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    Iíve been reading MDA and attempting to follow a more Primal/Paleo lifestyle for about a year and a half. In that time, Iíve given up pretty much all grains and dairy, greatly increased my meat consumption, and learned the beauty of intermittent fasting. I have a huge sweet tooth and still indulge in desserts occasionally, and I do eat cheese and have heavy whipping cream in my coffee, although much less today than two years ago. I also still consume alcohol, but Iíve replaced beer with wine almost completely, and I try to limit drinking to once or twice a week. Lately, Iíve been about 60 -70% Primal, Iíd guess, but after an extremely un-Primal weekend, I decided itís time to buckle down and start a blog. My aim for the next 30 days is to be 95% primal.

    One of the best things that Iíve done since my discovery of the Primal lifestyle is abandon my five day a week chronic cardio routine for CrossFit three days a week. I love CrossFit, and I feel so much stronger since beginning it in February.

    As a reference point, Iím starting this 30 day challenge as a 26 year old female, 5í5Ē, 130 lbs. My hopes for this next 30 days include seeing an overall improvement in the way that my body feels (itís so apparent to me that what I put into my body has a direct correlation to how I feel, even though I do not have food sensitivities or allergies, per se), have more energy from eating cleanly, and rest better as well.

    Today so far, Iíve had a cup of coffee with a little bit of HWC, some frozen coconut milk with protein powder, and a small amount of frozen berries.

    I will attempt to post most days to keep myself accountable, and I will also log my workouts, how Iíve been sleeping, and how I feel overall.

    Please feel free to critique Ė love getting feedback and new tips from people that are more experienced than me!

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    Welcome, sounds like your on the right track!


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      So, yesterday did not end up exactly as I would have liked for food…

      Lunch was a salad from the Whole Foods salad bar: lettuce, tomato, red peppers, mushrooms, 4 cubes of sautťed sweet potato, a scoop of dill tuna, and some honey mustard on the side, and then a large pink grapefruit.

      Snack before my workout was a small piece of leftover steak.

      Dinner was a turkey burger (5.3 oz) and some sautťed broccoli slaw in coconut oil.

      Here’s where things get rough: I also had about a cup and a half of fresh cherries, two pieces of 100% dark chocolate, and some pecans. I wasn’t even hungry after dinner, but for some reason, I couldn’t keep myself out of the kitchen. Definitely need to derail this after dinner snacking.

      Workout yesterday was:
      Warm up
      Burgener warm up/skill-transfer drill
      Group WOD
      For total reps
      5 min of Hang Cleans
      4 min of Squats
      3 min of Push Jerks
      2 min of Double unders
      1 min of Burpees
      My total was 177; would have been better if I wasn’t so horrible at the double unders – I didn’t even get one in the two minutes allotted.

      So, today I have a large pork loin cooking in the crock pot. My bf is coming over for dinner, and I think we might go for a run too. Hopefully hanging out with him will distract from my nighttime snacking.

      Breakfast today: IF (black coffee)
      Lunch: turkey burger, broccoli slaw, and grapefruit
      Dinner: pulled pork, guac, small salad, and probably a some cherries afterwards

      I feel really bloated today, and I know it’s because of my weekend indiscretions. Trying not to obsess about it and just stick with the program.

      I slept awesome last night which was a very nice change, and I feel rested and happy today.


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        Yesterday went as planned food-wise, except that I probably ate more pork and guac than my body really needed. I knew the guac wouldn’t save well, so I definitely ate more than my fair share. I also added some salsa to the salad, so it was Mexican inspired, I suppose.

        My pork came out a little dry… Not sure what the problem was. If anyone has any suggestions, I greatly welcome them.

        BF and I went for a jog, probably about 2.5 miles, and then we did drills – one minute of burpees, one minute of squats, one minute of sit-ups for three rounds. He makes me laugh – he acted like I was killing him even though he’s in great shape. Maybe I will eventually be able to convince him to abandon his CW gym routine and join me at CrossFit!

        Went to bed pretty early, but slept kind of restlessly. Feel good overall today though.

        Plan is:
        Breakfast – If/black coffee and tea
        Lunch – some cucumber, leftover pork, and blackberries (these are unbelievably inexpensive in my area right now… 2 for $1 at the store. I couldn’t resist)
        Dinner – probably more leftovers. Going to try to eat light.

        No workout today, as I have a hair appt. tonight.


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          My workout this morning rocked!! It was supposed to be 30 muscle-ups, but since I can’t even get close to doing one muscle-up, I did 90 pull-ups (band assisted) and 90 ring dips (also band assisted). And, the skin on my hand broke!!! This was the first time this has ever happened to me, and although I know it’s not ideal, it was still pretty cool to know that I was working that hard. Tomorrow’s workout doesn’t involve any hand stuff either, so it will have the weekend to heal.

          Yesterday’s food was ok… I had to go to Babies R Us after work to pick up a shower gift, and man, do I ever hate that store!!!! I was stressed when I got home, so I had a piece of 100% dark chocolate and that helped. I know food shouldn’t be used to comfort emotions… Gotta work on that. I also ended up with some cherries and slivered almonds in there at dinner time.

          Today so far –
          Breakfast – coffee and almond milk, protein powder, 1/3 cup berries mixed together after the workout
          Lunch – pulled pork, cucumber, and blackberries
          Dinner – pulled pork and a salad

          I have two birthday parties this weekend, and I’m a little worried about turning down the cake and ice cream. I have to remind myself to be strong and not succumb to the peer pressure!!!!


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            5 rounds of the following:
            Run 400 meters
            30 box jumps
            30 wall balls

            I finished in 40:48 and felt like I was dying!! What a great way to start the day though. 

            Last night I got a ton of stuff done, including cleaning my car, a chore that has been on my to-do list for way too long! Food yesterday went as planned, but I added a handful of mixed berries in there with a bit of heavy cream. I was starving for some reason, even after I had a huge salad and the pork.

            For today, I had some almond milk/protein powder/mixed berries after the workout, and some black coffee. For lunch, I have a salad and more pork and blackberries. Dinner, I have no clue about. Going to the BF’s after work. Hopefully he’ll want to barbeque instead of going out to dinner… There’s this great fresh fish store by his house – I’d love a piece of salmon and maybe some bacon wrapped asparagus.

            I’m going to try to be really, really, really strong at these parties this weekend. NO CAKE OR ICE CREAM!!!!!! I’ve been practicing resisting it and saying I’m just too full.

            Last night, my sleep was a bit restless, but I feel very alert today… I think that I am much more alert on mornings that I work out before work. I seem to drag on the days I sleep in. More motivation to get my butt out of bed and to the gym!!


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              The weekend food went well overall, and I didn’t have cake or ice cream at either of the parties! Yay! I did indulge in a couple too many vodka sodas however… Which is probably part of the reason that yesterday’s food was awful. Crap. Complete awfulness. I can’t even bear to record it all because it was such crap.

              On to today. Went to the gym this morning – it was tabata mountain climbers and then overhead squats 5x5. I maxed out at 45 lbs, not very impressive. This was my first time doing overhead squats in a workout though, and I think I had more in me… At least now I have a baseline for them so that I can improve.

              For food today:
              -breakfast was some almond milk/protein powder/frozen berries mixed and four smallish pieces of watermelon (I know watermelon isn’t ideal, but it’s just so amazingly good and was leftover from a fruit salad I had to make for the weekend.
              -lunch I’m not sure about… Maybe a salad from Whole Foods…
              -Dinner will hopefully be salad as well, unless the BF feels like cooking something.

              I slept awfully Sunday night, and yesterday I was exhausted. Last night was better though, and I feel much better and more alert today.