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    My wife, who is an RN, pretty much believes PB is probably right, she's just unsure that she can do without sugar forever, I think. I want her to read all the way through the book, though, and see Mark's views on the damage that grains can do and give me her take on it. She's about half convinced without even having read it.


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      Originally posted by kmacphee View Post
      I read in a magazine today that rice crispies with skim milk will help us sleep...on my way to the store for some boxed goodness...or maybe not.

      I am about 3 weeks into my no deserts commitment and doing really well. In the past, I have tried to give up the sweets on weekdays which worked but then I would go nuts from Friday to Sunday night. One time I had 6 large pieces of chocolate zucchini cake and couldn't drive home because I was fried from all the sugar!
      Last night we went out for a games night and were offered some delicious looking pumpkin crumble which I happily neglected, and again tonight for family thanksgiving dinner, there was not one, not two, but three delicious looking treats that my mother in law whipped up. I subbed berries and cream and was completely satisfied with no post dinner sluggishness.

      As I have been going through this challenge, I have noticed that it is getting easier and easier to walk away from the sugars. This is a monumental moment for me. I also noticed that even though I am on a mass gain phase and that I am eating an insane amount of food, I still lost about 4 pounds this week...I think this is because I have not had any sugar other outside of veggies and fruit! Goes to show what I have been doing in the past!

      So I am thinking that when the 30 days is complete, I will no longer require my deserts. As of now, I am certainly not craving, so we will see.
      If you are like me, after a while of keeping away from them, desserts and sweets will start to taste either too sweet, or seem lacking in flavor. I ate a piece of raisin cookie tonight and didn't think it was that good. I am planning probably on having a piece of pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving, if there is any, but am pretty convinced I won't be too thrilled with it, even though it's been a lifelong favorite.


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        Sam...I am not even looking to have sweets now! And the benefit is that fruit and veggies are sweet so not much of a desire lately.

        On another note, I had a really upset tummy yesterday. Since I began the mass gain phase I have been adding more dairy products and it has been catching up to me to the point where I was laid out on the floor in the morning because it hurt so much. Adding cheese, milk, cream into the diet at larger intervals to get the calories has been ok until yesterday. Now I have ikky belly and feel crappy, and the toilet is getting a solid painting each time I visit the boy's room!

        I plan to decrease the dairy, but will have to eat more of the solid stuff for the next 2.5 weeks...arrggghhh.


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          cheese and milk do that to me, but I have been okay eating large amounts of full fat greek yogurt.


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            A few months ago I was eating the yogurt and it seemed to be ok. Haven't been doing so lately but may try it. I also introduced cottage cheese into the mix so I don't know if it is the milk, cheese, cream or cottage cheese or a combination...will have to play with it.


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              I have made a Karl made a decision!

              Ok, for so much of my life I have fought to be 'right'. This always leads to stress and other issues, so I have decided to let it all go and learn from everyone/everything as a lesson. It is time for me to relax and enjoy life for what it is.