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    First Post...Success!

    I am 41 yrs. old and although I wasn't too overweight, I was expanding at the waistline like most middle agers.
    I had visceral fat that just stayed around despite an otherwise active regimen. I had tried the vegan diet for a year in 2009, and unfortunately it just gave me a buddha belly and made me into an unmotivated person. Once I went back to eating meat, I slimmed down a bit but still had a bit of a "muffin top."

    I kind of just started to accept it as an unavoidable circumstance of 40's. I'd heard about metabolism slowing as we age, and I walk quite a bit to commute and even workout a few times a week, so it just would not budge. I was determined however to try anything 'reasonable' that would not put me in the category of (1) starvation or (2) anything too unnatural.

    I am glad I am pretty relentless and didn't give up!

    I had been reading more and more on other fitness websites about the paleo and Primal lifestyle. I came across one of the avatars of a fellow forum poster who was not only over the age of 45, but also who had a midsection I wanted, he referred me to Mark's Daily Apple as a resource.

    I have been eating Paleo for almost 4 months. My results have been nothing short of AMAZING. I am super grateful that I have found the primal lifestyle and it is getting so much simpler for me to implement the longer I am at it.

    My results:
    I am 5'9" tall and male. I understand that ~80% compliance is acceptable. In the 1st three months I was very compliant. I only cheated 4 times, and they were things like an ice cream cone, or a burger and fries because I was stuck and found not find anything else. I did not crave much at all, honestly. BUT, when I did cheat I noticed that I felt ill, and still wanted more fries an hour later, unlike most of my regular meals eaten today...

    The numbers:
    Before: 172 pounds and 24% body fat
    Now: 146 pounds and 11% body fat.

    My Daily Apple:
    I am more focused, never really hungry unless I am in the act of eating--and that is a big complete change. I used to crave brownies and cookies after eating lunch, but no more. The sort of entertaining part is that while I don't go around suffering cravings, I do get a sort of powerful 'primal' reaction when I am about to eat or when eating. I can get pretty ravenous tearing apart a rotisserie chicken with my bear hands, but I really crave nothing when I am in between meals. Sometimes even skip dinner or breakfast.

    I have been eating mostly a handful of greens, a small amount of non-processed lean, close-to-the-original-carcass kind of meat such as: roast, rotisseries of chicken, pork belly or bacon, chicken breast, wild-caught sockeye salmon with the bone in (canned responsibly), and wild caught sardines. No sausage, deli meats, etc.
    (The driver is to equalize my protein to my lean body mass' requirements), and a group of vegetables about half the size of the greens & meat size, and then I have about half of the amount of vegetables in fruit, and then 1/2 of that size as a fat. My fats generally are only coconut oil, macadamias, or 1/2 an avocado, tree nut butters, or olive oil. I never cook with olive oil, only coconut oil. Sometimes I combine the fruit and olive oil and garlic with a vinegar or acid and make a salad dressing in the blender and adjust the rest. What I try to accomplish at every meal is a fractal of nutrients...
    *with the largest being (1/2 the meal)- 1/3 of my daily protein allotment, some greens like a Zen mix, or arugula or spinach dark and leafys),
    *1/2 of that size to be veggies
    *1/2 the size of the veggies to be fresh fruit
    *1/2 the size of the fruit to be fats

    Lean body mass calculation: [subtract your body fat % (mine is '11%') from 100%, so I get 89%, then take 89% of my weight '146' to get ~130 grams of protein to keep this thing going). On workout days, I increase it by up to 25%, so 130 x 1.25 is ~ 160 grams)

    My typical day has many stalwarts, but I alternate if I feel like I want more plant based food.
    1. 2 eggs, or 3 0z. tenderloin, a handful of greens, 1/2 an avocado, and salsa or Kim Chi
    Alt. Breakfast:
    2. Frozen Banana and macadamia butter blended with thai coconut milk smoothie.
    3. Just coconut milk (made from blending the water and meat of a thai coconut).
    4. Blend of: Kale, Pear, ginger, Lemon blend -sort of a detox for alkalinity...when I feel like it.
    Cheat: Rarely, but, pancakes, eggs and bacon together. or a croissant with bacon eggs and cheese.
    (The only cheating is the pancakes, or the cheese and the croissant -is mostly butter anyway). Once a month or two is fine.

    1. Some kind of salad. I usually eat out at places that chop a salad and allow you to custom tailor the ingredients. You can also eat at places like Chipotle, and just skip the beans and rice, and cheese/ sour cream. A salad bowl with shredded beef, or pork shoulder, and guacamole, tomatoes, and peppers is delicious. This is a regular habit of mine.
    2. Roasted 1/2 chicken with veges and fruits/ nuts
    3. I try not to go to salad bars because here in the city you cannot get away under $20, but I will build one out with greens, fresh salmon, pork, or chicken, and a few pieces of variety of fruits like watermelon, mango, and grapes, and
    4. Occasionally sashimi, or Japanese that has greens and daikon as opposed to rice.

    I usually cook at home and have come up with many recipes that I will eventually share.

    I am looking forward to implementing more of the fitness now.

    I will post updates, recipes and progress.