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Bacon is my favorite condiment!

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  • Bacon is my favorite condiment!

    Who? Me, a working 5'8" 48 yr. old wife and mother of two amazing and active girls (4 and 11)

    What? Live with less pain, sleep better, mental clarity and dropping approx 30% of my body weight.

    Where? passing through New Jersey -- trying to relocate to NC (from Cali an NJ has been a rough transition)

    When? Right Now!

    Why? See what? Also need to de stress and enjoy my family as much as possible

    In committing to getting more sleep and unplugging before bed, that's it for now but more to come.

    I have already learned so much from this site, so many thanks.

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    So, broke through a plateau this morning -- I think it was the extra sleep (see above)! I'll probably lose the progress this weekend as hubbin has booked romantic getaway for 25 yr. anniversary. Tomorrow night will be our first night sans kids since we had my youngest--been over five years! Will try my hardest to enjoy without going crazy...I agree that the guilt is what throws me off path, not necessarily the food.

    B: 3 slices of my favorite condiment and an egg over medium

    S: a few Mac nuts

    L: Greek yogurt, blackberries and dash of honey
    Sausage from last nights dinner--only had 3 bites then hit a tendon thingy with some type of kneecap attached...yes I am being dramatic but it was ff'n disgusting! Lunch Over! That's what I get for buying regular grocery store sausage...we aren't snooty snootersons but will stick to the organic ones from Whole Foods (and even those, I just want to eat it--I don't want to know how it's made!)

    My cortisol levels must have went through the roof during my shitty commute home (no A-hole, the Yield sign is for you!) I truly believe that managing my daily stress will be one of my biggest challenges in this journey...

    D: Smashburger request from the wee one (lives on fruit, carrots and yogurt 90% of the time--4.5 yrs old and she can do 8 real pull-ups -- bitch! Just kidding! She is our amazing little buzz buzz...) I had chicken sandwich, buffalo sauce, lettuce, toms, onion and no bun --yummy! Oh yeah, and a handful of those wicked haystack onions...been too afraid to check nutritional content.

    Still full so that's it for the night...will up veggies and fruit tomorrow.


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      So--I made it through what I consider my first attempt at an "eat what you want but try to stay primal" weekend.

      Sat, did not eat first, had exhausting core work out from 9:00 - 10:00 - sweat like a mad woman, and did start cramping in my was too hot in our Vbarre room and one of the gals in class had to sit half of it out. I've taken hot yoga before and enjoy it, but this workout is not meant to be done in a hot room, so we were all hydrating like crazy!! Was completely ravenous when I got home -- two egg ommmie, with 1/2 and onion, six mushies and three patties of turkey sausage...gone.

      Smoothie to share with hubbin' - 1/3 cup coconut milk, 1 cup frozen blueb's, 1 cup frozen razb's, 1 froze bana, 3 heaping Tbs gelatin, 1 cup co co water, 1 cup regular water, 2 Tbs tart cherry - Vitamix and wa-la!

      Dropped kids off and on our way! (to Cape May)

      Had to stop for water and apples -- 1 apple.

      Did not eat again until dinner -- saving up!! I embraced this meal without guilt and at 5:30 pm and sat down to one of the best dinners of our lives -- after 25 + years together, that is saying something...and we love good food!

      1st crs - best clam chowder ever!! Very creamy and rich -- I had a few bites of potatoes and left most of the pots in the bowl, but filled with yummy clams, carrots and creamy goodness!

      Had one bite of a very fresh dinner roll and decided it was not "worth" the carbs, so put that aside.

      Then the calamari came, yes, it was slightly battered and had the most amazing sauce drizzle - came with spinach and sweet peppers -- the flavors all together were terrif!

      Dinner salad came with very mild balsamic dressing -- very yummy, but I was actually starting to get full.

      Then had a palette cleanser of lemon sorbet -- this was the first what I would call "sweet treat" I have had in over two months.

      Then the main meal--Hubbin' had crab cakes, grilled shrimp on top, over green beans and spinach. (he subbed out the potatoes for the greenery.) Best crab cake ever! It was almost all crab with very little "bread filling" -- chunks of crab. I haven't tasted crab that I actually liked in over 20 years. (Grew up on King and blue crab in FL when I was a wee girl so got spoiled)

      I had the chicken with sdtoms, spinach, prosciutto, mushies, with this crazy sauce all topped with a little fontina cheese. I forgot to sub out my rice, and did enjoy a quite a few mouth-fulls covered in the brown, gooey, magic sauce.

      Just water with dinner -- giving up alcohol was fairly easy for me -- though I am missing my Friday night Cuba Libre made with real cane Coke!

      No dessert -- we were full -- but not uncomfortable full.

      I think one of the very best things about the meal was that we were there for almost two hours! We haven't had a sit down meal longer than 45 minutes since we had kids!! Specifically our wee one who is the buzz-buzz queen. We revelled in our time together sans kids...

      Walked around afterward, window shopping and just being us.

      Sunday 8 am breakfast: Hubbin' had sausage, cheese and hot chili sauce ommie, I had two eggs over medium with 2 sausage links and hash browns. We split everything in 1/2 and shared. I had just a few bites of the browns to soak of the egg yolk -- yum. We also got one pancake and one piece of french toast. Very good and fluffy pancake, I only had one bite as the french toast was rockin' it! Very thin, with lots of cinnamon. So I did eat my 1/2 of that.

      More strolling around the beach and boardwalk, then we drove home. Picked up two exhausted kids who had a blast and went home.

      We did learn that to be better parents and more connected with one another, that we need to do this every now and then. We need "just us" time.

      I got on the scale this morning and over the whole weekend only gained 1.5 lbs, which I was very happy with...I think it is water retention from the carbs, will break back down and through this week.

      Can you tell that we love good food???


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        B: 10:30 (just not hungry in the am) 1 cup greek yogurt, added organic vanilla and some stevia

        L: 11.30 3 slices salami, 1 slice of hard/sharp cheddar and apple (one of my favorite combo's)

        D: 5:00 taco salad - chicken thighs cooked in coconut oil and my own spice blend - lettuce, toms, carrots, cooked mushies and onions, a little cheese, a scoop of kefer and Cholula...

        Ate too late and it affected my Vbarre class at 6:15 -- low energy and very reduced flexibility. I did get the "slide" figured out on the glide board, so that was very cool!! The right socks is the key. Was very frustrated with some of the plank exercises--my shoulder issue combined with my weight puts so much pressure on my shoulders. But, I will stick with it for sure. Also, my hip flexors are very weak. Hold the mini-ball in pike position for long periods of time just kills me, but I can do all holds and rotations when holding ball behind my knee...trying to find balance everywhere in life!!

        PWO smoothie - 1/3 cup coconut milk, 1 Tbs Tart Cherry, 1/2 cup coco water, 8 oz reg water, 1/2 frozen banana, 2 Tbs Galatin, 2 teaspoons cocoa powder -- yes, a chocolate/cherry smoothie--it was quite delicious.

        1 hr. hot tub soak with hubbin' -- I feel very thankful he is so supportive in this primal journey with me. He helps with all meals and basically eats what I eat...add in a glass of wine or beer for him and he's good to go. He started rock-climbing at the climb gym and really loves it. (My 11 yr. old is an advanced climber -- she can do 50 men's pushups -- crazy strong girl...)

        We do adjust meals accordingly for the girls as the wee one doesn't like meat--lots of fruit, cheese and yogurt for her. Big Girl eats what we eat but add a quesadilla or a bagel into the mix every now and then.


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          Been staying on track and honestly, not having much down time lately -- I work in front of a computer all day, so try to stay completely unplugged once I leave work.

          Tuesday work-out was much better with Vbarre -- had a heart to heart with my instructor and actually showed her the picture of the calcium deposit in my shoulder...I've noticed that people are such hypochondriacs these days, that she might not have believed me--after seeing that ping pong sized thing in there, she spend much of the class helping me re-work the various exercises to not agitate and make the pain worse. I can't do plank for long--it just starts to ache...I keep telling my husband that I will come home one day and just tell him I've scheduled surgery because I can't handle the pain anymore (and he will be in charge of our kids and house-hold for two months!!)

          Good stuff -- My 4.5 yr. old advanced from tricycle to big-girl Dora bike (with training wheels) She loves riding it--so much that yesterday morning at 5:00 am I woke up to her sweet voice (at my face level) whispering "Hi, mommy--I got dressed, can I ride my big girl bike now?" Very cute!

          My big girl is really starting to help with the cooking and the experimenting of our primal diet. Last night we (husband too) made the celery root lasagna--small portion as not to waste food-- (daily MDA post last week) -- we we're all sooooo skeptical, and it was fantastic! We did not do the extra celery root paste, as it is still a strong flavor, but using them as the noodles was quite surprising. We each had a very small portion just to taste it and will be making a large one this weekend!

          Rest of dinner was Mexican - GF beef with spices, caulif rice, a quick saute on some peppers and onions, some chipotle gouda and some verde salsa all over a cabbage mix...

          Still not getting enough fat through the day though -- I haven't been hungry so I know I am not eating enough and my body goes into starvation mode instead of burning fat...

          Cooked some amazing meals last weekend and we are looking to do the same this weekend...we used our new dutch oven for the first time (husband bought me a purple one--my signature color) and we LOVED it!! We made this incredible Mexican Cocoa braised beef rib dish. The recipe called for a jar of sweet peppers, and we made our own roasted red peppers and the purred it in the Vitamix -- too delish. This dish will become a staple for us.

          There I go, talking about food again. Cooking has become a wonderful family time for us and a way to get the girls to try a variety of new foods. I'm sorry, but have you looked at celery root? They look like, I don't know, that dirty hairy balls that would come off of a giant ogre! Gross!! But they were very tasty. (not that I know what giant ogre balls look like...)

          Marks post today on dealing with Health Noise is very timely -- it all ties in to trying to unplug for me. We don't watch the news and the few TV shows I do watch are DVR'd, so at least advertising and media is generally not an issue, but it is PEOPLE noise I'm having a hard time with--waiting for my class to start and listening to people drone on and on about their ailments and their little life dramas...I'm trying to unplug and do something healthy for myself and some people can't even put their cell phones down during class--come on people, no one is THAT important.

          I'm actually a controller at a mid-sized archectural firm, and the partners are always asking me to get my email on my cell -- NO WAY! When I leave work, I am done for the day. I only use my cell for friends and family.

          Unplug, Unplug, Unplug....


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            If you liked that post, you'll really like his book, The Primal Connection.

            ... oh... and a belated welcome!
            I created PaleoTrack - A Food Journal Designed for The Primal Blueprint