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    First time posting but primal for almost a year now.

    I'm going to try to post everynight or first thing in the am of following day.
    Yesterday went like this.
    Woke 5 am for work, felt fairly good for going to bed over my bed time. I try to hit the hey around 9pm.
    B: 3 eggs (I get my eggs from pastured chickens), 3 slices of bacon, graded Kerry gold cheddar cheese
    Coffee: Bulletproof with my breakfast, wtih real Kerry Gold butter and MCT oils, liquid stevia and a dash of cinnamon or vanila
    Tea at 8am: grean with some berry one I really like.
    Workout at 11:30: Lower body today consisted of lunges, 50# weighted squats. Roughly 7 reps and 3 sets. I go until a good burning occurs takes me about 20 minutes to complete
    L: Bone broth cabbage soup with chunks of beef (huge bowl)
    S: Orange, they are so good right now and with all the colds going around I think it helps with keeping all that away. FYI - I haven't had a cold or flu in nearly 2 years. And I should mention my kids go to daycare so we are definitely exposed to the bugs.
    Walking time Total: 45 minutes
    Afterwork went tanning (I live in Western Washington so yes I tan in the winter off and on), stopped at the local butcher to get some bacon then picked up the kids, got home shortly after 6pm.
    Dinner: avacodo, tuna, 1/2 tomato, chopped onion, chopped cheese and salt/pepper/lil chopped palapeno peppers/turmnic/ garlic power with avacodo oil mixed all up. Was quite good and quick to make. The tuna is from the lady I get my eggs from. They go out to the ocean every year and get fresh tuna then go home and can it, I won't eat tuna out of a tin can unless I have no other options and I'm starving which doesn't really happen anymore.
    Water: I drink almost a gallon of water everyday. My works water is fluorinated and chlorinated so I bring my water from home which is well water and nothing added.
    PM Drink: I had made some ginger/pomegranate juice over the weekend so I had a glass of that with shot of Absolute. It is my Friday so I was relaxing At my work most people work a 9/80 schedule so I get every other Friday off.
    Plans for today: We started raising our own hogs. We are slaughting our second one, so today the slaughter guy is coming at 9:30. I go out and get him set up then tell him to wait till I'm in the house to start. Our pigs are free range, super friendly, basically more like a dog.
    I have 3 mature coconuts in my frig I need to process. Entails cracking, getting the water out, and making ice cubes, then cracking up into small enough pieces to pry the meat off with a butter knife. Once I have the meat I slice in my processor. I make a sauce of coconut oil, cinnamon, and honey (lil bit) to pour over the slices. Then into the frig to chill. Once chilled I dehydrate until crunchy. They are super delishes but yes a little labor intensive. It does feel very Primal cracking those coconuts.
    Proposed Workout: In the garage gym with husband tonight, upper body.

    To conclude I don't weigh anymore but I'm trying to lose the last bit of extra fat. Sometimes I think I'm eating too much other times not enough. I intermitant fast about one day a week and have tried the protein fast once, which I loved. I don't count calories.

    This took way to much time, GOT to get going with my day!!
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    I forgot yesterday I also had 2 primal mini cupcakes. One with breakfast and one with dinner. My daughter insisted on giving her hideaway pet "Catty" a birthday party last weekend so I made them for her.


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      Just got in a great primal and productive workout. When I asked what they do with the skin of the pig they said they pay to take it to the landfill. Since we live in the middle of the woods, I said I could take it and dump in in the woods instead. I was sort of surprised this stuff gets landfilled. Anyway, in the wheelbarrel it went along with all the guts and hooves. It weighed at least a hundred pounds. I wheeled it down the old hilly logging road about a mile, stopping to rest a few times. The coyotes and vultures will eat good today. I may not need to do my upper body workout tonight. Oh, and I need to shovel horse manure out of the barns later, so ya probably won't be doing the garage gym tonight.


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        Was a busy day yesterday. Didn't get everything done that I wanted to. I've still got one barn to clean and coconuts to process.

        Yesterday’s Food -
        B: 3 eggs, 3 bacon, a little kimchi, grated cheese and bulletproof coffee
        S: few dark chocolate covered almonds, beef jerky
        Dinner: fajitas with sprouted tortillas (2) no rice or beans
        Drinks beyond water: 3 lemon Absolute mixed drinks

        Activity: wheelbarrow 1 mile with 100# load on logging roads, 1 mile back with no load. Shoveled 7 wheelbarrow loads of manure.

        Proposed activity for today: Clean horse barn that I didn't get to yesterday and trim 2 horses (hooves). Process the coconuts. Play with my kiddos!


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          Only one of the 4 coconuts are NOT rotten. My job just got way easier, but sad I will only have one coconut worth of chips when I'm done, almost not worth it. The stores do a terrible job making sure the coconuts are fresh. They just think their shelf life is really long and have no way of knowing how long they have been on the shelf, at least that is the story of my local Safeway. I'm considering buying in bulk from Hawaii. I've talked to the Safeway manager a few times and suggested they put a date on them when they get them in so at least they know how long they have been out. So far they have not changed a thing. When I've taken the rotten ones back they just give me more. I give up until they change. If I see them at my local coop I will try theirs.


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            Barn is clean, took about 11 wheelbarrel loads. No trimming today, but will be on the activity list for tomorrow. Getting ready for Hawks game and cooking chicken wings. Also made a butternut squash dip, which husband said it too sweet for a dip with tortilla chips. He said he'll just eat it plain, which is good because I don't want to have to eat it all.
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              Yesterday's Food:
              B: 3 eggs, 2 bacon, grated cheese and sauted bell peppers and onion. Bulletproof coffee
              S: few dark chocolate covered almonds. Squash dip with tortilla chips.
              D: Chicken wings, lil wild rice, sauted brussel sprouts with waterchestnuts.
              Drink beyond water: 4 lemon with absolute mixed drinks and 2 glasses of wine.

              Proposed Activity for today: Trimming 2 horses and if the weather holds maybe a walk in the woods.


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                Added landscaping yard with native plant from the woods to my activity list today. I'll try to upload before and after pictures later. Started some beef bones in the crock pot, will have some fresh bone broth soup tomorrow. Laundry going and gym clothes partically packed for the week at work. I'm a day time drinker and have already drank 1/2 bottle of wine, but damn I feel productive.


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                  I added before and after photos to my album. I'll add a spring photo later because it really isn't going to look great in my opinion until later when everything starts growing. The logs are just temporary to keep the dogs from wanting to run through and I'm going to add some ornamental grasses around the outsides. Felt good playing in the dirt and my daughter was digging holes and water along side me.
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                    I would like to say to anyone reading I'm totally okay with people commenting and providing advice. I actually feel quite alone in my primal journey.


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                      Don't feel alone! I'm sure people are reading along but you haven't really mentioned problems you are experiencing so maybe they don't feel you need advice

                      Since you've been doing it for a while, it sounds like primal has worked really well for you so far. It looks like you eat quite low carb. A lot of people find that really important for getting rid of cravings and initial weight loss. But as you get more insulin sensitive and closer to healthy weight, you might find that targeting carbs around exercise can really help you get rid of the last bit of fat. You can still stay within Mark's carb curve.

                      Other things that really help with fat loss sre HIIT and strength training. Have you dabbled much with those? Intermittent fasting is really helpful for some but don't let it become a stresser as you may then notice a bit of fst building up around the stomach area in response.


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                        Yesterday's food:
                        B: 3 eggs, 2 bacon, lil kimchi and bulletproof coffee
                        S: beef jerky, lil cheese, squash dip with torilla chips
                        D: bunless hamburger, with sauted onions, cheese and tomatos. 1/2 cup sweet potato
                        S: 2 mini primal cupcakes with some heavy whip cream
                        Drink besides water: red wine, and too much (won't be drinking all week)

                        Got the landscaping mostly done yesterday. I'll plant a few more things but now mostly I wait to see what things will survive the transplant. I only trimmed a half horse yesterday, only the front hooves. We barbecued hamburgers and tbone stakes with sweet potatoes.

                        Proposed Activity: Either upper body or intervals on the eliptical
                        No breakfast today, will fast until sometime this afternoon.

                        My typical week's workout consists of - one upper body day, one lower body day, one interval day then on other days I just walk a lot. Everyother week I do a mile run as fast as I can, last week my mile was at 8min20sec.

                        Thanks MuchLove for responding - You are right I do lean on the very low carb side. I'm trying to eat more and not worry so much about weight gain. I lift pretty heavy and have put on quite a bit of weight (muscle) since starting my workout program as I described above, it will be a year in March. Some times I'm sore for 3 or more days after a lower body workout. I'm thinking adding carbs now will help recover faster, thoughts? I never work out again until I'm recovered which hasn't been a problem because I only do upper body once a week.

                        Got to get this day going.
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                          Fast is done...16 hours is about my usual. I worked out at noon then ate afterwards. Cabbage bone broth soup and coconut chips. I wasn't starving, just thought I should eat before I became starving and I do like to eat.

                          5 minute walk to gym, 5 minute warmup on eliptical, 2 reps 3 sets of chinups with holds at top and negatives on the second rep and added 5 total in a row slightly assisted (rested toes on wall) full on pullups. That wider grip sure makes it harder. Did negative dips 1 rep 3 sets starting in the slightly down position push up then slowly lower myself down as far as I comfortably can without pain. I just recently added dips into my workouts, they are much harder then when I was a kid. 25# dumpbell curls and presses combo 6 reps 3 sets all in the standing position. Pushups 10 reps 3 sets with holding (maybe 5 seconds) on the last one in the down position.

                          My upper back/right shoulder area is bothering me slightly, may stop at the chiro on the way home. Tried to get in for a massage but of course they are book until next Wednesday. I just think I tweaked it with all the yard work yesterday. Strength is fine and workout went ok.


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                            I'm following too. You seem to be living in a lovely place, I'm hoping to retire to the west coast in a few years.

                            I would have been inclined to save some of that pig skin and roasted it up into a big mess of cracklins.
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                              Chiro seemed to make the back/neck a little better. Doctor said I have a big knot between my spine and shoulder blade plus a few things were definitely out. I pray tomorrow I feel much better. I'm going to take a bath and ice before bed tonight.

                              Dinner: left overs steak, onions and sweet potatoes.
                              Snack: coconut chips and a couple dark chocolate covered almonds
                              Drink other than water: just some apple cider vinegar (2TBLS) with water tonight and maybe some Natural Calm plus calcium.

                              Now I don't have to post in the AM, yay.