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In Which our Heroine, Kira, Becomes a Superhero...

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  • In Which our Heroine, Kira, Becomes a Superhero...

    okay, i have really a lot to say about really a lot of topics, but it's pretty late and i'm just going to do my food and exercise info for now. but get ready.


    b: approx 2c mixed berries, 4 pcs bacon, green tea

    l: spaghetti sauce w/ground turkey, hold the spaghetti, over sauteed mixed veggies

    s: apricot, olives

    d: indian food, semi-bummer. chicken tikka kabob, raita, something veggie w/cauliflower and potatoes, big splurge on pakoras w/cauliflower and potatoes and even dipped them in the tamarind sauce. didn't love their sauce. too sweet. my first sugar in over a week. it was so-so but some chocolate or fro yo would've been more exiting. not feeling too bad so far from the garbanzo flour. that indian restaurant is mediocre, AND they sent us garlic naan, even though we didn't order any. clearly they are part of the Pro-Grain Agenda, and they were trying to trick us into caving in and eating their tasty, pillowy bread product, but we stood strong. teased my husband that i expected to find him crouched on the floor, gobbling the naan in the middle of the night in hopes i wouldn't see him. mental note: this indian place is nyeh and not worth the trouble. too spicy, not good enough.


    -threw chuck-it for the dog at the park, and i think i'm developing Chucki-it Shoulder. is that a thing? it is now.

    -day 1, level 1 of simplefit. really excited. can't do full pull ups or push ups, so did modified ones on the squat rack thingie. also, have trouble w/balance and good form for my squats, so leaned against one of those big exercise balls, to help me balance. did 21 sets of 3 "pull-ups", 2 "push-ups" and 3 squats in 20 mins. totals: 63 pull ups, 42 push ups and 63 squats. VERY excited. wouldn't have ever thought i could do that many. this simplefit thing kicks ass, semi-literally. i am nearly crippled now from my squats, in a good way.

    -walked dog for 1.5 hr, to loosen up after crazy weight session.

    -this was my first day of official strength training while on PB. no strength tomorrow because i'll probably be very busy and also still nearly crippled from squats.

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    I am so pleased at the warm reception SimpleFit is garnering. Welcome to the ranks of the Cheaple and best of luck with the program and all your fitness and wellness goals.


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      thanks, man! i'm really excited about it all!


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        testing, testing. is this thing on?

        i don't actually know how to do this, so a second post. i am assuming i just reply to my original one. if that's wrong, could someone please tell me?

        i opened my container of berries today and found a gross moldy strawberry right in the middle. so disappointing! i guess that happens when you have to buy your berries pre-mixed from whole foods. even though i'm allegedly an adult, who i allegedly capable of doing Typical Adult Things, i'm not very good at picking out produce. i'm getting much better. how do people learn stuff like this? it's like everyone else got an Adult Manual and i was excluded.

        so, eating cut veggies and hummus instead. without a kitchen at my disposal, managing PB eating can sometimes be a challenge. i eat a lot more fruit than i think i otherwise would, since it can sit out on the dresser top, unlike veggies, which need to be refrigerated. unfortunately, our dinky little hotel fridge is a) the size of a thimble and b) mostly taken up by the bag of raw dog food. but i found a tray of precut dipping veggies yesterday, so that's working out well.

        super quick explanation: i live in northern california, but my husband works for long stretches of time in LA, so i come down to stay with him and cheer him up. while he's down here, he lives in whatever fancy hotel the company puts him up in, so we get the glamour of luxury hotel living, and also the inconvenience of having to tip people all the time and having no kitchen. i always thought living in a hotel would be like being eloise, from the children's books.

        it is, in some ways. i have a sassy little dog, just like eloise, though mine isn't named weenie. there are turtles that live in the waterfall by the pool, but i don't know their names. also, i don't have a nanny. just me and mr. kira. i had an eloise moment the other night when i decided to order dinner from the hotel lobby bar, and didn't want to change out of my jammies, so wandered down in my jammies and slippers. drinking fancy hotel cocktails in your jammies is the best! but also it's hard being away from home and not being able to prepare my own food.

        so, breakfast, just to keep track:

        -cut veggies (broccoli, cauliflower, carrots)
        -1/2 caff double espresso w/heavy whipping cream

        exercise: walked the dog the 3 blocks to the cafe for coffee.

        it felt really nice to move around a bit. i'm a little creaky from day 1 of simple fit.
        i nearly fell on my butt on the sidewalk when i had to squat down to tie the dog's leash to the newspaper vending machine. i made a whole slew of indecorous groaning and wheezing sounds in the process. but it felt really good to get the blood pumping through my sore muscles. i need to do some serious stretching today. i fucking hate stretching. (are we allowed to swear here?)
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          Originally posted by Kira View Post
          it's like everyone else got an Adult Manual and i was excluded.
          I feel like this everyday.

          ..and I fucking hate stretching as well.
          The pain of discipline or the pain of regret? You choose.

          Oh look - I made a Journal.


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            Enjoying your journal. Keep writing!


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              ugh, stretching.

              so boring, and feels so pointless. also, for some reason, every time i need to stretch, i have completely forgotten every stretch i know how to do, aside from bend over and try to touch my toes, which is inevitably unsatisfying because my god-cursedly tight hamstrings.

              one thing i really liked about pilates, more so than yoga, is that it's stretchy, but also active. i'm not a huge yoga fan, but pilates really did help me get stretched a bit, while also feeling like i was doing something aside from lying on the ground in an uncomfortable position.

              also, regarding the Secret Secrets of Adulthood...

              i was talking to my mom once, when i was a teenager, about how confusing being a person was, and how i felt like a little kid all the time, and my mom told me matter of factly that she always thinks of herself as 17 still. this was when she was in her 40s. and i have to say, now, in my 30s, my brain seems to kind of default to thinking of me as somewhere between 17 and 21. i think of everyone else as adults, even though i am technically totally in the adult zone. i tell myself everyone is confused and has basically no idea what they're doing 90% of the time, to make me feel better. if that's wrong, i hope no one will disabuse me of this very helpful lie i tell myself.


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                I'm with you...I just went to my 20th high school reunion and wondered how I ended up in a room full of grownups. They were really nice, but I felt as though I had "Late Bloomer" tatooed across my forehead. On facebook people post things about having trouble getting grass to grow outside their brownstone, and which preschool to send their kids to. Meanwhile, I rent an apartment a bad neighborhood with a roommate in his mid 20s, and a cat. (Let me clarify, the cat does not pay rent. He is a freeloader.) Sigh. Nothing like a reunion to make you reevaluate your reason for existence.
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                Il faut vivre et non pas seulement exister.


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                  Originally posted by superdeluxe View Post
                  On facebook people post things about having trouble getting grass to grow outside their brownstone, and which preschool to send their kids to
                  Oh FB...I just ignore it for the most part....I remember when I found my best friend from when I was 5 years old...Shes now married to some big shot lawyer and all her pictures are of her in exotic countries eating fancy dinners etc etc...I think I had a slight break down for like 15 minutes because of it before I realized "wait, I don't even want that." lol (well, actually eating fancy dinners in exotic countries does sound nice..but..)
                  The pain of discipline or the pain of regret? You choose.

                  Oh look - I made a Journal.


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                    i totally failed at managing my food situation today.

                    treated myself to a decaf vanilla latte at my favorite cafe in LA, which is such a nice treat, in the midst of a trying day. but then, of course it fucked up my blood sugar and i got super hungry but didn't have a snack and had to rush around for hours without a chance to stop to eat. by the time i ate i was borderline hysterical, but to a hilarious extent.

                    after resting for a little bit, it was already time to walk the dog. so i walked him VERY slowly, because i'm still super wobbly after my work out yesterday. poor dog. it was a very boring day for him.

                    not a super fun day, but very busy. not my favorite day, but not my least favorite, you know? just kinda nyeh.

                    rest of the day's food

                    s: string cheese, iced decaf vanilla latte from kings road

                    l: steak (medium rare), salad, iced tea

                    s: olives

                    d: glass noodle salad from a thai place

                    -two small walks, one long walk with the dog
                    -the grass along my walk route this evening with my dog had such nice looking grass that i took my sandals off and walked through it barefoot. i have some aesthetic concerns about those vibram shoetoesock thingies, but i am cool being really barefoot sometimes.
                    -too stiff and sore from weights yesterday to do much more than that

                    feeling fine about having my vanilla latte. the best thing about primal blueprint is that when you just start again with your next meal.

                    i felt mostly okay, self-esteem-wise. i felt great all day, but as i got more and more hungry, i became convinced i was a big gross monster. obviously my body hadn't changed, so it can only be chalked up to my attitude. once i ate, i felt mostly normal again. i spent a lot of the day with my abs engaged, practicing my pilates abdominal wrapping. it's like an exercise version of buddhist mindfulness, where you do it for as long as you can remember to, but you inevitably forget at some point. like PB and mindfulness, every new second is a new opportunity to engage your core, i guess.

                    tomorrow, i'd like to get some of my goals down in here.

                    not an impressive or exciting day, but they can't all be, right? sometimes a day is just a day.

                    to spice things up, here's a picture of a fennec fox! O HAI!


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                      mental note...

                      mental note: no coconut water.

                      when i quit grains, several food which had previously been off limits for me were suddenly fine for me. i've been mildly-to-moderately allergic to eggs for my whole life, but they're totally great for me now, in moderation. ditto coffee, though moderation in that is harder because duh, it's coffee and yum. thought maybe balsamic vinegar might be on the list, but i'm not sure, and i don't like it enough to explore that further. screw balsamic vinegar anyway. it's gross.

                      so, because of these exciting digestive revelations, i tried coconut water again, with high hopes. i got some coconut water kefir thingie, which was VERY expensive but sounded pretty tasty. had a sip or two yesterday and felt fine, so i went a little bigger today, with several hearty gulps.

                      fast forward to me crapping my guts out in the bathroom at my bank.

                      nothing like sudden, urgent, explosive diarrhea to remind me that my life is not, in fact, a glamorous movie. it's more of a farrelly brothers comedy, apparently.

                      so, let's keep coconut water in the "enemies" list on my food list. oh well.

                      p.s. when i'm feeling insecure around someone, like they're much cooler than me, i remind myself that at least once they have had explosive diarrhea, and it makes me feel better, like they're just people, too. you are all welcome to imagine me having the poops now, so you feel more comfortable.
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                        Effing adorable.
                        Il faut vivre et non pas seulement exister.


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                          Originally posted by Kira View Post
                          p.s. when i'm feeling insecure around someone, like they're much cooler than me, i remind myself that at least once they have had explosive diarrhea, and it makes me feel better, like they're just people, too. you are all welcome to imagine me having the poops now, so you feel more comfortable.
                          LOL. Nothing like a bit of perspective to make things seem alright again! Hope you're feeling better now.
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                            okay, we all know how my bowels did today, but how did the rest of my body fare today?

                            i did a much better job with my eating today. that was a win. at no point did i get weepy/crabby from waiting too long to eat. that happens less when i've been only eating PB but after my vanilla latte yesterday and my thai food w/the no-doubt sugary sauce, i'm not surprised i was a little messier emotionally than i usually am when i skip meals. obvs, we're supposed to intermittently fast, and that won't work if we're hangry monsters whenever we do.


                            -fuji apple
                            -one string cheese
                            -several hearty gulps of coconut water kefir, which would come back to haunt me later

                            -roasted tomato soup, w/fresh basil leaves cut into it and a blob of some kind of tasty creamy cheese
                            -chopped salad - lettuces, herbs, hazelnuts, avocado, turkey, bacon, a little corn and a few cranberries; no dressing, did olive oil and lemon juice instead
                            -iced tea


                            -cut veggies

                            -chased dog around dog park
                            -chuck-it upper body work
                            -walked dog around town running errands
                            -walked dog for HIS explosive diarrhea, caused by a gross wheat-based biscuit a well-intentioned teller gave him. thanks?
                            -evening walk with dog
                            -did some upper body exercises with my shopping bags as i walked home w/the dog

                            all walking was at total grandma pace because of my still-sore quads. if they're not dramatically better tomorrow, i'm gonna do at least a small upper body weights session because my arms feel fine. i don't want to over do it on my legs. i have a history of injuring myself through over-eagerness.

                            some goals

                            -to feel confident in shorts and short skirts

                            *i think that most people wouldn't think i was embarrassed to wear shorts, because i'm totally average sized. i'm able to wear the majority of what is considered fashionable these days. i'm into clothes and stuff. but i get embarrassed in shorts. i have noticed my body totally turning into my mom's as i've gotten older, and i'm not ready for my mom's butt yet. also, though i see women who are heavier than me wearing skirts and shorts, they never seem to get bothered by thigh chafing. doesn't that happen to other people aside from me? i almost died from it in bali. the humidity + my shapely lady thighs = some gnarly friction. i would like to never have to deal with that particular shame again.

                            -to be able to do a pull-up

                            *in movies, inevitably someone ends up hanging off a ledge, or having to pull themselves onto the landing gear of a helicopter that they've grabbed ahold of to stop the bad guys. and every time i always think, yeah, i'd die in that situation. i definitely am not strong enough to lift myself up like that. i would like to be strong enough to not have to hope an adrenaline rush will be enough, you know?

                            -to lose some weight

                            *i hesitate to place an exact number, because i have no idea what i'd look like at any other weight. i've tended to hover between 150 and 160, no matter what i did, for the last 3 years. i know that muscle weighs more than fat, so it makes sense that i didn't lose tons of weight when i was doing weight training before, and i don't want to look emaciated, but i wouldn't mind getting down to 130, if it didn't make me look like an alien. i don't think 5'8" would look bad at 130. we'll see about that one. i'm gonna play that one by ear.


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                              i'm feeing a bit blue today. i don't have much to say about yesterday. sometimes i forget what happened the day before. does that ever happen to you? i like to think it's because i am so much like the buddha, i am just living totally in The Now, but it's probably not that. good thing i made a note of what i ate!


                              -berries w/cream
                              -1/2 caf double espresso
                              -a couple of cherries

                              -salad from the whole foods salad bar - mixed greens, red cabbage, mint, olives, artichoke hearts, mushrooms, cucumbers, hearts of palm, tuna; olive oil and lemon juice for salad dressing

                              -steamed spinach
                              -steamed brussel sprouts
                              -melted butter poured over the veggies
                              -a glass of red wine


                              -nothing major, just basic dog walking and some walking errands
                              -still so tottery and stiff from working out a zillion days before.

                              apparently i overdid it with the simplefit day 1 and am not ready for level 1 of simplefit. i guess i'm starting w/level 0.25 or something. that's okay. i'm not in a rush. i was surprised that my legs were so sore, because i would've expected my little noodle arms to be the whiners. i actually felt like i could've done another upper body workout yesterday, but i didn't feel like it. i'm feeling so blue today, i'll probably hit the gym for some upper body and a weensy bit of lower body. i could use a little bit of workout glow. also, those shorts aren't going to wear themselves, and i'm never gonna have kick ass legs if i don't do my squats!

                              the hotel we're living in is very posh, and they have super fancy parties here all the time. last night was an awards show of some sort. as we waited for our car to get brought around by the valet guys, i stood and watched everyone pulling up for the party. all the ladies were very dressed up, in lovely dresses and teetery heels. many of the dresses were so short they actually looked like children's dresses, actually, or like blouses that were being misused. i felt like a total grandma, tsking and thinking, "oh dear, that dress is much too short!" but then there was totally a part of me that was like, "someday. someday i will wear a much-too-short dress again and not even think about it because my legs are amazing and everyone should just drink it in."

                              hence, my trip to the gym for some squats today...