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Let the journey begin...again

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  • Let the journey begin...again

    Hello! So i'm trying eating paleo for second time. This time i'm creating a journal, maybe this will increase my motivation
    My objective is not to lose weight, as i am already pretty skinny.

    Feel free to comment, as i'm just learning this

    Day 1:

    Breakfast: Pancakes from 2 bananas, 3 egs and cinamon, baked in plenty palm oil.
    Lunch: Chicken drumsticks with boiled carrots.
    Dinner: Pork shank with beets and onions, tea.
    Snacks: a handful of raspberries, few peaches.

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    Day 2:

    Breakfast: Omlette from 3 eggs with about 300g cucumber, tomato and pepper.
    Lunch: Ground beef meatballs 200g with little rice, cucumbers and bell pepper.
    Dinner: Chicken breasts in olive oil with tomatoes.
    Snacks: banana, peach, handful of almonds, coffee with few grams sugar


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      Day 3:

      Breakfast: 4 eggs, asparagus, carrots.
      Lunch: Ground beef meatballs 200g, cucumbers and bell pepper.
      Dinner: 2 pork chops with rice, 2 huge cucumbers.
      Snacks: banana, 2 peaches, handful of almonds


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        Om nom nom nom