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  • 57 Varieties of Awesome

    Hi everybody! Iíve been following the Primal Blueprint and reading these forums for a long time now; had a lot of success and some failures. My 57th birthday is next week so now is a good time for a review and a shake-up. This journal will also help me become accountable. I will actually have to write stuff down, do what I say Iím gonna do and make a real, lasting change.

    First, the successes:
    • I lost 35 pounds! Major achievement! Went from 15 stone (210 lbs/95 kg) to 12.5 stone (175 lbs/79 kgs)
    • Took up cycling again after 40 years, trained for and completed the London to Brighton bicycle race (approx 55 miles)
    • Started attending weekly aqua classes
    • Regularly do bodyweight exercises
    • Take no medications

    Now for the failures
    • Put most of that weight back on
    • Still very sedentary and sit on my butt too much

    Some basic info about me:

    57 years old
    5ft 10Ē (177 cms)
    14.5 stone (203 lbs/92 kg)

    Whatís next? A serious review of my diet Ė something is clearly not working. Or, something that used to work has stopped working. Or, Iím not working hard enough.

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    Well today is Day 2 of my new, improved diet plan.

    Where did I go wrong last time? Probably when my 90/10 became 70/30, 50/50, etc. Too much wine, French fries and chocolate ice cream.

    Anyway, the scary realisation that I am now officially in my late 50s has made me re-evaluate my diet anew. I do this often, but usually donít tell anyone about my plans and goals, so that when I fail (always!) nobody knows. Thatís why this time Iím keeping a journal. I MUST have good, positive things to record here.

    What I'm going to do different:
    • Follow the 5:2 diet for 5 weeks. This is to kick-start weight loss. Iím a regular IFíer so this wonít be a problem, and DH is joining me because he wants to lose a few pounds. Yesterday we took ďbeforeĒ photos and recorded weights and measurements.
    • Cut out potatoes and rice. I attribute the lower-carb version of PB for my success last time. However, after reading lots of stuff about older ladies needing the carbs I added them back in. OK, I can be honest here. The real reason I added them in is because I just love potatoes. Iím Irish! I spent part of my childhood on my grandparentsí farm and had potatoes straight out of the ground.
    • Eat the liver. I always have liver in the freezer. DH loves it, but I donít. Iíve tried hiding it in mince and making pate. Neither works. This time Iím just going to hold my nose and eat the stuff and become awesome!
    • Follow my kinesiologistís advice. She has diagnosed a major water retention problem and put me on a three-month course of magnesium.
    • Cut out the wine. This will probably be the hardest thing to do, but, for now, I donít need the calories or the sugar. I must Man Up!



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      Yesterday went well, it was an IF day on our 5:2 plan. DH and I agreed to fast all day and have a large evening meal. We both felt good and not even hungry. For my dinner, I had a duck leg, piles of roasted vegetables and half an avocado.

      Felt great, although woke up at 2pm and couldnít get back to sleep. Finally realised Ė I was starving! Had an apple and then slept well. I shall have to re-think the IF so that doesnít happen again. Next time Iím going to try higher carbs with my meal Ė maybe squash or zucchini noodles.

      Todayís workout was Tabata sprints and kettlebells.

      Feeling good and motivated to make my 57th year Awesome!