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  • Primal Journey * by tigermind

    This actually is my 2nd primal journey. My first one lasted from August 2013 till January 2014. Early December 2013 I had lost a ton of weight (20kgs/44lbs). Everybody commented on me looking good. I hit a plateau and I started eating less and less with no fruit, no nuts, really low carb and lots of IF. In the end of December I felt terrible emotionally and after a terrible bout of constipathy in January, I started eating grains and sugar again topped with lots of guilt. I felt so great for a little while, which made me want to continue eating the carbs, except for the huge guilt, the weight gain, the return of the problems that went away while eating primally.

    Somehow I couldn't get back on the Primal band wagon until last week. It clicked and there I went. All non-primal foods in the bin. Bought lots of veg and eggs. Organic meat and butter. Located the coconut oil in the cupboards. There I went. In it for life. Did I say I gained all the weight back? On a vegetarian diet bordering on veganism? Hell yeah. So here I am. I learned my lessons:

    So what went wrong last time?
    1. Focused too much on weight loss. This time I only weigh once a month, tops.
    2. Went too hungry. Now: when hungry, I eat, lots of saturated fat.
    3. Constipathy. Now: fat plus lots and lots of veg. Should do the trick, right?
    4. Went very low carb. Now: keep eating fruit or nuts every day.
    5. Expected everyone to follow my lead and go primal too. Now: expect everyone to keep eating cw.

    No (more) looking back. This is it. A way of life. For me. For feeling great.

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    Welcome back to Primal, Tigermind. Sorry that you left, but glad you came back. Thanks for sharing the experience. Chances are, others reading this will take inspiration from your story and make a decision to start their Primal journey, or maybe like you, return to it. Stay in touch frequently, please.
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      Thanks John! Last night I read a post on health-bent about Megan doubting Primal/Paleo, which made me doubt my recent choices of going Primal for life. I also had suffered some side-effects from doing Primal my way (VLC, everyday IF, not eating much fat, probably too low cal). I was good too quit again already. Had a spelt cracker for dinner after huge primal breakfast and late lunch. When I went to sleep, disappointed and all, I had my cough back. There was mucus in my throat that had annoyed me every night fir months. It had been gone for how long? Could it been for almost as long as I had been Primal? Hrm.

      This morning I got up at 8, did some body weight exercises (which is new), wasn't hungry yet, so skipped breakfast and decided to do Primal on different terms this time. I'm in it for life so I'm not in it for weight loss only. I will eat fruit and nuts as I please. Plus a dried fig here and there. Meat, cheese, lots of veg, and fish, if I dare. Plus sometimes a small potato or some rice. Coconut milk in my tea. Coconut oil, butter, olive oil. Tomato sauce, fresh juice. Just no grains and no processed crap. Should be healthy! Can't think of any micro/macro-nutrient missing.


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        That's the spirit, Tigermind. Welcome along on this ongoing journey and hope you are soon feeling great.

        Agree with you on the "other people" thing, it tends to drag one down but we can't let it.
        Annie Ups the Ante


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          Thanks Annieh! Because this way of life differs so much from the way everybody else lives, it's especially important to brace yourself against discouragement. Especially when things get rough.


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            Yesterday afternoon I had a huge bout of doubt after my bike ride (very slow and long). After reading a magazine that wrote negatively about paleo and featured pictures of my favorite candy, I told myself that I'd been deprived of yummy food in my childhood (due to my strict parents), so I shouldn't deprive myself now.

            This morning I made a mushroom omelette with bacon for breakfast and told myself that I'd been deprived of good fat as a child, so shouldn't deprive myself now. I had lots of bread as a child, I shouldn't poison myself now. Ha!


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              Doing fine today. Am tired because of the Primal transition, I think. Also have sore muscles from the body weight exercises and the bike ride yesterday. Back, legs, stomach, arms. I aim for a quiet evening, early bedtime and lots of rest.


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                Super tired today. Only ate breakfast around noon and felt uneven for the rest of the day. Will eat breakfast earlier and not try to IF already, which probably is way too soon. After two weeks I'm probably not a fat burner yet.

                On the positive side, my cheeks feel much smoother (which was the direct reason I thought of starting again two weeks ago) and it's quieter, more relaxed in my head. Thoughts aren't jumping up and down anymore to get heard. That's interesting to watch. My muscle ache is less intense than it was yesterday.

                So overall I'm positive. I need to eat more though, for now.


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                  Originally posted by tigermind View Post
                  ....bacon for breakfast and told myself that I'd been deprived of good fat as a child, so shouldn't deprive myself now. I had lots of bread as a child, I shouldn't poison myself now. Ha!
                  Ha! Excellent. That's going to stay with me. See, you've already inspired someone to stay on Primal and find what is great about it.....and tastier than SAD "foods"!
                  “Never let the perfect be the enemy of the good”. - Popular translation of Voltaire

                  If you are honest with your lacks, BE honest with your abundance, as well.

                  "....the route finding part, and dead reckoning - figure out where I need to be and how to get there, then stay on target as I move over the land and through the forest."
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                    Thanks, HeuristicFireFlower. Good to know! That kind of knowledge helps me stay primal when I have my doubts.

                    Today I ate more regularly, but not more food. I want to eat more tomorrow to see how I feel doing that. I made a 4 egg omelet with broccoli this morning and took half of it with me for lunch. I ate it with bacon and goat's cheese. The other half I'll have tomorrow. I ate cold cuts with pickles for breakfast, cheese and nuts around 5 PM and avocado mixed with half a cucumber at 8 PM. I think it's not enough, but I'm not inspired what else to eat. Something warm would be nice, at 8 PM, like a juicy steak with veg, but I'm too tired to make it, plus I don't like eating something that substantial that late. Maybe some ground meat with tomato sauce and pre-cut veg, that sounds both doable and appealing. Hrm. Plan: get some ground meat and pre-cut veg. Yay! We've got a plan.


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                      Had some sushi this afternoon, because I felt really tired and felt that I needed some carbs. I also had some fresh black berry juice. Felt better afterwards. Stayed really quiet this afternoon and slowed down. I've been Primal before, way too low cal and too low carbs, which both damaged my body. This time I want to do it differently. I'm in it for life. I don't want to eat grains or candy. Period. But I'm not interested in the extreme lifestyle, in super fast weight loss, in keto living. I'm taking care of me now. And sushi and juice are part of that now.


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                        Feel really sluggish and down today. I bought some fruit, potatoes and pate in the store today. I have a tendency to feel down, sluggish with a very slow thinking and incoherent brain and it's essential for me to stay out of that alley. Hence the fruit and potatoes. The pate is for all of the non-muscle goodness of those wonderful animals who were there so we can become strong. I hope this helps. Or could it be the carb flu?
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                          Could carb flu feel like depression? Day 18 now and I feel terrible. How much longer will it take?


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                            I was on the verge of buying some bakery products, even had them in my cart. Immediately I felt better. Don't know if it was the grains, or that I had come out on the other side of the carb flu, alive and happy. That was why I put the grains back. Brought some fruit instead. Ate the fruit with some cheese. Felt okay. Felt happier and happier. Started humming some hours later. Brought out the bright colors, the positive books. Ended the day on a high note. Hope this is the end of the carb flu. Otherwise I'll stay on the upper carb limit of PB, and slowly go down a bit, as for now I need to lose some weight. Staying on the happy side however is more important for me than that. This was a very scary day that I want to avoid from now on.


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                              Day 19 and feeling great! I think this might be the other side of the carb flu. I feel happy, energetic. My brain works like it used to, and then better? Yesterday my muscles felt differently during my bike ride. Stronger. Different from last week. My skin is smoother. However I found some new and still tiny skin tags. Maybe from the stress my body and mind were under these last days? I'd love to see them gone.

                              Did't feel like eating eggs this morning, so I had some ground beef with mushrooms, tomato and blue cheese and earl grey with coconut milk. Had a bite of banana for dessert. Getting fancy here: dessert at breakfast time! Ha! There you go CW!

                              Have been losing weight at a little over 100 grams/day (.2 lbs). I only weigh at Fridays as it's not about the weight for me. Weight is an indicator if I'm doing ok healthwise. Plus, honestly, a big motivator. Last time Primal I used my weight as an only motivator and that didn't work out.