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    We have had wonderful weather here lately so I am sitting outside watching the stars and feel incredibly relaxed. The smell of my primal granola is making it's way from the oven, out the window and into my back yard and I am thinking about life. There is so much to be thankful for and at times like this I find myself basking in gratitude for my health, and my current lifestyle. Looking back into the past 10'years I had a wide range if minor health issues which are now gone and life seems easy. No more back pain to keep me up at night, no more severe headaches, no hypoglycemic shakes and mood swings and less stress around the epilepsy which is temporarily along for the ride.
    Here is the question of the day...
    What would you do today if you were brave?

    Something to ponder while I enjoy the clouds and the stars. To be continued...


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      Today was a good day for training. Now that I am in the 4th week of my eat big lift heavy program, I am noticing my strength gains steadily increase. Today, as a light day I did 30 pounds more than my 1 replied from 2 months ago and the bar moves quite easily.
      Today's workout:
      Power clean
      Back squat
      Bench press
      2 x 5-8 weighted pull ups

      After moving through this program for close to a month and eating primal foods, I now realize the changes that can occur while following a strength bias program. This has me thinking about the future and as a strength coach, I do enough programming and would like to play around with various programs that are available in the various media sources such as books and the net.

      If you have a cool program that you want to share, I would like to work on a different focus every month. As an example, I am finishing a strength bias, and plan to do a month of EDT (escalating density technique) and then a kettlebell program for mobility and power. That covers the next 3 months. I have done endurance programs as a triathlete, Crossfit for years, simple fit and general strength and conditioning.

      What have you done that intreagued you the most? When all is said and done, I plan to make a year long PDF to post on my blog so that people can play around with the many different styles (well at least 10-12) for free! I appreciate your sharing in advance.


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        Another day has passed and while I reflect on the past 16 hours, I am enjoying a wonderful treat of coconut almond flour pudding that I found a while back on the modern day paleo blog. Tonight for kicks I melted in 2 pieces of dark chocolate and then chased the pudding with a glass of whole milk. In my estimation, I just swallowed close to 1000 calories, actually certainly 1000 calories and most of it was saturated fat!

        Almost finished my 4th week of the eat big, lift heavy program on a primal diet. The next weigh in will be on Saturday and based on the amount of food I consumed this week, I should be up a couple of pounds. Strength is skyrocketing and I am also enjoying the 3 training days, however, I just received my kettlebells and I'm chompin at the bit to start swinging.


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          I have decided that for the next 30 days, I will be forgoing deserts! This is huge for me and will be an interesting experience. In addition, I will be adding Kelly Starett's daily Mobility WOD into my meditation practice at some point of the day. This is sort of like a mini primal 30 day challenge, and I am encouraging my students and clients to subtract one harmful lifestyle habit, while adding a more beneficial habit for the rest of the month.

          Today I started with the hip flexor 'couch stretch' for 4 minutes per leg and loved it! No deserts and it is Friday! I did enjoy some great salmon for dinner though, and I have also been eating more raw bell peppers...they are very sweet compared to my old eating style.


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            Holy smokes! I just stepped on the scale after 4 weeks of my Eat Big, Lift Heavy Program and I went from 165lbs to 180! What I have noticed though is that because I have been eating all day long, I have a bit of a grazing mentality again. This past week I have been going a bit squirrelly if I haven't had my food every 3 hours. I will be interested to see what will happen when I transition back to 3 meals a day.


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              I forgot to mention that I made it through a Saturday without having desert! This is huge for me. In the past I have been very liberal with my 'treats' and because I publicly stated that I will not be consuming deserts this month, I passed on my longest tradition of the Saturday treat.


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                Great job forgoing the treat!

                My MDA journal

                Primal Ponderings- my blog- finally added some food pron :P

                And best of all my Body Fat Makeover!!


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                  Thanks NutMeg...

                  OH Boy! What was I thinking! My mother in law makes apple pies every fall...she makes the best pies! So I just got off the phone with her and she mentioned that she made 20 pies with the apples from her tree...then I slowly told her about my challenge! Also, she makes a killer pumpkin pie, and thanksgiving is just around the corner here in Canada! Oh the humanity! This will be a perfect I type I am salivating!!!


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                    I made it through the sunday dinner without eating the incredibly-tasting-mother-in-law-perfectly-baked-apple-pie. Instead, I ate more of the main meal, and enjoyed a great cup of tea. There was a few comments from my family but they were all in good spirits about it. They were just picking on me about bending the rules and that they wouldn't tell anyone...the problem with that theory is that I would know and that is the type of person I am. MIL said that I am a man of integrity!


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                      Started Strong Lifts 5 x 5 program today for a change. After doing my own programs for years, it is nice to not have to worry about it. I am looking forward to the simple program because I tend to over complicate things. Stay posted and I will keep you up to date on the progress. So far I went from 165 to 180 pounds on the last month's strength program with great strength gains. We will see what happens in the 5 x 5 over the next month.

                      Also, made it through the whole weekend without desert...doing well!


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                        Legs are a bit tender today after the 215 x 5 back squat. We will see how things go tomorrow for the squat/overhead press/dead lift workout. On another topic, I have been buying 72 eggs a week, and successfully crushing about 90% of them while my wife and kids share the rest. I think I could live on eggs alone like Jimmy Moore did in his eggs/butter and cheese diet.


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                          Lying in bed after a late night, and I am tired. For someone who has a regular sleeping pattern, I am feeling the effects of staying up past my bed time. There was one point where I started to morf into a pumpkin but I managed to get to bed in time.
                          On another note, we are down to the last 8 eggs from the 72 that I bought last Saturday. I pretty much had eggs with every breakfast and for a couple meals through the week.
                          Lastly, I seem to have injured my itband during hot yoga, and have lots of work cut out to bring it back health.


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                            I read in a magazine today that rice crispies with skim milk will help us sleep...on my way to the store for some boxed goodness...or maybe not.

                            I am about 3 weeks into my no deserts commitment and doing really well. In the past, I have tried to give up the sweets on weekdays which worked but then I would go nuts from Friday to Sunday night. One time I had 6 large pieces of chocolate zucchini cake and couldn't drive home because I was fried from all the sugar!
                            Last night we went out for a games night and were offered some delicious looking pumpkin crumble which I happily neglected, and again tonight for family thanksgiving dinner, there was not one, not two, but three delicious looking treats that my mother in law whipped up. I subbed berries and cream and was completely satisfied with no post dinner sluggishness.

                            As I have been going through this challenge, I have noticed that it is getting easier and easier to walk away from the sugars. This is a monumental moment for me. I also noticed that even though I am on a mass gain phase and that I am eating an insane amount of food, I still lost about 4 pounds this week...I think this is because I have not had any sugar other outside of veggies and fruit! Goes to show what I have been doing in the past!

                            So I am thinking that when the 30 days is complete, I will no longer require my deserts. As of now, I am certainly not craving, so we will see.


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                              Hm, I was on a low fat nearly vegetarian diet for a year once...vanity can be deadly as well as helpful, I guess...I now wonder how much damage that may have done to my body? I feel very good on PB, however.

                              I can't get my wife to do this primal thing either, although I'm hoping that if I can get her to finish Mark's book, she'll want to try it.

                              Enjoyed your posts and beginning of journal, though, thanks.


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                                Hi Sam, thanks for the feedback. My wife won't even read the books, so when there is ever a disagreement, I have learned to leave it alone...however today after eating a delicious lunch she noticed that I didn't drain out the fat from the ground beef...she asked "me if I drained it", all I said was Then I continued eating and she didn't say anything. Who knows where that will go but I am curious to see if the new approach is working. In the past we would end up 'arguing', now I just answer the questions about food with the shortest answer possible.