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  • SRMnM's Primal Journey

    26, Male, Irish, live in New Zealand, 6ft tall, currently, 12st 9lbs right now. Primal for 3 months. Been reading Marks posts for 3 years on and off. Decided to make the move primal in February, struggled a bit, nearly quit my gym out of laziness, but found a hidden blast of power urging me to make the stand!!
    I always thought of myself as quite an active person, but little did I realise how wrong I was. I may have been active compared with those around me, but moving to a new country, socialising with personal trainers, reading books on nutrition and reading marks posts over and over has changed everything now.

    I think I need the journal to keep myself on track. I know that Ive educated myself enough on the primal subject to know whats right and wrong, but I am going to have to use this as an anchor to keep myself stong with living primally!!

    Currently lifting weights 3 times per week and doing boxing training twice per week.
    Ran a half marathon earlier this year and a 17 hour relay for cancer a few weeks after.
    Cigarette-free 5 weeks and 3 days today!!!
    Have divided my alcohol units by 10 per week!! (Meaning i've barely had a sup since Paddy's Day!)
    However with Ireland playing New Zealands 'All Blacks' this weekend and every Irish person within 1000Km attending, im pretty confident that i will be taking on a few thousand carbs in liquid form, if you know what I mean. Hopefully my journal will help me stick to my guns and help any readers to see that I can stick to a very primal lifestyle (with an occasional Irish moment).


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    Journey continues.....
    For breakfast: 70g mixed nuts (no peanuts), natural yoghurt, raisins, satsuma. Two boiled eggs and a cup of coffee. In work early! Havent prepared a lunch for today, but have to pop home later and will do it then!


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      Got a pair of 5's yesterday. Geez they trigger a lot of questions. Anyways did a bootcamp for 1 hour at the beach doing sprints and games. Things like the Lizard crawl.... Push-up's with left knee to left elbow, then right knee to right elbow repear until you have lizard crawled for 20meters!! Phew! Tough!! Also the Crab!! Legs in front, belly facing up and arms straight. 20meters!! Really works the triceps. Star jumps, pressups, burpees, and some nice variations! A bit of uphill running, with extra weights.
      And after that off to boxing training! Had a different trainer who did some of the usual routines but hammered us with planks, knee to elbow situps and other various core working isometric excercises. Over all 6.15pm-8.45pm heavey duty work out.
      Followed up with a curry containing beef and a lot of veg. Slept like a baby. Boxing training again this evening!!!


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        So, im just thinking back to the days where i was trying to get more healthy doing my bodyweight excercises, taking great amounts of fish oil, jogging a lot having a good dinner most days and now realise some of the true errors of my ways! It was the dramatic combination of binge drinking at the weekend, getting take-away curries with rice and chips (2/3 times per week), having a starchy lunch, processed sausage rolls with an otherwise healthy breakfast! It really seems to me like the accumulation of all the little wrongs, that make that big wrong which hampers the progress 'being healthy'. It just isnt enough to do it half assed! You need to did your heels in and say no to eating crap foods: sugar and salt ridden ones, jellies (lollies), crisps (chips), white bread, processed and refined carbs (like cheap sausages and other such junk), rice and pasta (to which i've become indifferent toward, i see them as neither good nor bad, but probably wont eat either unless there is no other option).
        When it boils down to the actual 'changeover', it should be the adoption of a healthier lifestyle, not just diet. I mean there is just no point in eating a good breakfast, lunch and dinner, if you are going to eat a donut at 11am, have a can of coke at 2pm, toasted cheese sandwich at 8pm, some candy with your work colleagues on friday afternoon, a bag of deepfried chips on Friday evening (with ketchup) and 12 bottles of beer every other weekend. You can't possibly expect to loose weight with a lifestyle like this!! Your weak will is to blame aswell!!


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          Didnt have any food after getting in from work and went straight to boxing training. I was really considering not going but, knew id be glad if i did! And i was. . Great workout for my upperbody and really getting into throwing a punch using my whole body rather than just my arms. I must say my primal journey is really a lot more than i expected. The further down the road you go the better it gets.
          After boxing I ate about 500g of pan-fried steak, a 6 egg omlette with 2 tomatoes and 6 mushrooms and a mashed avocado. A fine meal for after a workout.
          Then, to the shop to buy 24 beers for the roadtrip north tonight! (Lo-Carb and Normal). Hopefully wont fall off the bandwagon too far. Looking forward to a workout next Monday evening, heavy weights and the steam room for a while... ahh yes!! and boxing again on Wednesday and Thursday! Hopefully i can get a jog in on Saturday morning before breakfast. I guess it will really depend on how many beers i have... uggg.
          I really am taking a grim approach to alcohol these days. I guess the expression 'beer belly' didn't fall out of thin air. (No pun intended)


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            The bad part: match was a poor result, i drank about 15 pints of beer and enough whiskey to make me the perfect drunk (sarcasm... i was a disgrace to myself), i ate one jelly (lolly) and one toffee.
            The good part: I had no takeaway food. I encouraged others to try avoid it (esp someone who put salt on a McDonalds burger), they didnt listen. I ate lots of meat and told my significant other in a roundabout way (as not to offend) that there is no protein in her diet. Oh and i didnt smoke and celebrated 6 weeks nico-free yesterday.

            I had lots of fried sausages, bacon (nitrate-free), eggs and beef. Im hungry even thinking about the feeds!! Tea and Coffee in the mornings. I had a good breakfast this morning and cant wait to have some bacon when i get home and eggs too. Reminence of the hangover is still lurking, but Marks post on survival in a post-apocalyptic future cheered me up somewhat. Wont get to have the workout i planned later, will need to bring gear to work tomorrow and see what i can do in the evening.
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              Hooray for nitrate-free bacon! I only discovered where to buy that a few days ago. It tastes better.


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                Its fab. In fact i've only found two sources, 1st is at my local farmers market and 2nd is in the super-market and its from grassfed animals. Was shocked when i saw it last night! Had to invest...


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                  i've just tried some nitrate free bacon, hendersons dry cured which I got at the supermarket, and to be honest I dont know what all the fuss is about. I'll probably stick to Freedom farms bacon... I think its way tastier. And apparently there's no big deal in the nitrates anyway as we get them in our vege. I'll just make sure I have a small OJ with my bacon.

                  Good on you for being smoke free!

                  Go the mighty blacks


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                    Awful morning. Feeling somewhat stressed, hopefully not a knockon from yesterdays food intake. Hopefully i'm eating enough.

                    B: handful of nuts, a small pack of sunmaid raisins, cup of coffee, 2 boiled eggs.
                    L: a satsuma
                    D: 3 poached eggs, 5 strips of bacon, half a tin of beans, cup of coffee.

                    B: handful of nuts, a small pack of sunmaid raisins, cup of coffee, 2 boiled eggs.
                    L: a satsuma + apple.
                    D: probably going to be the same thing again.

                    Im going to go to the gym at work in a while and run (excercise) myself into the floor!


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                      Afternoon has been an improvement. Had nice primal salad and a banana. delicious. you know, you cant appriciate how good a primal feed is unless you're actually hungry. Like ACTUALLY hungry, not peckish... hungry.. such a big difference and so many many people dont have a clue.


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                        Didnt get any excercise in at all yesterday. Had bacon, eggs and beans for dinner again. Delicious! Bacon was grilled, eggs poached but beans were nuked. Oh well. I did make lunches for today for a change this week. Normally I bring a small container of green beef curry with me. But last night I made a delicious complement of vege in an almost aloo gobi curry. Ill post in the recipe section soon. Although i havent tried it yet i know it is going to be a blast!

                        I slept well last night, in fact i even had a bit of a lie on this morning and put my breakfast under pressure, but i still made it out the door on time. If you have been following my 'Concerning Breakfast !?' thread, you'll know im trying to make a few changes and make it into an even better meal. I like breakfast! Anyways,

                        B: 50g premium mix nuts (no peanuts), small box sunmaid raisins, 1 cup of natural yoghurt (all stirred together in a bowl). A persimmon (first ever, twas ok, its no feijoa! Aside: My god i just made sure i had the spelling right on google and found my way into a recipies site for persimmions... people are just looing for ways to be unhealthy... all they do is add refined carbs, sugar and salt to things!!!), two soft boiled eggs (extra softboiled because i was in a hurry) and cup of coffee.

                        So far so good! (except the excercise part.. will hopefully make it down to the gym in work today)


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                          about the beans.... arent they supposed to be non primal.. Not that I eat 100% primal by any stretch of the imagination, just wondering what your thought process is on them. What sort of beans... are we talking watties baked beans or something??


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                            Originally posted by Suse View Post
                            about the beans.... arent they supposed to be non primal.. Not that I eat 100% primal by any stretch of the imagination, just wondering what your thought process is on them. What sort of beans... are we talking watties baked beans or something??
                            Haha! Well... The beans were a left over from the weekend in New Plymouth that ended up in my pantry. They are Heinz (far superior to watties btw hehe!) beans which are quite garbage and unprimal. But since you broght it up, I used to eat a lot of kidney beans, lentils and butter beans and I did cut them out switching to primal, but truth be told, you wont find a better source of fiber than in beans!


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                              So, still no excercise this week. I don't make the time in the evenings. I know I could simply roll out the yoga mat and do some body weight excercies for 30 minutes, infact I have NO excuse why I amnt. Its a shame. Saturday should be a massive workout day, and its probably the last day of my gym membership. I plan to use th gym in work (if they have a squat rack, havent checked yet) and also to to my 5 day trial of the other local gyms because i only have 4 working weeks left here. Some liked my recipe, im glad. If one person makes it and enjoys it was worth sharing!