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    Day 1


    Ever since I was a little kid, I loved the idea of becoming a superhero. Not for the powers necessarily, and definitely not for the costumes (although capes are pretty awesome), but because of what they're known for. They inspire hope in all of us and display courage and bravery in even the most dire of situations. They save lives and teach important lessons like perseverance, kindness, and discipline.

    I've decided that, one day, I want to be a hero. I want to be that person who pulls someone from a burning car before it's too late. I want to be the one who intervenes when someone is being robbed at gunpoint. How can I do these things if I am unable to lift a person or land a decent blow with my arms?

    I'm a veteran who just turned preschool teacher/babysitter (if you can imagine, lol)! Well, that's kind of a lie since that's what I was before enlisting, but still. I found this website and way of life while I was still in and was implementing it with some success, but I tore a tendon in my foot which makes it painful to walk after just a couple of minutes. It was really disheartening when I discovered I could barely walk around an office without pain, so I got depressed and back-slid into my old ways. I've gained some weight, but I'm going to get it back off and constantly pursue an optimal way of living. I'm hoping to ride my bike more to see if it can replace the walking. Hopefully one day soon, I'll be able to walk without even thinking about it.

    The truth is that we can all be heroes (concealed carry, anyone?), but we need to take care of our bodies and minds first. So, here's to a fresh start on my own hero's journey.

    B: 6 slices of local bacon and 3 raw, organic tomatoes, water

    L: Nothing (wasn't very hungry but was craving more bacon and tomatoes)

    D: 1 more slice of local bacon, 1 1/2 local, free range eggs scrambled with local, rBST-free Colby cheese, water

    S: Local, rBST-free Colby cheese

    I remembered to take my vitamins today (especially the vitamin c with the bacon). I feel great.

    I'm considering a cup of coffee before going out on the paper route with the significant other. I help him on Sundays. I like to add a bit of organic half-and-half and raw, organic honey.

    I feel like I am going to be getting some nasty-grams about all this bacon and lack of veggies, so I will put it here: I intend on doing some grocery shopping tomorrow. All the veggies we have is an onion, lol. We have a local, organic, year-round community-supported agriculture program in the area where I used to get all my produce, but I had to stop temporarily for cost reasons. Now we're in a better position to pay that little extra. This is a part of making my own health a priority. I can't help but raise an eyebrow when people tell me they can't afford to eat healthy yet they have cable/satellite tv, the newest tech gadgets, multiple cars, etc.

    I took a DNA test a while back and when the results came back, it confirmed what I had always known about myself: I am dairy tolerant. My next priority is to switch from the pasteurized organic half-and-half (for coffee) and the pasteurized dairy over to raw. We have it available from many sources here in the local area, both cow and goat (which I tried but hated; I really wanted to like it). It's a bit pricey, but it's a jump I want to make.

    Here's to health and heroes! I wish you well on your own journey and the ability to soldier on after any defeat.
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    What a wonderful introduction! Best wishes on your journey and thanks for your service.
    Female back to the basics: 5-2017
    CW: 2017: 150
    GW: 130 a dream, I know
    Muscle soreness surrounding Neck, Thyroid and Rosacea issues.


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      Originally posted by perennialpam View Post
      what a wonderful introduction! Best wishes on your journey and thanks for your service.
      +1 gl.


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        Day 2 (Yesterday)

        Thank you, all, for your best wishes. To this day, when people thank me for my service, I never know quite what to say other than "I was born to do it." We appreciate your gratitude.

        I must admit that, after helping my SO with the paper route, I was pretty tired. We deliver out-of-town, so we leave at 12:30 am and don't get back until 5:30 am. I didn't want to mess up my schedule, so after going to sleep at 7, I got back up at 2 pm (which isn't too bad, but I'm one of those that requires nine hours lol).

        I managed to get to the store later in the day. My grocery haul included:

        ~ Uncured bacon (I love my bacon...)
        ~ Organic 'Matos (...and I love my tomatoes!)
        ~ Organic mixed greens
        ~ Organic green bell pepper
        ~ Organic crimini mushrooms
        ~ Uncured ham
        ~ Uncured turkey
        ~ Organic half-and-half
        ~ Free-ranged, local eggs
        ~ Frozen, local blueberries

        I also picked up other staples like toilet paper and Dr. Bronner's organic, fair trade peppermint soap, along with a couple other "sensible indulgences" including a couple of Theo's dark chocolate bars and one from a new brand I just forgot the name of (first ingredient: cacao; second ingredient: cacao butter (!!)). I'll post the name here tomorrow. I also picked up a couple of Epic bars. I'd been wanting to try them. Last but certainly not least, I got some Virgil's herbal rootbeer sweetened with stevia. Their sodas are GMO-free and made from actual food ingredients (lol). If you are trying to kick the soda habit, I highly recommend them.

        Didn't get to the store until late so I was still a little scant on veggies for the day.

        B: Nothing

        L: Two eggs scrambled in bacon fat with Colby cheese

        D: BIG ol' slab o' ham and two stevia-sweetened rootbeers

        S: 0.75 ounce of 70% cacao dark mint chocolate (yes, I did the math) and half of a turkey Epic bar

        The food was kind of boring today without veggies. I felt kind of deprived, but tomorrow will be better.

        Oh, btw, have you ever wanted to try an Epic bar? Don't. Save your money. It was disgusting; the taste, the texture, everything. I still have the beef and bison ones to try, and I do love bison, but I'm not getting my hopes up.

        Looking in my freezer, it appears that it's almost that time of year again: that time of year when I order my next quarter cow. I think I may also order some hog as well. More on this to come!

        Soldier on!
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          Day 3 (Today)

          Rough day at work today. One of the little ones I take care of made a huge mess of his pants. I actually had to lay down newspaper, lol. The other one was quite cranky from all the chaos of that incident. In spite of everything, I was still pretty good.

          Was back-and-forth to the restroom after that salad which was probably due to all the incoming fiber I hadn't had enough of before.

          Remembered to take some of my vitamins.

          I feel much better today!

          B: 2 cups of coffee with a bit of half-and-half and raw honey

          L: Mixed greens topped with 'matos, Colby cheese, uncured ham, and sesame ginger vinaigrette; 0.75 ounce of 70% mint dark chocolate; lemon water

          D: 3 eggs fried in butter (yolks still runny), lightly salted; 0.75 ounce of 70% mint dark chocolate; a nibble of Colby cheese; lemon water

          S: Virgil's herbal root beer sweetened with stevia

          A little much chocolate, but better than I normally would have done. I can't wait to break open the 85% stuff made with cacao AND cacao butter! I think that will be happening the day after tomorrow. The bar weighs a whopping 3.5 ounces! Btw, the brand is Vivani; organic and, according to this seal, against child slavery. It's made in Germany. 15g of fiber and 37.5% of your daily iron in one bar (although I think I'll be savoring this particular bar over the course of three days, lol).


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            Day 4 (Yesterday)

            Another great day.

            B: Organic blueberries

            L: Mixed greens topped with 'matos, colby cheese, ham, and sesame ginger vinaigrette; .75 ounce of 70% mint dark chocolate; 2 cups of coffee with honey and half-and-half

            D: 2 fried eggs (yolks runny as usual) and crimini mushrooms sauteed in butter; chicken thigh, 2 wings and 2 drumsticks (this chicken was pitifully small and unsatisfying :/ )

            S: 1 ounce 85% dark chocolate; 2 herbal rootbeers sweetened with stevia

            I broke down and opened that super-rich dark chocolate today. There is only a tablespoon of organic, raw cane sugar in the entire bar. The rest is solid cacao and cacao butter.


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              Day 7 (Day Before Yesterday)

              Been busy with work. This was a cheat day. I had some fudge and Thai food including rice noodles. It was delicious!


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                Day 8 (Yesterday)

                Spent the day with the SO. Was so good.

                B: Nothing

                L: Mongolion Grill without noodles (had my fill of pork, chicken, onions, mushrooms, sprouts, garlic, and cilantro)

                D: Leftover Mongolion Grill; 4 ounces of chocolate (a little much but it was a special day)

                S: 3 herbal rootbeers sweetened with stevia
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                  Day 9 (Yesterday)

                  I finally managed to get my bike repaired. I'm going to be riding it to and from work from now on. It's 1.7 miles uphill from home. I felt a little nauseous for about 10 minutes after I got to work but I figure it's probably because I've been quite sedentary due to my injury. I'm sure it will pass with time. It took me about 25 minutes. Not bad for my first day back at it, but it definitely pales in comparison with the 5 miles (10 from home and back, sometimes carrying groceries) I'd do through varying terrain when I was still in the military (on top of running, strength training, and MMA/self defense training sessions). But then again, those were my chronic cardio days which are what I can thank for this injury in the first place.

                  The best part is that I can cycle without pain!

                  I notice that I have more energy than I did last week. Not only that, but I only wanted one cup of coffee this morning and my chocolate cravings and overall appetite have been reduced.

                  B: 1 (!) cup of coffee with honey and half-and-half

                  L: Some mixed greens topped with 'matos, colby cheese, leftover roasted chicken breast, and sesame ginger vinaigrette; water

                  D: Lightly fried egg in butter

                  S: Free-ranged chicken apple sausage; mozzarella string cheese; chocolate; herbal rootbeer

                  I've come to discover that I dislike sweet meat (the sausage was gross). Also, the greens had been frozen over so I didn't eat many of them. I was sad. :/


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                    LOL, thanks for the heads up on the Epic bars. I actually have been wanting to try them. I'll save my money.

                    And welcome!
                    My journal - The Walrus:

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                      Originally posted by The Walrus View Post
                      LOL, thanks for the heads up on the Epic bars. I actually have been wanting to try them. I'll save my money.
                      You're welcome, lol. The texture reminded me of a Slim Jim that hadn't been squished together very tightly and had no seasonings and the taste of salt seemed to only be in the aftertaste. It was bizarre. Also, the chunks of nuts just didn't taste right in there. They tasted like ears or something lol.


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                        Lost track of the day. Whatever, lol.


                        B: Foraged plums

                        L: Primal pizza topped with mushrooms, green bell pepper, jalapenos, italian sausage, and canadian bacon

                        D: Nothing


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                          The other day, I finally did it: I finally tried coconut oil and butter in my coffee (also known as bulletproof coffee; the recipe, not the brand). Surprisingly, it was delicious. All I did was add about a tablespoon of extra virgin organic coconut oil and a teaspoon of Irish grass-fed butter to my usual morning cup that already contains organic, raw honey and half-and-half. It was the day-before-yesterday that I tried this.

                          B: 1 large cup of bulletproof coffee

                          L: 6 slices of bacon; 2 whole, raw 'matoes; 2 lightly-fried eggs, lightly salted; foraged plums; 2 ounces 85% cocoa dark chocolate; 1 large cup of coffee

                          D: Nothing

                          S: A few foraged plums (these things are smaller than golf balls)

                          This was a particularly stressful day. It was one of the longest work days of the week; preschool in the morning and babysitting for the rest of the day. At preschool, the kids were wild. At babysitting, the kids were cranky and messy. Once I had a pause in the middle of the day, I was like, you know what, Ima make a feast for lunch! So that's what I did.

                          As I laid down to bed, I noticed that I hadn't been hungry at any other point in the day. I wondered if the bulletproof coffee had anything to do with it. I'd try again the next day.


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                            B: 1 large cup of bulletproof coffee; 1 large cup of normal coffee

                            L: Mongolian Grill (pork, chicken, sprouts, onions, mushrooms, garlic, red pepper)

                            D: Nothing

                            S: A few foraged plums

                            Again, hardly any appetite for anything other than lunch. I think this bulletproof coffee is just what I'm looking for. I'm going to have a cup pretty soon and try upping the amount of coconut oil. Omnoms...


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                              Day Before Yesterday (RAVENOUS)

                              B: Bulletproof coffee

                              L: Half a leftover chicken breast, 7 slices uncured bacon, 2 large matoes, 2 ounces dark chocolate, 1 ounce mozzarella string cheese; water

                              D: Beef and chicken fajita meat with bell peppers, onions, pico de gallo, and lettuce; 2 eggs fried in bacon fat with a side of mushrooms and more bell peppers also sauteed in bacon fat; chips and salsa (doh!) made in-house at local restaurant; 2 chicken drumsticks; water

                              S: 1 ounce mozzarella string cheese, 10 grapes, 3 cherry 'matoes; herbal rootbeer

                              Was't even full at the end of the day. o.o

                              I suspect it's because I did yoga the day before which I haven't done in a while. Then that morning I rode my bike to work (it's a pretty steep hill).