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Meat heaven-help me choose/cook?

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  • Meat heaven-help me choose/cook?

    I found it today...
    I cant believe it's been there so long yet i've never found my way there. Anyway, basically I can now get hold of ANYTHING.
    Does anybody have any tips or cuts that I should try?
    Just so you have an idea there are things like: beef testicles, cows feet, chicken feet, lungs, ox liver, tripe, ANY of the organ meats besides brains, bones, any cut of beef you can name, veal, goat (which i want to try but arent sure about cooking as apparently it takes ages? any comments?) i can also get many different fish, whole or filleted - tilapia, red snapper etc

    I'm in the UK so this is kind of a big deal, I know that over in the US some of the things i've mentioned may be pretty easy to get a hold of so it wont be a big deal, but for me it's like OMG!!!! I stood there in amazement at the huge smoked gammon shanks and the meats and fish and.... i'll stop there.... but please help! I want to try them all!

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    If you want to try them all, then you should.

    Great discovery by the way.


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      Where in the UK? I'd love to visit this meat Nirvana - ALL of those things I'd like to try!


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        *jaw drops* WANT!!!!
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          I want to find meat heaven too


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            Try it all!!! Tongue, heart, kidneys, lung, balls, really. I bet it's cheap too.
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              Breadsauce : i'm in Birmngham
              I do want to try it all just not sure what to do with it!
              I'm quite excited by it all - I was getting bored of having to buy supermarket meat and now the possibilities are endless!


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                Kidneys - fry onion, chopped, in butter until going transparent. Add 6 kidneys, the white core removed, and quartered. Add 1 teaspoon sweet smoked paprika (Sainsbury sells it), 1 teaspoon caraway seed (any herb section of supermarket or local ethnic shop) and when kidneys are just no longer bleeding, stir in small pot of sour cream. Try one piece of kidney - it should be pink in the middle. If so - serve. One of my favourite offal dishes.

                Could you give me the name of the shop and hopefully a post code? I go to Birmingham rarely - but if I get my narrow boat there, I shall eat a lot from this shop!!!


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                  oh you lucky thing.

                  Steak and kidney pie.
                  (just ignore the no-added fat bit and maybe a bit of lard?)


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                    Calf's liver - Google "Fegato Veneziana". Heaven
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                      Meat heaven? Ohh, you lucky b****

                      Heart (our favorite in this household, but we can only get pig hart). Clean and cut into 1 centimeters thick lengths. Give it a quick fry until they are brown and gorgeous. A good grind of black/white pepper. Add water until covered and boil for 3 hours. Remember to add water all the time! Parsley is good with heart and the water you boiled the hearts in can be used for multiple purposes.

                      Liver can be made the same way. Or on a grill. Second day liver (placed in the water they were coocked in (or a sauce) over night) is good too. Takes a bit of that dryness out af the liver. I also use these two types of meat as cold snacks or in a salad.



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                        Homemade haggis maybe. Lungs, heart and kidneys chopped up and seasoned, with some almond flour as binder and shoved into a stomach and baked for a few hours. Might work quite well. I want to try it now.
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                          Birmingham, eh?

                          Goat - find a Carribean curry goat recipe.
                          Kidney - dunno, but wash it WELL!
                          Chicken feet make a fantastic stock, I got mine already skinned, you've gotta trim the claws off too though...
                          Baked marrow bones were on MDA's main page recently

                          Oooooooh so jealous!
                          Where is it?
                          Might have to hop on a train. With a biiiig freezer bag....


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                            Thanks for the ideas; i've cooked liver and heart before so i'm alright on those.
                            Very keen on the haggis idea so i think i might try that sometime soon. I also found goats heads Wouldnt know what the hell to use that for!
                            Also, intestines? chicken gizzards? pigs tails? Goodness me!
                            Yesterday I bought the most amazing 'airch bone steak' which is just the most beautiful chunk of meat I have ever seen; just a big red slab...

                            For those asking whereabouts it is; The Bullring markets in Birmingham is where you need to be...
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