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  • Rob's Redemption

    I've failed many times in the past. I'm here yet again and plan on making 2015 my "comeback" year. I'm here to make up for many years of treating my body terribly. I'm here to redeem myself.

    On January 1st I weighed in at 311 lbs. Yesterday on January 27th after dropping around 10 lbs I decided I wasn't taking things seriously enough and wanted to make a change. So I decided to convert to a primal lifestyle and utilize all of the knowledge on this site to help take back my health.

    I hope to post here daily with the foods I consumed, any exercises I performed, and any thoughts along the way...

    January 27, 2015 - Day 1

    Today's Weight - 301.0 lbs
    Progress - Down 10.0 lbs overall, 0.0 lbs while Primal

    Foods Consumed
    Eggs (4)
    Butter (1 pat)
    Heavy Cream (1/2 tbsp)
    Steak Tips (7 oz)
    Sweet Potato (1 large)
    Bell Pepper (1 large)
    Balsamic Vinegar (1 tbsp)
    Strawberries (6 large)

    Exercise Performed
    70 min of Snowblowing

    Really solid first day of being back on a primal/paleo diet. Caloric intake was not very high but I'm focusing on the message my body sends me and I just wasn't overly hungry today. Snowblowing wouldn't normally be much of a workout but considering we got around 30 inches of snow it took quite a while. I'm very happy to be back eating healthy foods and look forward to putting my health back as a top priority in my life.

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    Lots of support for your effort!
    I'm focusing on the message my body sends me and I just wasn't overly hungry today.
    On target!
    The Buck stops here. I am responsible for my past and my future. So for today: I choose to be happy. I will seek wisdom. I will be a servant to others. I will greet this day with a forgiving spirit.


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      January 28, 2015 - Day 2

      Today's Weight - 298.8 lbs
      Progress - Down 13.3 lbs overall, 3.3 lbs while Primal

      Foods Consumed
      Eggs (5)
      Butter (1 pat)
      Strawberries (5 large)
      Romaine Lettuce (1 head)
      Bell Pepper (1 large)
      Ham (4 oz)
      Homemade Oil & Vinegar Dressing (4 tbsp)
      Tomato (1 small)
      Apple (1 large)
      Bacon (4 slices)

      Exercise Performed
      10 min of Snow Shoveling
      10 min of Pulling Kids on Sled

      Another solid day in my eyes. After just one day eating clean my body responded by dropping 3.3 lbs. Obviously a lot of that is water weight but I really think my body was just happy I didn't give it crap food. I feel like my body is so READY to just drop this weight, I just have to treat it better and it will pay me back in weight loss.

      Had some urges at night to consume a massive amount of bread but I fought it off and stuck to the plan. I've gotta take every little victory and I definitely count that as one.