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    MDA has become a morning habit after discovering the blog 2 years ago, but the lifestyle has remained allusive due to a lack of commitment and follow-through. So, the purpose of this journal is accountability to someone/something other than myself; a place to record achievements and set-backs on my Primal journey. Having already experienced the benefits of following Primal when I initially discovered MDA - rapid weight loss, elevated mood, increased energy - the logic of following the lifestyle is a no-brainer. The struggle comes in overcoming the ingrained habits of a lifetime: unhealthy eating, sedentary activities, and a why-bother attitude.

    There is no better time to begin again than now.

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    Food: coffee w/ heavy cream, 3 eggs, 3 strips bacon, salad with tomatoes, cucumber, 3 oz. salmon, blue cheese dressing (non-primal), 2 squares 85% cacao chocolate, yogurt and raspberries.

    Activity: a.m. yoga, p.m 45 min walk.

    The day began well with a 1/2 hour of meditation and yoga; setting an intention for daily practice, focusing on Primal eating and movement. Went out for breakfast, and left the table leaving burrito tortilla and hash browns on the plate. Second day without alcohol. It's been a struggle to stop drinking; one beer leads to two, and three beers leads to a morning headache. Fingers crossed this abstinence will last a while.

    Tomorrow, I want to get out on the bike or take a hike early in the day before the weekend crowds turn out. Next week, my husband renews gym membership, and though that's not my preferred exercise format, I'll chum him to workout a couple days a week. It's all movement to the good.


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      Food: coffee w/ heavy cream; salad w/chicken, bacon, tomato, cucumber, oil & vinegar; tuna w/onion, celery, avocado and mayo (non-primal); one squares 85% cacao chocolate, yogurt and raspberries; chicken thigh and drumstick, roasted beet; macadamia nuts

      Activity: bike 10 miles; yoga

      Day 3 no alcohol


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        Food: Breakfast: 3 link sausages, hard-boiled egg; Lunch: salad w/egg, bacon, beets, tomatoes, cucumber, oil & vinegar; chocolate, and yoga with raspberries (would like to cut this back to once or twice a week), macadamia nuts; Snack: cheese and pear, potato chips (yikes! how did these sneak in?)

        Activity: none

        Day 4 no alcohol (but man, a beer would have tasted good with those chips!)


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          While I've managed to abstain from alcohol for 7 days, as of yesterday, not so wheat and sugar. After writing the previous entry I succumbed to the temptation of my husband's choc. chip cookies, and then two days ago, pizza. My activity level has also been less than I planned, limited mostly to yoga and yard work. Never did make it to the gym this week. Sleep has been allusive, and there was a noticeable insulin response to the cookies and pizza. It's been somewhat mitigated by lots of good veg and high quality meat (cooked a tasty lamb tagine yesterday), but a sluggish mental state lingers. Will try to turn that around in the next few weeks. Tomorrow, it's back to tracking food and exercise.


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            Yesterday was a struggle. Another fall off the sugar/gluten wagon - ate leftover pizza, and scarfed down more chocolate chip cookies. Abstaining from alcohol has been much easier.

            Food: Breakfast: 2 eggs, 2 strip bacon; Lunch: Lamb and vegg; Dinner: half apple and almond butter.
            Activity: 3 mile walk; 2 hours yard work
            Day 9 no alcohol


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              It's a challenge to stay true to journal-ing when posting an entry that is less than flattering. But self-aggrandizement isn't the purpose, here; accountability is. The non-primal 20% feels like self-defeat, which the rational mind knows isn't so, but which the emotional mind attaches itself as proof of failure. Pshaw! Despite finishing off a bag of chips, and washing it down with a couple of beers, then following up with a couple of choc. chip cookies, over the last week I've been eating Primal 80% of the time, and a routine of movement throughout the day is taking shape. As far as results, the non-tangible outcomes - perceived mood and level of energy, feeling positive and less anxious - are more compelling to me than the measurable ones. Watching weight is more habitual than helpful, feeding into good feelings when it's down or unchanged, and supporting a negative self-image when it begins to creep upward. And knowing this, I still allow it to drive me emotionally. How useful is that?

              Food: breakfast: bacon and egg salad, cucumber and yogurt; lunch: steak and broccoli; dinner: Oat cakes and Cambozola cheese.

              Activity: gym, walk, setup standing workspace on kitchen counter.

              Days without alcohol: 2