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Too much cocoa?

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    To find out whether you are consuming too much cocoa, just ask yourself if it is edging out bacon.


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      Originally posted by Artbuc View Post
      Hersey also makes an unsweeteened 100% cacao powder which is usually on the shelf right next to their dark dutch processed product. I use it to make hot chocolate (just hot water and a packet of Truvia). I also put it in my Greek yogurt and on my shredded coconut. It was rated best tasting by America's Test Kitchen. I think it is pretty good.
      I definitely agree with that. I like to use Hershey's unsweetened cocoa, actually. Putting it on greek yogurt is a fantastic idea. I've had it on bananas -with honey-, too, and anything else to a reasonable extent.


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        Hershey's plain cocoa mixed in some coconut milk and few Stevia drops is my favorite and pretty much only sweet treat. Sometimes I add boiling water if I feel like in the mood for hot chocolate. Awesomness!