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My No Grains/ No Sugar Year

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  • My No Grains/ No Sugar Year

    My year begins today, July 4, 2014.

    What "No Sugar" means to me:
    refined white or brown sugar
    maple syrup
    fruit juice
    artificial sweeteners
    sugar alcohols
    stevia and other natural sweeteners like xylitol

    No Grains include all the obvious ones (I'm looking at you wheat) plus quinoa and rice.

    Just in case No Sugar/ No grains isn't tough enough, I'm also avoiding wine. Besides the sugar content, I find that my cravings for dessert increase after a nice glass of Pinot Noir. So, no wine for me (dang it).

    I enjoy completing half marathon distances or longer. I do them very slowly. I plan on completing a sugar-free race a month. July's race is a half marathon next Sunday.

    This should be a very interesting 12 months....

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    I stepped on the scale this morning.
    Although this year isn't primarily about losing weight, it would be nice to get rid of a couple (probably about 20) lbs.

    I gave the grains the boot about a year ago. The monkey I want to get off my back is sugar in all it's addictive forms. When I gave up grains, I thought my sugar consumption would naturally diminish. Not so much. I just changed the delivery system. Instead of brownies, I would eat flourless cake (no grains!). Ice cream isn't made from grains either. I could go on but I think my sugar addict point has been made.

    The last couple days I've been eating copious amount of fruit. Mostly berries and cherries. I'll work on decreasing my portions later in the month.
    Time to go to Kettlebell class. When I'm swinging heavy weights around it's tough to think about desserts.