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Getting rid of PCOS the primal way

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  • Getting rid of PCOS the primal way

    Day 3 of transitioning to paleo. It's worked well for me before but I've slipped into bad habits again in the last year or so, and have gone from 125lbs to 145lbs since January. I spent the last couple of weeks working fairly intensively and ate nothing but takeaway, chocolate, and rubbish so I'm definitely feeling the carb flu!

    For breakfast every day I've been having scrambled eggs with a little cheese. Lunch is either soup or meat and veg, and dinner the same. I cook for both myself and my partner, and he will have rice or some other carb with his meal - he's got no interest in getting healthy at the moment! Hopefully my following a cleaner way of eating will encourage him I do really struggle with vegetable intake so that's going to be my biggest battle!

    I'm a bit foggy and I'm not hungry per se but I do have a craving for anything involving pasta/bread/potatoes which I'm going to try to fight through!

    Last 24 hours of food:
    Dinner - minute steak with spinach and pepper sauce (did contain cornflour unfortunately), a glass of wine and some dark chocolate
    Breakfast - scrambled egg with cheese
    Lunch - baked salmon with roasted carrots

    I'm drinking lots of water, green tea and lady grey tea but have cut dairy from my beverages which is a start.

    Measurements this morning:
    Weight - 142lbs
    Waist - 27 inches

    Goal: Either 120lbs or else my waist going back to just under 24 inches, whichever I hit first

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    Looking forward to your journey. Your PCOS title caught my attention.


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      Hi Milicoqui, thanks for your comment :-)

      Had a bit of a slip last night, ended up eating a LOT of haribo leftover from Halloween. On an IF until lunch today to give my system a break! I was half-thinking of having an unhealthy breakfast but I'm glad I've been good so far. I find the willpower issues less of a problem on paleo as I'm not hungry. I do have carb and sugar cravings though!

      I thought I should put something down about my PCOS, as it's a big part of my journey. I haven't suffered terribly with symptoms, I had wicked acne as a teen that spread down to my shoulders, but going on birth control sorted it out. I've never had a particular weight problem and have always been in the normal range - 142 which is what I am at present is very heavy for me. I was put on metformin a few years ago when I took a break from the pill and started experiencing more severe symptoms (weight gain, acne, skin pigmentation), and it worked really well until my hair started falling out! Back on the pill I went :-)

      Myself and my partner are thinking about having kids in the next couple of years so even though PCOS hasn't bothered me I really do need to get my body ready to conceive and that means stopping the pill in a year, and I want my body to be as ready as possible for the adjustment. That means eating properly and exercising and trying to address any symptoms or issues the natural way.

      In addition to going primal, I also want to layer in the following:
      Chromium - a supplement that helps with insulin sensitivity
      Agnus Castus - a herb that resolves some of the hormone imbalances
      Saw Palmetto - this is a plant that is normally used for prostate issues but can help with hormone-related hair loss in women

      I'm also trying to detox what I put ON my body, so I'm using a lot less chemicals and trying to make a lot of my own skincare and cosmetic products. It's a fun new hobby, and a bit of a distraction while I'm making the adjustment to paleo!


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        When I was diagnosed it was because I didn't have a menstruation in a year and I knew that I had gained a significant amount of weight at that time, got up to 246. I was looking at my hair thinking "Yo! Am I going bald??!!" I decided to go to an OBGYN to confirm what I found on Web MD, I had to get an ultrasound of my uterus but only immediately after having a period. So I started working out hardcore again and like magic I got my period. Went in had the ultrasound and they told em I had PCOS. tiny tiny cysts on my ovaries. I was sad thinking I wouldn't be able to have kids but I was told no it'll just be harder for me but it isn't impossible.

        I've read other sites where women who lost weight and were able to get pregnant almost immediately! This was a wakeup call for me to lose weight. I did Medifast and lost 40 pounds but I wanted eat food that wasn't processed so I got on Paleo and found MDA through my uncle. I want to lose the last 40 for myself but also I would like to stay fertile as long as I can lol! The birth control pill has helped with my facial hair (yea apparently my hormones made me grow some gnarly whiskers lol) and my hair is back to its thick fro happiness.

        Making your own skin care products sounds like fun! Post some of those "recipes' on here when you get a chance. Thanks for the Saw Palmetto idea, I'll pass that along to a friend.


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          I was diagnosed with PCOS in Feb, 2006 at 31 years old. At that time, I already had 3 kids, didn't want more. The reason I was diagnosed was due to a former co-worker asking me if I had PCOS and when I said, "WTF is that," she told me about it and I went to a reproductive endo and he diagnosed me. I had the dark skin patches, bloated gut, female alopecia, hirsutism, acne, you name it. At that point, I had lost 70 lbs using Body for Life. The doc put me on metformin and the pill and I felt like hell. I just stopped taking them. No ovarian cysts. Now my weight is back up to almost as high as it was in 2006. I am now eating low carb high fat and feeling better than before.

          Sent with mind bullets. That's telekinesis, Kyle.