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Coconut products having GI "consequences" *not cocktail conversation*

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  • Coconut products having GI "consequences" *not cocktail conversation*

    Hey there, so somehow on our road trip home when I was talking to my wife about the whole "Primal lifestyle" that I've been semi hanging onto the back of the bandwagon of for about 2 years, she decided to fully embrace it with me for a 30 day challenge. Its got to do with the fact that she's been reading that a primal lifestyle, though they don't call it that, is really very good for breastfeeding babies.

    For me, I can eat meat and veggies, the same meat and veggies day in and day out without much boredom, but Melissa wanted to get all crazy and creative. So she's gotten online and researched and we've started using coconut products, oil and milk. Now I don't know which is responsible, maybe both, but the two times I've "used" I've had some GI consequences. This isn't belly rumbling I need to get to the bathroom immediately type affairs. Its definitely with more frequency though, and then, its "HOLY CRAP!". Is this normal? Will it go away as I get used to it? Like I said I've been flirting with lower carb for awhile, having no problems ditching most potato, grains, and legumes, but the chips at a mexican restaurant, or french fries were game. I never really worked on putting more fat into my diet though, I just ate alternatives to grains. I don't think I was getting enough fat though, as I never felt all that great energy people say they have from a higher fat diet. Now, I'm trying adding in the coconut and that sort of thing.

    Anyway, my apologies for the subject matter, and its not "life upsetting" but not completely pleasant either, so just wanted to hear your thoughts.


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    I'm trawling for some facts about the medium chain triglycerides in coconut, and while there's pages espousing the many benefits, not a lot of really good stuff; a couple of academic pages that I can't get much out of. A page on using mcts in various diets notes that dosages of more than 30 grams cause gastro-intestinal upsets - that's only a couple of tablespoons.


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      It's very normal, Mickey. Coconut products take some getting used to, and they can cause your GI system to be...ahem...very efficient at first. In the book "Eat Fat Lose Fat" it is recommended that you start with no more than 1T of coconut oil a day, and work your way up from there. I actually find that coconut milk will trigger that effect in my system more easily than coconut oil. But it does seem to be temporary, and if you take several days to build up your intake, your body should adjust all right.

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