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    I'm no stranger to 'diets'. You name it, I've tried it. It's taken age and experience to realize that the healthiest 'diet' is no diet at all. Instead, it's the way of eating and lifestyle that's important.

    I've found my way to primal via ultra low carb, which worked for me for a while, but didn't satisfy my sought-after long term mental health requirements (having a high carb cheat day does not sit well with my obsessive personality!). In primal eating I've found a simpler, more digestive way of eating. However, I am far from the poster child.

    My aim with this journal is to keep track of areas of my diet and lifestyle that still need tweaking. Giving up grains/bread/pasta is easy for me, and that's what I like about primal; it lets me eat the things I love.

    So let's get started on what I need to tweak:
    • Supplements - I take a multivitamin, glucosamine and fish oil. Need to scrutinize these for content and possible more healthy sources.
    • Exercise - I lift and run. I've been doing walking/sprinting/light jogging intervals on my half marathon training, instead of steady state, but I'm not at the sweet spot yet. Also need to do more walking.
    • Meat - Love it, but it's not grass fed yet.
    • Dairy - I tolerate it well, but my sources aren't clean enough yet.
    • Seafood - I love seafood but don't eat enough of it.
    • Sunlight - Don't get enough of it. I work in an office, and while I'm outside some in the summer during daylight hours, during the winter I can easily leave for work in the dark and return home in the dark.
    • Mental fortitude - I'm self-diagnosed OCD, and I need to calm the f*ck down. Definitely still working on this....

    I'm hoping to target these one at a time and slowly improve myself. Wish me luck!