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  • Frustrated Forty-ish Cave Woman Wannabee

    Hi, there.

    Oddly, I'm nervous about posting in an online journal for others to read. But I think I need accountability and perhaps feedback/advice from others who have made the Primal transition before me.

    Tomorrow I begin the 21-Day Transformation Challenge! I'm excited about this because I hope to have more guidance than if I was just experimenting on my own. I downloaded Vimify, and really like the daily tasks - they make becoming Primal more visual, if you will, and I like to see progress as I check off each activity. I'm very hopeful that this challenge will be the final nudge I need into Primal living.

    I've experimented with Primal/Paleo eating in the past and didn't get the results I hoped for. I gained weight instead of losing and still had cravings for non-Primal foods. In hindsight, I probably ate too much and exercised too little.

    Currently, I've been eating Primally since January 11, 2015. I started out by eliminating foods that I tend to overeat or that trigger binges: anything made with flour, candy, potatoes, popcorn, rice, desserts in general. After successfully avoiding these foods for a week, I decided to reacquaint myself with MDA and Primal Blueprint. While I have lost weight since January, it's been ridiculously up & down, and I'm VERY frustrated with watching the scale go down for several days and then creep back up despite sticking to Primal eating. I'm so frustrated that I'd just about decided to eat all that crap I gave up (why eat Primally if I'm not seeing the rapid weight loss others have reported!?), when I came across the February Transformation Challenge. So instead of devouring my son's cheese crackers and making a massive bowl of popcorn, I'll give Primal life 21 more days. Perhaps while experimenting by myself I've missed something vitally important to being successful. I hope that by embracing the daily tasks in this challenge, I can finally lose weight and start down the path to optimum health.

    Yes, I want to lose weight, but my ultimate goal in becoming Primal is to gain optimal health in order to live a long and active life. I have a four-year-old son, had him later in life, and I want to be around long enough to see him marry and have kids. Plus, I don't want to be mistaken for his grandmother at school functions!!!

    In January, I weighed 177.6 pounds. I'm 43 years old, 5 feet 4 inches tall, and wear size 14 jeans. I would LOVE to wear a pair of size 10 jeans that lurk in my closet from my slimmer days. Currently, I'm 167.8 pounds, but was down to 165 last week. This is the frustrating part - why am I gaining weight again?! Do I eat too much? I log my food in the Lose It app to check that I'm getting enough protein and limiting my carbs, but I just don't know what my body needs in order to lose fat and maintain energy. Although I haven't lost weight as quickly as I'd like, I can't complain about lacking energy while eating this way. I can go for walks for hours, or do a quick jog, without feeling a dip in energy. While eating SAD, I always felt that jittery feeling, or "the wall," during prolonged or intense exercise. Honestly, having steady energy is reason enough for me to continue to eat Primally, but losing weight would be the icing on the cake. And it would be the proof I need for my friends and family to see that I don't just talk the talk, that this lifestyle is the only way to maintain optimal health AND weight.

    So, that's about it. I'll annotate food, exercise, and any other noteworthy events that may impact a positive outcome. I look forward to advice or feedback from Primal veterans.

    Best of luck to everyone who is on this Primal journey!


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    Welcome to the forum and best of luck on your retry. Glad you're giving this another shot. You made good progress in the past month. No need to get down over short term gains; the losses come unexplainably too. Just keep out the grains, sugars and seed oils. If hunger becomes an issue, try raising protein levels up in your first meal while you're adapting. This will work for you.
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      Originally posted by John Caton View Post
      No need to get down over short term gains; the losses come unexplainably too. Just keep out the grains, sugars and seed oils. If hunger becomes an issue, try raising protein levels up in your first meal while you're adapting. This will work for you.
      Ha, you're not kidding about unexplained losses - I went down from 167.8 to 166.4 overnight! Nearly 1.5 pounds! And I ate 2 huge servings of low carb cheesecake the night before starting the challenge, kind of like my last supper, lol. I'm still trying to figure out how food impacts my weight, have considered cutting out dairy for this challenge.

      Thanks for the warm welcome, btw.


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        The weight fluctuation can simply be from a food that doesn't agree with you. I always go up when I eat dairy, for example, which is one of my nope foods. Nothing to fret about.
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          Frustrated Forty-ish Cave Woman Wannabee

          Good morning!

          I didn't post yesterday because I ran out of time. Per the challenge, I dimmed lights, turned off electronic devices, etc, and actually went to bed early.

          Yesterday's details:

          Weight: 166.4 (How did I lose almost 1 1/2 pounds?!)

          Breakfast: 2 cups coffee with stevia & coconut oil
          Lunch: 2 scrambled eggs cooked in butter, with 1/2 zucchini & 2 slices ham, 1 cup full fat yogurt w/ stevia
          Dinner: 7 oz chicken breast, green beans, sautéed spinach

          Did 5k training on treadmill - intervals of walk/slow jog, 30 mins
          Walked on treadmill 30 mins - incline, 3.0 mph, HR under 75%

          Am considering giving up dairy for this challenge...
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            Originally posted by honeybuns View Post
            The weight fluctuation can simply be from a food that doesn't agree with you. I always go up when I eat dairy, for example, which is one of my nope foods. Nothing to fret about.
            Yes, I'm beginning to think it could be dairy, particularly cheese. Or maybe overeating at dinner. I need to look for patterns in my food log.


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              I doubt it is overeating at dinner. What is it? Something like you would have to consume 4000 calories to gain a pound.
              Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt.


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                Frustrated Forty-ish Cave Woman Wannabee

                Day 2 of Challenge

                Original weight: 177.6
                Weight: 166.0 (Finally, it's coming down again!)

                One of the Challenge's daily tasks was to walk with added weight. I added a 10-pound dumbbell to a backpack & hopped on the treadmill - what an awesome workout! I lost 10 pounds over the last month or so, so adding that dumbbell put me back at my original weight. I really enjoyed the added difficulty in walking & will definitely be incorporating this regularly. Maybe I'll just keep adding dumbbells as I lose weight, my theory being that when I take away the dumbbells, I'll be as light as a gazelle on my feet. :-)

                Breakfast: 3 cups coffee with 1 tsp cream & 1 pkt stevia each
                Lunch: 2 handfuls green lettuce, 4 grape tomatoes, 1 oz feta, 6 kalamata olives, 6 oz turkey breast, olive oil, vinegar
                Dinner: 3.3 oz chicken breast, spinach, green beans, 1 cup full fat Greek yogurt, 1/4 cup raspberries, 1 strawberry

                Before lunch: walked on treadmill 45 minutes, variable incline, 3.4 mph, HR under 75%
                Before dinner: walked with 10-pound dumbbell 30 minutes, 3.0 incline, 3 mph, HR under 75%
                It's been cold & windy for a couple days & I do not want to go outside, thankful I have a treadmill!

                So I've been using the treadmill for walking or jogging in a semi-fasted state. (Not sure if coffee with cream counts as breaking a fast?) Has anyone had good results from exercising in a fasted state? I've heard it can increase fat burn, and I'm looking for anything to help burn off fat quickly. So far I like working out prior to eating and feel no lack of energy when I do so. Maybe I'll try it before my morning coffee tomorrow...


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                  Frustrated Forty-ish Cave Woman Wannabee

                  Day 3 of Challenge

                  Weight: 165.8 - Still coming down slowly

                  Breakfast - 3 cups of coffee with 1 pkt stevia, 1 tsp cream each
                  Lunch - 6 oz turkey & ham rolled up with mustard & pickles, 1 cup full fat Greek yogurt (I'm in love with this stuff, lol!), 1/2 cup blueberries, 1 pkt stevia
                  Dinner - 1/2 lb grass-fed ground beef with butternut squash, spinach

                  30-minute 5k training on the treadmill - walk/jog intervals - semi-fasted state, had coffee first
                  PEM workout

                  I thought the yogurt with lunch would fill me up, but I got super hungry by dinner time. And then I overate at dinner - I had 3 servings of ground beef with squash and spinach when I should have stopped at 2 - but it was soooooo good! I've noticed that even when I get super hungry, it's manageable - my stomach growls but I don't feel like I'll make poor food choices.

                  I have a Green & Black's 85% chocolate bar on my mind. It's on the kitchen counter, calling my name. I'm not hungry, in fact I'm quite full from dinner. I know I'm "allowed" to have it, but I don't want to eat any more carbs today. And I can't eat just one square - I'll gobble up half the bar before I can stop myself. It's calling my name...

                  My 5k training was excellent today. I'm using "Couch 2 5K" to build up my endurance for jogging in preparation for a Tough Mudder next month. I procrastinated in starting my training and so now it's a last ditch effort to build a small base of running. I do this 3x per week, gradually increasing the amount of time jogging versus walking. Although jogging for increasing duration is challenging, my heart rate doesn't skyrocket like it did when I started 4 weeks ago. Today the jogging was enjoyable despite being on the treadmill. I'm hopeful that I'll be able to jog 2 miles at a time by the event.

                  I also surprised myself by doing "real" push-ups. I've been doing them on the back of the couch, or on an incline, or on my knees until now. Today I did 2 sets of "real" push-ups to failure: 11 and then 9 - woo hoo! I'm happy to be getting stronger!

                  Why do I see others in the forum doing potato hacks, protein fasts, warrior diet, and high carb versions of Primal? When do these tweaks become necessary?
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                    Hi DynaChristy! Welcome to the forums! I saw my name and I had to stop by. Congratulations on your successes so far! Don't discount what you have accomplished in so short a time. You are building up dense muscle. Throw away your scale and pay attention to how your clothes fit. Or at least don't weigh so often and don't let it affect your mood.

                    There are so many tweaks as we all find out what works for each of us. I'm finding that dairy is a problem so I have cut way back. I just can't do caffeine as it messes with my blood sugar something fierce. I've been stuck at one size for a while as I got lax with diet over the holidays, which are continuing as all our household birthdays are in the first few months of the year. Time for me to get more serious and get of those last overly bouncy bits.

                    There are folks of all ages and fitness profiles on this forum. Stick with the basics, but read around and see what appeals to you to add to (or remove from) your program.

                    Again, welcome, and enjoy all your newfound energy!
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                      Congrats on your push-ups, that is a great success.

                      Don't beat yourself up about the extra beef and veggies for dinner. Sounds like your body needed it.

                      You are doing awesome!

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                        Thank you, Cave Woman.

                        I'm trying not to stress about the scale, but I just can't NOT weigh myself, lol!


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                          Thanks, jrosto! 😄


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                            Frustrated Forty-ish Cave Woman Wannabee

                            Day 4 of Primal Challenge

                            Weight: 166.0 again

                            I could believe that my body is building muscle and therefore not losing weight, but good grief! I just can't get under 166! I wanted to get down to 160 or less by March 7, but it doesn't seem like it's going to happen, grrrrr...

                            The last few days I've reduced the amount of fat I'm eating in hopes that my body will burn stored fat. Since I don't see improvement in how I look or how my clothes fit, I feel like it's not working. And I definitely get hungrier with less fat. I like feeling satisfied all day, but I don't want to gain weight, which is what happened when I ate more fat.

                            Today's food was less than stellar. I blame it on the lower fat content early in the day.
                            Breakfast: 1 cup coffee w/ 1 pkt stevia, 1 tsp cream; 1 cup black tea w/ 1 pkt stevia
                            Lunch: BAS of lettuce, 6 oz lean turkey/ham, 1 oz feta, several kalamata olives, 4 cherry tomatoes, vinegar, spritz of olive oil
                            Snack: 3 oz beef jerky (conventional crap with added sugar! I was starving while shopping...)
                            Dinner: 3 Aidell's chicken apple sausages with fresh spinach, small handful raspberries, about 1/3 bar of Green&Black's 85% chocolate

                            My tummy is grumbling, probably about the conventional jerky. And I have a massive headache, probably from the jerky.

                            Did some easy treadmill walking for movement: 60 minutes with variable incline/speed while wearing 10# backpack.

                            So while snooping around the forum, I saw several posts mentioning the warrior diet. Since I often tend to overeat at dinner anyway, I wonder if I could manage fasting all day until dinner? Does bulletproof coffee interfere with a fast? Some things to explore and think about, hmmmm?
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                              Frustrated Forty-ish Cave Woman Wannabee

                              2/20/15 Day 5 of Challenge

                              Weight: 166.6

                              Soooo frustrated at this plateau!! Don't know what to do to get my weight moving again!

                              B: bulletproof coffee made w/ stevia, 1 cup full fat Greek yogurt w/ protein powder
                              Snack/lunch: pork rinds (kinda ate the whole bag)
                              D: ceviche, guacamole, flank steak, chicken breast, fresh jalapeño poppers

                              5k training on treadmill, 30 minutes

                              Frustration about lack of weight loss gave me absolutely zero motivation for working out. I seriously considered eating regular pizza. But I have lost 10 pounds since January and don't want to undo it in a moment of anger. Because one slice of pizza WILL lead to a binge. But I've got to change something in my routine or food to get the scale moving again. I KNOW the scale isn't the best way to assess progress when adapting to a primal lifestyle, but it gives me motivation to see that number go down. I've got to look through my journal for anything that may contribute to this plateau.