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  • The Quest for Vigor

    Hey all. I'm here to optimize my health and fitness. I've struggled with my weight for a long time and am quite aware of how diet influences feelings of lethargy, depression, anxiety, etc. 12 years ago I was at about 330 pounds, and since then I've mostly been hanging out at around 270, though for the past year and a half I've been swinging around 220-240. I've absorbed a lot of the information on this site, but have never really been able to commit myself to primal eating for more than a week or so at a time. I'm hoping that by starting this journal and interacting with the community I will stay accountable.

    When I eat primal I start getting very energetic and become way more proactive about taking care of my shit. It's pretty incredible actually. So this whole thing I'm doing here is to compliment my other plan for conquering my most major hangup in life: shyness. And trust me.. the kind of shyness I'm dealing with is bad. And it touches everything. I may be functional, but I'm certainly not thriving. I can feel a huge breakthrough in my immediately future though, but I'm going to have to go get it, and the right kind of fuel should help immensely with that

    I was 238 pounds when I weighed myself this morning. I'm going to post reference photos maybe once a week or so to keep a visual log of how I'm progressing. Here is one I just took:

    Be sure to wish me luck :P
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    Welcome! From a NYer with WI roots. My Mom was born and raised in Madison.

    About the shyness...The cleaner you eat, the better you will feel. Get off grains as much as possible. Asperger's syndrome runs in my family. My ability to function well despite my inate shyness is in direct proportion to how well I am eating.

    My friends on MDA and in real life would scoff at the idea of my being shy, I've just become really good at hiding it and working through the hard moments.

    Best of Luck!
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      Madison is great. I would like be living there again soon.

      I'm extremely outgoing with some people, but don't let even small percentage of my personality out in most situations. I like meeting new people though, just get intimidated by strangers very easily.

      Thank you for stopping by


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        Weight: 335
        Blood Pressure: N/A


        B: Some organic dark chocolate covered expresso beans. I guess there is some sugar in there, but I was barely picking up any sweetness so I didn't feel like I was doing too bad by eating it. I also had a couple of sips of some unsweetened Lifeway kefir.

        L: A pound of grass-finished ground beef cooked with sauerkraut. Lots of cherrie tomatoes.

        S: More expresso beans. Haha.

        D: Probably about a half a gallon of some 2% milk. Not organic or anything, so definitely not ideal. Then I munched on some more expresso beans.

        Excercise: None

        So all and all I feel pretty good about today.


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          Weight: 336
          Blood Pressure: N/A

          Well.. it was my grandma's birthday so I had myself a cheat day. Pretty early in this journal to already be having a cheat day, haha, but I'm not going to sweat it. I'm not going to bother documenting what I had in detail, but I will say we ended up going out to a chinese buffet and I did of course have cake and ice cream.