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Gaining weight with the PB

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  • Gaining weight with the PB

    I am new to the PB and these forums and have been doing some reading. Most of the threads here are about people using the PB to lose weight. I was hoping to hear some opinions from people that have had success putting on weight and getting stronger muscles with the PB. I have read the article that Mark wrote about building muscle and there are a lot of good tips there.

    I will be doing my first big shop for my first week on the PB on sunday so would appreciate any suggested meals or just suggested items to buy that would help with my objective of increasing my weight and strength but also staying on the PB.

    I also cannot afford to buy all 100% grass fed organic meats so would appreciate any tips people have for compromises that you have made while still sticking to the basic ideas of no grains and low carbs.


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