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Sorry.... Supplements agin!!!!

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  • Sorry.... Supplements agin!!!!

    I've been trying to find a good multivitamin for a while now. Its mainly for my dad to use because he has high blood pressure and cholesterol is on medication, smokes and drinks. They make him tired and I also suspect blood sugar problems. His diet is better than before we only eat grass fed meats free range poultry etc so it is slowly getting better. He does eat conventional bread and pork that I worry about though.

    Other supplements on my list include coq10 (if not in multi), probiotics, krill oil and vit D3.
    The maybes include a good B complex, chromium and kudzu.

    Does anyone know of any good whole food multis (preferably with methyl B12). All of the ones I have found made from food just list B12 from yeast.

    I think mercola has a good one but it is too expensive for me. 100 pounds for a few months supply is above my budget as I also need to get other supps.

    Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
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