies. Ill get rid of the pasta/rice, whatever if need be.

    What are some canned things I can eat aside from tuna and salmon.

    Multi-vitamin for good measure ( I take this anyway)

    Is this good? What els can I slowly add into it without it being to complicated, for example.....I cant get to a farmers market or anything, so try and keep it within a teenagers limits.

    What are some yummy simple primal foods?
    Is there anything wrong with eating more then a couple handfulls of nuts, im pretty thin, got some fat there but I suspect its water weight and eating to much grain bloating weight

    edit - I drink lots of white/green tea daily

    edit - and what can I add to it when IM on holidays and have acces to the my actuall kitchen?
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    Avacados always work well, little salt and pepper makes a good snack. I am also a big fan of cheese and fruit, particularly berries and whole milk riscotta or cottage cheese. You could always cook extra bacon and eat some for lunch and some for breakfast. Get used to cooking bigger meals and saving the extras in tuperware for later meals. Also I am fond of eating few bigger meals and going longer with out eating, today I had a huge breakfast around 8 and wont eat again till around 5. Good luck.
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      First of all you need to be sure that you are eating plenty of good fats and most importantly enough calories.

      I assume that you pack your own lunch for school...good job!

      Some other breakfast options would be plain yogurt with berries, smoothie (greens, coconut milk, kefir/plain yogurt, berries, 1/2 banana or apple...if you have access to fresh quality eggs, then drop n a couple yolks) omelets don't have to be complex either (sauté up some chopped veggies [prepped the night before] add in a couple beaten eggs and scramble it all together)

      Lunch could be meat and cheese wrapped in a lettuce leave, tuna/chicken salad in lettuce, a big salad with some sort of protein and a little cheese.

      Nuts, almond butter in celery, veggies with yogurt dip, hard boiled eggs and cheese all make good snacks.

      Make a real effort to make all three of your meals fairly large and you will get about calorie without feeling snacky all day.

      Good luck!


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        All good advice above. You haven't mentioned if you have specific fitness goals, that would affect the nutrition advice to some extent. Are you an athlete, do you want to be an athlete, are you wanting to lose weight, etc? Or are you already healthy and want to be healthier?
        If you are new to the PB - please ignore ALL of this stuff, until you've read the book, or at least and this (personal fave):


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          Hehe, you will do fine. Im also in highschool. Sounds good to me. Look into some coconut products too.
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            Thanks guys. Its easy to get the main meals done, its the snacks thats the problem, its easy to go for a sandwhich in that case.

            My fitness goals are to get fitter and stronger long term. Like I said, exercise no problem, its the diet im stuck with.

            I just had 3 eggs and 2 decent sized pieces of cooked ham mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

            You can get frozen vegies in bags that you just chuck in the microwave, are they a good choice for school (we have a microwave) mix it with some tuna or something.

            In regards to coconut, when I was working last night I was stacking coconut milk on the shelf but it was about 400mls and in a can. When looking for coconut products, what am I looking for??


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              Just skip the snacks then. Have bigger meals. Problem solved.

              As for coconut milk, the only brand I trust is Thai Kitchen.
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                Hard boiled eggs and baby carrots usually work for me as a very portable/easy snack/meal. Broccoli too if I'm feeling extra healthy.


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                  I am 14 years old, and I found it fairly easy to eat primal. I eat a huge breakfast (1,200>calories), and skip lunch. When I get home I may have a small meal of meat and eggs, and then dinner is usually steak or some kind of beef with butter on it. Today I wasn't feeling very hungry, so I just had two meals.

                  To be honest, you don't really need to eat more than two or three times a day. Just eat more for breakfast. My ratios are about 80% fat and 19% protein with trace amounts of carbs.

                  There are lots of yummy primal recipes floating around on the site. A quick search will turn up many great results

                  I'm not the best to ask for recipes, though. I eat very simple foods. Breakfast is bacon and eggs, with perhaps a little left over steak, and dinner is beef with a mound of butter melted on top. I eat only meat, oil, and eggs.
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