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    I've been eating paleo/primal(ish) for a few months now and thought I start a bit of a journal, mainly to keep a record of what I am eating and doing but also for some feedback/critique on my diet and amount of excercise.

    My details are, I am 31, 184cm (6ft) and about 81kg's (178pounds), I am definitely not overweight but would just like to tone up a bit and add a bit more muscle too.

    For some background I was previously overweight, I'm not sure when it started, possibly late in high-school but by the time I was 25 I weighed over 100kg's (220pounds) and was very unhealthy, drinking alcohol to excess atleast 3 and often 4 times a week, smoked over a packet of cigarettes a day and wasn't eating that healthily either.

    So I decided to lose some weight, I started excercising again, slowed my drinking and began eating healthy (looking back I was eating fairly close to paleo, meat, eggs and lots of veg). Over 3 years my weight fluctuated a bit, I dropped 10kg's and then stalled, so I started cycling and dropped another 5 but also lost some upper body muscle, I then became vegetarian then vegan and dropped a few more and then IF before finally HFLC about 6 months ago and dropped another 2kgs but have also put back on some muscle.

    So I have now added back in some carbs, mainly potatoes and other high carb veg, plus a few pieces of fruit a day, mainly berries and a banana here and there. But I would still rarely eat over 100g of carbs in a day, as I still want to lose a little more weight and tone up. So that's about it, I ate terribly yesterday, the first time I have had pizza in over 6 months so I will start my journal from today after dinner.


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    Okay so here's my first days journal.

    I woke up this morning after eating rubbish last night and actually didn't feel too bad considering. When I was eating VLC I would feel hungover with headaches and sweating all night if I even at a few too many carbs.

    So I did some calisthenics, push-ups, leg raisers, planks and pull-ups.

    B/fast: Bacon, brussell sprouts, silverbeet and kale fried in coconut oil with three eggs fried in coconut oil and butter.
    Lunch: 100g pork belly with a potato, some home made sauerkraut, cauliflower mash and ice berg lettuce.
    Snack: cheese (trying to cut down)
    Dinner: Osso bucco, cauliflower, brocoli, capsicum and potato. All slow cooked together in coconut milk, broth and curry powder.
    Dessert: Frozen berries, banana and yoghurt.

    Wow it seems like a lot when it's all typed out.

    It was a beautiful day in Sydney today so I headed outside in the sun for a few hours and got some Vit D...didn't have much social interaction with anyone today though, I'm a bit of a hermit so that's something I need to work on.

    Any thoughts ?
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