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Low carb flu - six months in?

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  • Low carb flu - six months in?

    I've been doing the primal thing for about six months now, and I've lost about 35 pounds so far.

    A few weeks ago, I moved back home from college, and my diet shifted. I had been used to a diet of about 60-70 grams of carbs per day, but after coming home, it's become more like 35-60. Since then, I've been having some weird symptoms: lethargy, trouble paying attention to things, and a headache of some sort. Is it possible that I hadn't lowered my intake enough to get the low carb flu until I came home? Im just worried that im doing something wrong, and it will negatively impact my health. I don't want to actually be ill and just write it off as the low carb flu.

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    That can actually be a normal response to being low carb successfully for that long and resolving some of the insulin resistance that you had from being overweight. Something about adrenal hormone exhaustion. It doesn't tend to happen as noticeably if at all to people who don't have to lose weight but for people dropping lots of weight adding some more non fruit non grain carbs in can help stimulate the metabolism and aren't going to be as problematic because you are less insulin resistant.

    Described by Matt Stone here. Yeah I know guys *ducks for cover*

    Is everything else good? Omega 3:6 balance, general nutritional sufficiency, stress levels, exercise, vitamin d, not poisoning oneself? Have you tried IFing?
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      I found when I dipped below 50g carb, I had a mild headache and was tired for a couple days, until my body adjusted.
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        Everything else is decent, I think. No grain or refined sugar, the sweetest thing I eat is 85% chocolate on occasion and strawberries/blueberries. I take 2 krill oil capsules every day, in addition to a multivitamin (which I know isn't strictly necessary, but...). Stress isn't bad; but I'm searching for a job. I do shovel glove every couple days, but I'm pretty sedentary otherwise. I've done IF a couple times, usually from dinner till mid afternoon the next day. Could use more sunlight, i guess.