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    I am starting the 21day challenge tomorrow if somebody cann link me to the pdf that's suuppose to be part of my ebook. However for the last 3days I've been pretty much primal ... and all I want to do is sleep! Is this common and will it go away? I'm fortunate to be retired or I know I' d fall asleep at work - I fell asleep watching Mark's workout videos this afternoon.
    I have several health problems that I want to help with lifestyle. I have no thyroid and I have psoriatic arthritis and hbp. I moved to Costa Rica last October and want to be as healthy as possible to take advantage of all this amazing country has to offer.
    I used to blame my lack of thyroid and the drugs I had to take for the psa for the fact that I couldn't lose weight but now I see that it is my carb addiction.
    I don't have a scale but a few weeks ago at the docs I weighed 207 about 15 lbs up from whem I rode my horse and did barn chores daily in the states. I am 5'9" and I WILL BE 63 at the end of the 21 day challenge.

    I hope someone can answer the sleep thing and the pdf thing. Thanks!