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  • I haven't seen results yet. Help

    Hi All,

    I've been Primal a few weeks and I haven't seen any weightloss yet. I've been keeping track of my food input on Fitday this week and here are 4 days worth of results.
    Average Carbs - 64 grams, Average Calories - 1104, Average (Fat, Protien, Carb Ratio) is - F-50%, P-25%, C-23%.
    According to Fitday my calorie intake should be around 1400 to lose 2 pounds a week and I am below that. Not intentionally. I'm just less hungry on Primal and I'm satisfied.
    I have not eaten sugar for several months now. I have cut out all starches since a month ago. I rarely eat dairy. I eat a protien shake for breakfast, eggs or chicken plus a big lettuce salad with a few other vegies in small amounts for lunch with a sesame paste dressing and something similar for dinner. I was over eating nuts so I stopped that and am counting each nut now and I'm choosing lower carb fruit like apricots for my 1-2 servings of them a day.
    I have started exercising everyday for about 30 minutes with a 2 minute cardio, 2 minutes of weights and 1 minute abs video.

    Regardless of the lack of weight gain, I have been feeling more happy and more energetic which is great but I really want to lose weight. I have lost a lot of weight cutting out carbs before on Atkins several years ago so I know it works on my body type. But I'm 36 now and have a 2 1/2 year old.

    I'm 5'6, weigh 75 Kilos and need to be around 60 Kilos.

    I appreciate your help.

  • #2 may just have to give it a little more time. The cool thing about PB is that the waiting is so much easier. Why? Because you're eating kickass food all the time!

    I'd up the fat a bit to 60-70% of calories and aim for carbs at 10-15% if possible.


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      As Roach said, I'd aim for higher fat and lower carbs, especially in the fat loss phase.

      After losing 77 pounds, I'm still at 75-80% fat and as low carb as possible and the rest protein. No problems eating as much as I want without weight gain as long as the macronutrient ratios are around there.


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        Don't worry about not losing the extra weight so quickly the main goal should be getting optimally healthy and it sounds like you are making progress towards getting there! Its only been a few weeks so don't get bogged down with the numbers. I know you would like to get down to 60kg but that may not be the ideal weight for you, so judge your success on how you look and feel instead of the weight. Try to enjoy what you are doing, relax and keep active. GOOD LUCK!!!!!
        "My mom made two dishes: Take it or Leave it." -- Stephen Wright, comedian


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          I would aim for more calories and more fat, which is easily done. I noticed that I started dropping weight once I went closer to 5% carb, 25% protein and 70% fat.
          SW: 235
          Rough start due to major carb WD.

          MWF: 1 hour run/walk, 1.5 hours in the gym - upper/lower and core
          Sat/Sun=Yard/house work, chasing kids, playing
          Family walk every night instead of everyone vegging in front of the TV
          Personal trainer to build muscle mass & to help meet goals


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            I think you have received good advice already, I agree that you need to up your calories and fat....maybe the protein. Be sure that you know what is in your protein mix and are comfortable with that. I hate to bash the protein products but some of them (most) are really bad. Make sue that it is a low heat processed protein and contains no soy. High heat processed whey (for example) becomes a neuro-toxin.

            Also try to eat enough at each meal that you are not looking for snacks, like nuts and fruit.


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              Thanks! I'm down to an average of 18% Carbs and will aim for lower based on your advice!


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                Originally posted by mayaba View Post
                Thanks! I'm down to an average of 18% Carbs and will aim for lower based on your advice!
                Also consider getting your thyroid tested as well as your 25(OH)D. Either can stall or prevent weight loss.

                What kind of protein powder are you using. For me, whey protein concentrate is a wonderful addition to my daily food intake - I do better with it than without it. Natural Factors Whey Factors is my personal choice.

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