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  • More vigor, please :)

    Hey all. I'm here to optimize my health and fitness. I've struggled with my weight for a long time and am quite aware of how diet influences feelings of lethargy, depression, anxiety, etc. 10 years ago I was at about 330 pounds, and since then I've mostly been hanging out at around 270, though for the past year I've been at about 230. I've absorbed a lot of the information on this site, but have never really been able to commit myself to primal eating for more than a week or so at a time. I'm hoping that by starting this journal and interacting with the community I will stay accountable.

    Wish me luck! Woot.


    That's my starting photo for reference. I'll upload an updated one every week or two to help keep track of progress.
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    Good luck anontywan. Keep at it, one day at a time.
    Annie Ups the Ante


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      Day 1
      Weight: 336
      Blood Pressure: N/A

      B: 1 pound of hamburger, ~3 cups of frozen veggies, ~3 tbps of butter, lots of spices - None of it was organic, except for the spices and Organic Valley grass-fed butter. The beef was the factory farmed crap.. so boo to that. Gotta do some shopping.

      S: Lot's of straight up black coffee at work.

      D: 1 bottle of Lifeway Organic Blueberry Kefir. Not really primal, because of the added sugar, but they didn't have the plain stuff and I wanted some liquid calories when I got off of work tonight.

      Excercise: None

      Alright. So day one was pretty good. I didn't do anything for fitness (except bike a mile to and from work), but ate pretty decent. Much better than how I had been doing these past couple of weeks, trust me.. :P
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        Originally posted by Annieh View Post
        Good luck anontywan. Keep at it, one day at a time.
        Thank ya


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          Day 2
          Weight: 334
          Blood Pressure: NA

          B: 9 eggs, 2 avocados, half an onion, 5 strips of bacon, and 2 tbsp butter. Lack of organic/grass-fed (except butter again), but the eggs and bacon weren't horrible quality.

          S: Lots of black coffee at work again.

          D: Another 1/4 gallon of the Lifeway Blueberry Kefir along with a can of sardines packed with olive oil. Mmm.. perfect snack food.

          Excercise: 2 hour bike ride on some hilly back roads.

          Another ntb kinda day. My diet wasn't ideal, but I did avoid any kind of junk food again today. I live with my grandma and there is a ton of sweets available at all times, which can make things pretty hard for me when I'm trying to change. I mean I get downright ravenous when it comes to sweets. It's bad. But honestly I'm having virtually no difficulty resisting them since beginning this journal. Sweet. Err.. awesome.
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            Day 3
            Weight: 330
            Blood Pressure: NA

            B: 1 bottle of Lifeway Blueberry Kefir, 1 avocado, 1 can of olive oil sardines (skin and bones intact), 1 can of oysters (in cotton seed oil, which I washed off. That's where the oysters flavor seemed to be the most concentrated though, so does that mean most of the nutrients leeched into the oil?)

            L: 1 bottle of Lifeway Blueberry Kefir

            Excercise: 3 hour bike ride on same hilly back roads.

            So, I didn't get much in terms of calories today, but I feel fine. I just didn't really make time to cook because I never felt especially hungry. So far it looks like I'm shedding pounds fairly quickly (according to the scale), but I've been eating good amounts of food and am definitely not low on energy. Pretty happy with how things are going so far.


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              Day 4
              Weight: 227
              Blood Pressure: NA

              B: 9 eggs, 7 strips of bacon, 2 tbsp of butter.

              S: 1 bottle of Lifeway Kefir

              L: About half a gallon of 2% milk.

              S: God only knows how many dozens of wild mulberries I ate.

              D: 3 cups of %milk fat cottage cheese, lots of watermelon.

              Exercise: Several hours of biking and several hours more of walking.

              I ate quite a bit today. It was my day off and I usually don't eat while at work, so that sort of explains it. I was also fairly active. Still needing to do some shopping so I can begin eating grass-fed/finished and organic animal products. I've been a little short on cash as of late, so I've been kind of restricuted.


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                Day 5:
                Weight: 330
                Blood Pressure: NA

                B: 1 WHOLE pie (not homemade, from bakery section at walmart), half a gallon of milk.

                L: 1 pound of pork loin chops (smothered in poor quality BBQ sauce)

                D: 1 pound of pork loin chops (again smothered in poor quality BBQ sauce)

                S: 4 tortillas with 4 slices of colby jack cheese each & BBQ sauce

                Excercise: None

                So yeah.. not proud of today. Oh well. I guess I'll totally binge every now and then, at least for awhile. To my credit I didn't go all out with an additional 3 or 4 bowls of ice cream like I might have normally done. These weekends I get really bored during the weekends and end up eating a lot. I really need to get my car fixed. And a social life :P


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                  Any updates?