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Eat mo' fat: MD's Primal Journal

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  • Eat mo' fat: MD's Primal Journal

    I've decided I'm ready to stop half-assing it and get real with primal living. I've been doing this on and off for the past 8 (?) months and need to get my butt in gear. I know it works. I know wheat and other grains make me feel like poo. I just really need to gain some control and keep them the heck out of my life...regardless of the opinions of others around me. This has been a big downfall in the scheme of things. Bad influences around me and a general lack of support. I just need to pull my support from within and from others with like-minded goals.

    I generally know what to eat and getting a copy of the PB cookbook (signed!) has been a swift kick of inspiration. There are also a lot of blogs cropping up with grain-free recipes and other ideas.

    On the other side of things, I need to get my lift on. I've tried this DVD program and that program without a lot of success because I get bored and don't stick with it. I also tend to get attracted to crazy cardio, do it for a few weeks, then wear myself out. Bad! So basically I need to stop that. But, good for me - I like lifting (heavy), sprints, yoga, pilates, and walking/hiking. All good forms of primal movement as long as they're done properly with proper rest. It may be time to kick the fitness DVD collection to the curb and go back to basics with my workouts. official goals for the 30 day challenge are:

    1. NO GRAINS or legumes
    2. Carbs @ 35 g / day or less
    3. Don't get addicted to primal "treats" - yogurt, fruit, nuts, dark chocolate
    4. Take my fish oil, vitamin D, and multi everyday
    5. STOP obsessing over the scale
    6. Low / slow movement
    7. SLEEEEEP!
    8. Cut back on dairy (not eliminate, but look for raw/organic sources)
    9. Get more active in the evenings (i.e. enjoy the weather, play outside, feed the ducks)
    10.Ignore the haters and nay-sayers


    and EAT MORE FAT.
    My Fitday Journal