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Anyone completely cut out dairy?

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  • Anyone completely cut out dairy?

    I am thinking of cutting out all dairy for a while to see if it helps with my Hidradenitis Suppurativa but I can't get my head round it at all. The thought of veggies & eggs without butter, berries without cream and a nice bit of cheese as a snack or a topping on various meats is making me really as I love them all and was really enjoying PB with them. Plus I'm worried about maintaining a high enough fat content to my meals without any dairy.

    Ideas and tips from those who've successfully cut our diary would be very welcome please

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    Substitute coconut oil in the eggs, and coconut milk with the berries, and you'll be fine. I dropped all milk products for 2 months, then added back pasture butter only, and it seems to be going well. The immune problems and GI symptoms occur due to the dairy proteins or the lactose, not the fat. Ghee (clarified butter) is even safer.


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      I have dropped dairy out for a month now and like Bisous says, subbing with coconut oil or bacon grease is great! And of course EVOO- especially for roasting. I am a cheese head, especially goat/sheep after I dropped cow's milk, but I have found it pretty easy to do without. I am adding goat butter back in as part of a challenge tomorrow which I anticipate going well. Cheese on the other hand will wait for another 3 weeks...and then still in moderation. I would view this as a challenge period because what you don't want to do is just cut things out for the sake of it without trying to see if there was any connection to begin with so keep a journal of symptoms and note what happens during month off then when you go back on. I have found a few connections just by doing this.
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        I've been off diary since last Oct and notice many, many good benefits. I have tried ghee a few times since then, maybe once or twice. I use coconut oil, coconut cream, etc


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          i just use butter. thinking about melting it like Mark suggests with coconut oil to get all the milk out


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            I have just about completely cut it out. I was still using butter for a while there, but I got duck fat this week, and it's been great. I don't really miss it at all.

            Bacon fat is another good one.


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              I cut out all dairy about 8 months ago. I use olive oil and garlic to season veggies. About a week ago, I made an antipasta salad for a dinner party, with my favorite cheeses (imported provolone and fresh mozzarella) and decided to have some. I had serious heartburn! I thought it might be a coincidence, so I finished off the last of the cheese (about 2 oz) two days later--more heartburn. I feel better without dairy, and now I know that it's better for me to abstain.


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                Nope, milk and cheese are high in vitamins and minerals and a quality protein source. I have no plans to to limit my intake of dairy in the future. But I do prefer to use coconut oil more than butter since I believe it is more beneficial than butter. If I fry a potato I may use more than a tablespoon of coconut oil and add about a teaspoon of butter for flavor. I also use 2 tablespoons of heavy cream in my coffee daily.


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                  I use (casein and lactose free) ghee, due to my son's (and my own) food intolerances. He tolerates it well (doesn't tolerate any other dairy) and I think it has a buttery flavor. I also use coconut oil like pp's mentioned. And I use coconut milk in place of cream/milk a ton and just love it. Cheese is the only thing I've not found a good sub for...
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                    Thanks for all the starting to not feel so bad about this. I've had a omelette this evening cooked with saved bacon fat instead of butter and it was rather nice ....will be a bit of a pain as hubby will still be eating butter...but I'm sure we'll cope.

                    Just looking for coconut cream & milk on my supermarket's website but can't find any without thickeners ...this might be more difficult.

                    What other 'good' fats do you eat? I'm wondering if I can just increase some other things instead of trying to emulate dairy things...but my mind has gone blank


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                      lard. It's what home cooks used until they created faux fats like crisco.


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                        you may want to have a crack at rendering your own chicken fat.

                        I buy several whole organic chickens at a time and use the extra scraps, fat, and extra skin to render a good amount of fat. There are many ways to render the fat, google it if you're interested.

                        and bacon grease is always good.

                        (im still butter, cheese, and cream eater though)


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                          My butcher gave me three chicken carcasses yesterday and and a bag of beef bones. I cooked them in the oven to brown - lots of fat rendered of so I have a bowl of beef fat and one of chicken. The cooked the chicken carcasses in the pressure cooker so got loads of stock and more chicken fat. The beef has been in the slow cooker for 20 hours and will give more beef fat as well as stock. I love to cook with these fats - really adds flavour and I'm sure has lots of goodies in it!

                          ~I still eat butter and cream - could they be associated with bouts of IBS?


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                            Originally posted by AntonG View Post
                            i just use butter. thinking about melting it like Mark suggests with coconut oil to get all the milk out
                            say what?! how does this work? explain!!

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                              I recently stopped dairy. The week before stopping, I was eating yogurt and cheese daily. I had terrible stomach pain. This week, no dairy...and the stomach pain is GONE. That's enough evidence for me.