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Journey to delicious and fulfilled life - by Kattie

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  • Journey to delicious and fulfilled life - by Kattie

    Let's give this diary a try and hope that I will not give up on writting as usually.

    So, few days I was searching for some new diet that can be strict enough so I can be disciplined and to help me with my health issues.

    I am strugling with PMDD - now not so severe as before but still have half-ok half-crazy life, and Hashimoto's + hypothiroid desease that I think is came back. I have control at the end of the month and I plan to refuse hormones if they suggest me some (I refused a small dose earlier but now I'm changing doctor so I expect that they'll suggest hormones again).

    I choosed primal today and I'm planning to combine it with advices what food to avoid if you have Hashimoto's.

    Also after experimenting with raw vegan lifestyle I developed anxiety when eatyng ANY food that is not totally "clean" and nothing is, so I accepted guilt to be my companion whenever I eat and started eating everithing again including junk food. My main fight in this journey will also be to accept that meat is healthy and not just "dead energy" and "poison", and that it is healthy to eat it iven if it's bought from supermarket and treated the way I don't know how. Also that fruit is not deadly if not totally organic. (I don't have too much a choice for organic food nor time to spend on searching best options to fullfil my ocd).

    So, this will be my journey on learning to enjoy in food again like I was enjoying before my health issues, without overthinking but still not consuming total junk.

    I plan to give myself some time to slowly adapt on this (as I had bad experienco going raw vegan overnight), up to 1 month, and slowly getting rid of grains and other things I shouldn't eat to reverse Hashimoto. Also I have full fridge of foods and I need to eat that first, and with buying new food to be primal aware.

    After that I plan to be strict with it for minimum 6 months, and to check my thiroid, and when it is ok, to eat totally primal, and after that to be 80% primal so I could sometimes enjoy some things I love but are not primal.

    I already had my periods with only little or no grains as I never liked them too much (but had some cravings), so ai expect this part to be easy.

    I am starting from today :-)

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    Hello Kattie. I hope you find this way of eating not only delicious but also wonderfully flexible. I like you attitude to buy new foods with a "primal aware" attitude. Everything doesn't have to be perfect, but as long as it's "good enough" you should begin to notice improvements. All the best.
    Annie Ups the Ante