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    Okay, everybody, my very first journal entry! Gearing up to go full-blown primal with my husband on Monday, and I've been easing in and trying to prepare. Just a little background: I'm 46, and a mom to 4 kids, ranging in age from 7 to 23. I've been a waitress for 32 years. I've never been overweight and I've always been health and fitness-oriented. High fat/low carb goes against everything I've ever believed about good nutrition, so the mental shift will be a big one.

    I don't own a scale, but I'm 5'5" and I hover around 110lbs. I would love to be stronger and gain a little definition in my arms, legs and abs. My only health issues are arthritis in my hands, feet and shoulders (not sure if it's osteo or rheumatoid), and gum disease. I actually landed here on this site when I was researching diets that may help ease joint pain.

    I don't eat much jumk to begin with and today was a fairly typical diet for me:

    B: bowl of Total with 2% milk, blueberries and Splenda, 2 cups of coffee with milk and Splenda. This type of breakfast will be replaced with primal foods starting Monday. I already bought a bunch of cage-free eggs, and some chicken/apple sausage.

    S: half a banana

    L: left-over tilapia baked with olives and tomatoes from last night, and a bit of organic brown rice.

    S: a handful of raw almonds

    S: some snow pea pods with about a tablespoon of Sunbutter

    D: Swiss steak with organic steamed broccoli. I normally would have made couscous or smashed potatoes to go with this meal, but left it out, and we didn't even miss it! I had an extra piece of steak instead.

    Lots of water throughout the day, and I'm about to have a cup of Sleepytime tea with raw honey.

    I get a lot of walking exercise at work (I work at a Chili's--oh, the irony!) but I need to start some kind of strength or resistance routine. So that's it for now. Wish me luck, and I'll see you all Monday!

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    Welcome aboard Pellegrina! I saw your post in the intro thread and I thought it was really cute. And good luck to you.


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        Now that the challenge is over I just wanted to resurrect my "regular" primal journal that I started when I first joined MDA.

        First things first: I am SO PROUD of myself!! I stuck with the challenge and have completely changed my way of eating in just one short month. I know I'll never go back. (That bit of brown rice I wrote about in my first entry was the last grain I had.)

        Now that I've got the eating down pat, it's time to work on the fitness. I've barely scratched the surface there. The only thing I do regularly right now is the walking and lifting I do at my waitress job (three shifts a week). Must add weight/resistance training and sprinting!

        Now time to go eat my primal breakfast.