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    I'm 29 years old and live in northern Europe. I used to be healthy, but my diet the past 10 years has mainly been sugar sugar sugar. There have been the occasional vegetable binging, but nothing that lasted more than a day. Have finally decided to repair what 10 years has done before I turn in to a jelly bean. My only worry with eating paleo/primalish is if I'll get enough carbohydrates as I'm highly active, and not very creative food wise, as well as eating enough in general since I'm also on a somewhat restricted budget. But meh...I'll deal with the problems when they come. Right now I'm having fun looking at recipes and fantasizing about lettuce. My reason for starting a journal is to keep track and share experiences with other people on these boards. Thanks for having me.


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    First two days.


    Breakfast: 200g turkish yoghurt, 1 banana, 1 black coffee
    Lunch: 3 eggs, 2 tomatoes, 200 spinach
    Dinner: 2 servings oxtail stew with sweet potato, potato, brussel sprouts and canned tomato
    Snack: Tropical fruit mix pieces (mango, papaya, pineapple), about 600g, 2 bananas, 300g greek youghurt, 60g smoked ham, 2 black coffee


    Breakast: 1 banana, 1 black coffee
    Lunch: 1 red beet, 3 tbsp fish oil, 2 pieces of oxtail from the stew (without stew)
    Dinner: rest of the oxtail stew (about 1 kg with water and bone included)
    Snack: 100g red grapes, 100 blueberries, 300g turkish yoghurt, 2 black coffee


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      Welcome thistlehawk. If sugar and grains have been a big portion of your carbs, you may feel deprived of them for a while. Hopefully, you'll feel, and see, the benefits of adapting to higher fat, moderate protein and lower carbs. If your activity level requires higher carbs, you'll be in good company here. I'm not one of them, but many folks here promote a higher carb form of primal.
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