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  • One week at a time

    Not sure where to begin. i need help... Something that will hold me accountable to myself like a daily journal. I'm struggling with gaining control of emotional eating. In the past year and a half I have gained about 50 pounds.

    For several months I have on a daily basis told myself I will begin eating healthier, walk more, workout more and take better care of me. These feelings and inner talk are particularly strong at the end of the day driving home from work. But I feel exhausted when I arrive home and find myself using that as an excuse to overeat quick non satisfying foods and repeatedly returning to the kitchen to find something more satisfying.

    Morning arrives and I wake up feeling tired and sabotage myself by not getting up in time to do any food prep. it's been a vicious cycle.

    I've decided to begin this journal with small goals. My overall goal will be to complete a 30 day challenge. but to begin with i'm going to make a One week commitment to break this down to smaller manageable goals.

    Tomorrow is Veteran's Day, a holiday from work. Tomorrow will be about me. I will begin eating primal. I will shop and prep foods for the next 5 days to carry me through Sat. I will shop again on Sat and prep the next week on Sunday. I will begin journaling as much as I need to each day to help me stay accountable and focused. I will journal emotions and a food log. I will succeed.

    Weigh in, measurements and starting photos tomorrow am. I can and will do this.

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    Let the journey begin!
    3 scrambled eggs, cup of spinach, green onion, red bell pepper
    black coffee

    Less than 5 minutes to make a healthy breakfast. So yummy!! No excuse not to do this everyday.
    Time to hop on the elliptical for a bit.


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      Surprisingly, not very hungry today.
      Lunch, 2 boiled eggs, couple of pickle slices, rotisserrie chicken
      Spent about half hr on the treadmill. Grocery shopping done. BBQing some flank steak for dinner, will have a mixed veggie salad with it.

      Beautiful day today. Sitting on the patio by the firepit, listening to music, waiting for the sunset. Feeling pleased that I've made this commitment. Thankful for this day. Will head in for dinner soon with DH and then prep meals for next couple of days at work.


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        Woke up with chest congestion and headache this morning. Geez this is the third cold in the last couple of months...

        Scale was down 2 pounds this morning.
        BR: coffee, 3 scrambled eggs with mushrooms, green onion and peppers
        Lunch: Brought some salad greens, mushrooms, peppers, carrots, onion, chicken breast, tomatoes
        Dinner: Will be tri tip, salad or steamed green beans

        Was planning an hour long walk during my lunch today, but with this congestion and headached, not so sure. Just took some meds, hope they kick in soon.


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          Best of luck to you, and way to go! The best thing about this is that it's not a diet it's a lifestyle. So if you miss a goal one day it's perfectly ok. You can get back on track the next! It might sound ridiculous; but when I'm particularly exhausted due to work, I just commit myself to two rounds of exercise for 10mins. I'll do 10mins of barbells or whatever I feel like before work, then another 10mins of whatever I feel like as soon as I get home. 20mins is better than none! And you may find that after work that 10mins will pump you up and before you know it it's been 30mins!

          Best of luck to you. Journaling is one of the greatest ways to keep yourself in check!


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            Build some momentum and you'll be right!

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              Agreed - keep this up for a week and it will get SO much easier


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                Broodwich, Steven.kelly and MuchLove, thank you the encouragement!

                I'm plugging along,didn't get in any exercise yesterday, I left work at noon,came home and spent the rest of the day in bed. I did remain committed to eating primal and stayed on task with the meals I planned. Disappointed I veered from my planned exercise but proud I stayed on task with meals.

                The scale was down another .8 this morning. I know I shouldn't necessarily weigh everyday, but I probably will for this first week. Still quite a bit of chest congestion this morning, but I am determined to get in some sort of exercise today, even if it's just breaking it down into small increments as you suggested Broodwich, that was a great suggestion. i think I'll start with a 10-15 minute go on the elliptical first thing.

                Meals are planned as follows:
                BR: Loving my eggs and veggies scrambled - same as last two days
                LUNCH: Chicken Breast, Green Salad
                Dinner: Grilled Salmon, Steamed Green Bean, Zucchini

                Snack available if needed: Turkey Breast/Avocado


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                  Sorry you're feeling bad, but congrats for eating right! Remember, after you eat right for a while a lot of these days where you feel bad will go away and you'll actually have the energy to exercise!! For me it took almost a month, so don't let it get you down girl!


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                    Made it to work today, still feeling pretty congested.
                    Meals were all primal but dinner wasn't as planned. I came home feeling pretty lousy, grabbed a few boiled eggs turned them into an egg salad and called it dinner. Crawled into a hot bath planning to go to bed after. Then... I logged onto my journal...

                    Broodwich you're posts inspired me to suck it up and get on the stationary bike! Thank you, thank you. I told myself get on for 10-15 minutes that's better than nothing. Guess what? That turned into a 31 minute, 6 mile ride. I still feel congested, definitely not any worse, but now I feel like I accomplished at least part of my daily exercise goal!

                    Off now to shower and then head to bed! Day 3 feeling like a much bigger success my new friend!


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                      Well done! If its any consolation, I'm feeling really ill at the moment too. Keep your eating on track, but you should know that if you need to rest more its completely OK.


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                          Scale was down another pound this am. I know this rate of loss is mostly water weight, but I'll take it whatever it is. Still fighting this nasty cold.

                          Couple of cups of coffee, scrambled eggs with plenty of veggies. Still dragging, hoping a long weekend will get me back on the mend.


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                            Finally feeling a little better today. Not 100% but at least the miserable cough and headache has subsided considerably.
                            Down another pound this morning. Spent another pretty lazy day, not doing much trying to give my body some rest. Hoping tomorrow I'm feeling even better and will get some much needed exercise.

                            Amazingly I have no cravings. Finding this much easier than I thought the first few days were going to be.
                            Meals today were pretty sporadic.

                            BR: Egg salad
                            Lunch: Cottage cheese- not so sure this counts as primal, Chicken Breast and a couple of boiled egg.
                            Haven't thought about dinner yet. Probably salad with rotisserie chicken chopped on top.

                            Not sure what's up with eating so many eggs this week. That's just what I've felt like eating.


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                              Down another 1.6 this morning. Happy it's Sunday, had my first cup of coffee (generally have 2) an I'm thinking I'm going to stay snuggled in for a bit to finish the book I started reading yesterday. Not at all hungry right now, so will post meals later.