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  • My Primal Journey

    I decided to start a new journal. I had one a couple years back and it chronicled mostly success for me for about a year. However, since then, like many perpetually obese people, i have had some setbacks. I am not starting over, just refreshing my journey and wanted to start a new journal to signify that

    I wont bore anyone with long stories of my past, in a large part because it parallels so many of yours. Short version, I have been big most of my life. The earliest i remember getting called fat is definitely early in elementary school, and although i didn't get to the truly morbidly obese phase until college, suffice it to say that despite years of athletics and activities, I was on a fast track to death most of my life.

    My highest weight from age 18-31 or so was 335, and low was 270. I was at both the highs and lows of that numerous times.

    In July of 2012 I returned home from a trip to new york visiting family at my highest weight (well 333) and depressed. I fell back into a conventional wisdom low calorie low fat diet and was successful and miserable.

    i got to around 308 and became stagnant and even more unhappy. Through some encouraging from a crossfit friend (just before the word crossfit became synonymous with cult) i stumbled upon nerdfitness and eventually here. Through Mark and Rob Wolfe i started devouring information and around halloween that year i became 98% paleo.

    fast forward nine months and i sat at my lowest weight as an adult 254 and was well on my way to being happy and healthy.

    Unfortunately i made a decision that ruined all of that for me, and that was coaching football. During that following fall i gained around 20 pounds during the season as a result of a lack of drive and interest. I wont blame football per se, obviously I made the choice on my own, but my time schedule and stress levels led me to make that choice.

    I would like to state, that although i gained some weight, i did not necessarily go back to eating whatever i wanted, i was just having good days/bad days and not being consistent.

    Fast forward to today. Over the last year I have stayed between 270-280. I was not happy, but not unhappy as i was doing a good job of maintaining. Unfortunately the holidays killed me this year and I sat at 296.8 after the holidas, a full 42 pounds gained and right around half my loss brought back

    Well that was a week ago and today i was 290.8 and i am back on the train and committed. I really want to get to the 255 range again by spring break (which is only 11 weeks) so i need to really ram this hard.

    We shall see

    SW 333 PBSW 308 CW 291 LW 254 GW 220

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    so its been about a week since i started back up strong. Looks like im down about ten pounds, but my scale is acting a bit funny. Think I'm going to be picking up a new one after pay day. Suggestions welcome. cheers
    SW 333 PBSW 308 CW 291 LW 254 GW 220