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    Day 0: What's next?

    I was talking with a friend about the blood type diet yesterday. It sounded similar to what I had heard about The Primal Blueprint, so I checked this website out. The deal is I've been doing a lot of exercise recently and see very little benefit so far. I know fat becomes muscle and muscle weighs more than fat, so that could be the answer to that mystery. Though I do see progress in my energy level.

    Anyway, I realize that exercise is only a part of the answer. Apparently it's not even a major player. So diet is the larger part of the equation at 80%. Not sure what ratios comprise the other components such as sleep, stress levels, other down time, etc. My poor diet has to be at least partly responsible for unimpressive results. And I do not want to be a fad diet person, but I know lifestyle change is necessary.

    Currently I am 6'0" and 285 lbs or so. The hard part is that, while I'm not saying that I look skinny, I do not look like 285 lbs, so it is deceiving and hard to stay on target. I know this has to be a choice to do or die. In four years I will be at the age where my father passed away from heart disease and other sickness. While I am far more active than he was, I don't want that to let me be complacent. Obesity is not the only option. I mean it's not necessarily a definite destiny. I don't have to be this way.

    So this is me proclaiming to the Primal world that I want to make a change for the better, not because I'm a bad person for accepting my current condition, but because I want to be better, feel better and do better. It's more that I want to be less sick and tired from day to day. Achy knees and ankles and waking up with back pain are not the goals that I want to have. I know losing weight will greatly diminish those conditions. And I know eating better is one of the best ways to lose that weight.

    Now it comes down to just doing it. Choosing healthy food over fast food lunch with co-workers is not easy. Anyway, here we go. Hopefully I can find the motivation to do this. After all my life depends on it. Isn't that motivation enough?

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    Welcome. You are on the right track. Good luck!


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      Day 1: Bio

      Weight: 285 lbs
      Height: 6'0"
      Age: 45
      Waist: 44"
      BMI: 39%

      Hiking, running, gardening, PC games, logic puzzles, play guitar and flute

      Nike+ Fuelband (for motivation to do stuff), Samsung S-health app

      Food today:
      Breakfast - three egg omelet with ham, onions, spinach, baby greens, and cheese
      coffee w/ half&half and Truvia

      Lunch - chilli
      chicken thigh and wing, baked
      hard boiled egg
      cup of yogurt
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