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Rabbit meat?

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  • Rabbit meat?

    How does this rate vs beef or chicken? We haven't been able to find an affordable source of grain-fed beef. I'm considering raising rabbits for meat as they're less messy (and smelly!) than chickens. We don't have room for goats or I'd be tempted to go that route.

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    My Bunnies resent the fact that anyone would consider eating them.

    I have two bunnies that are part of the cycle of life around here. We have a huge compost bin to fuel our Organic Gardening efforts, and their little droppings are great addition to compost. They are making me BEAUTIFUL plants as we speak...... Totally off topic, but had to say that. Rabbit meat is greasy and more chicken like. they (rabbits) are smelly too. Especially females. they have really smelly urine. I would agree with you that Chicken's are far smellier though. My FIL has a ton of free to roam chickens just 300 feet behind our property and on a windy day, you smell them!
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      They're yummy. Buy yourself a pressure cooker for an even better experience.
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        Rabbit meat is very high in protein which is good but you'll have to add fat to a rabbit dish to make it a meal. I would consider it something of a novelty meat.


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          Thanks for the feedback. And my apologies to all the pet rabbits out there! I am looking forward to the instant fertilizer aspect too.
          As far as the fat goes, I've heard of people basting rabbit with bacon grease or wrapping it in bacon to make it more moist- and that would certainly up the fat content.


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            I occasionally am given a couple of wild rabbits. I love to make them into paté with fat pork, pork back fat and liver - flavoured with onions, garlic, juniper berries, nutmeg, thyme. It is delicious, fairly high in fat and really makes the most of a bunny.

            Also a good idea to overcome the dryness is to cook it in a good, rich chicken stock - the gelatin really moistens the meat - and finish with thick cream and Dijon mustard. Yummy!


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              I love rabbit! I usually stew or braise the meat. Free range bunnies have no fat, so you'll definitely want to add some of your own.


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                I never cared for it. When I was a kid alfalfa farmers used to pay me and a buddy 50 cents a piece for rabbit carcasses. They were half jacks and half cottontails out there. No one ate jacks and the cottontails were only edible for a few months, I believe in early spring. I think shooting 100+ a day twice a week and having a pillow case full of dead rabbits slung over my shoulder, combined with the counting process just turned me off of eating them. I've had a pretty good rabbit stew, but other methods were not so great. Gimme beef.