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Tooround is Primal in June

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  • Tooround is Primal in June

    The first day of April I weighed 129.6 lbs
    chest 35.5 inches
    waist 27.75 inches
    hips 37 inches

    First of May
    128.4 lbs
    chest 34.5
    waist 27
    hips 36

    First of June
    chest 35
    waist 27
    hips 36.75

    Isn't that interesting?

    I'll come back and edit when I think that through.

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    Let me see ... too many celebratory, off plan meals. Exercise is still pitiful. I had a bit of a tummy bug for a couple of days (bad cream, I think). A few days without enough sleep. Some financial stress ... lots of things to work on.

    I'm also going to track in fitday for a few days. We haven't really had a shorage of groceries but we were short on what I wanted to eat. That probably contributed to poor percentages.

    Those numbers also got me to thinking about CW and muscle wasting. Coulda been ... my butt is not getting flabbier, that's for sure!
    When I have some time, I should do some reading about breast composition. Historically, I would be noticing that loose empty skin thing by now. Don't get me wrong ... they're almost fifty and sag like it, but they're not deflated looking. I can't transfer down into my smaller bras yet.

    I think I programmed my scale to do a BF% guess. I'll see in the morning.


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      I think I figured out the body fat thing on my scale. I do understand it's limitations but I figure it's like weight ... as long as I do it same time, same clothing, same circumstances ... it should be a good enough guideline.

      23.9 % and a little dehydrated (first thing this morning) I guess that's about what I suspected.

      1300 cals
      64% fat
      20% protein
      16% carbs


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        My beef is coming today!!!

        184 lbs. $2.25 per pound and he's going to deliver!

        Yes, I cleaned the freezer.


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          77 gms protein
          130 gms fat
          15 minutes walking, 20 minutes elliptical, 10 minutes weights

          Grassfed beef tastes just like I remember beef tasting when I was a kid! It's taking up maybe a half of my upright freezer.

          About six months ago, I met Wendy through kinda weird circumstances. We kinda clicked and have met for coffee every few weeks since. Turns out they garden, collect rainwater, seek out natural foods. We met up yesterday. She's pretty excited about my beef and she has a source for elk!
          You just never know where good ideas are going to come from!


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            oooh, I'm jealous I wanna find me a cow now LOL.

            Actually my ex raises calves on grass (he sells them to a feedlot) ... tries to do the pasture rotation thing. wonder if he'd give a cow as child support this month?


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              I love barter


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                80 gms protein
                130 gms fat

                Discovering the beef patty as fast food.


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                  1700 cals
                  135 gms fat
                  80 gms protein

                  20 minutes elliptical, few minutes lifting for arms.

                  This business of sleeping better is a mixed blessing. I haven't seen the end of a hockey game in weeks!


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                    I am usually a sucker for those true life mystery type shows. I must stay awake to find out what really happened and then I normally get hooked on the next one and must stay awake for it. Last night, I fell asleep. I'll never know what happened to that lady and her $650,000.

                    As far as snack foods go, I figure potato chips are the lesser of several evils. The ones sitting at the nurses station yesterday were not as tempting as that sort of thing has been in the past but I did have some. My innards did react like they do with potatos and I do have some salty type puffiness this morning. The rest of my day was nicely primal so I can safely assume that potato chips should be a very rare treat.

                    I'm starting to feel like I haven't had two days off together in a while. We're so short staffed and scheduling just gets goofy. I carry tension home with me ... poor DH ...
                    I met some geese once and now understand the term "silly goose". They reminded me of the charge nurse we had yesterday. Yapping, flapping ...
                    Oh well, I have one day off again tomorrow


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                      Brrrrr .... it's chilly here this morning! I've even turned the heat on for a few minutes. 15C in the house!

                      Had a pretty primal day yesterday. Steak and eggs for breakfast, did a couple of hours of garden work, walked, picked greens for supper, napped, foraged for cold roast pork in the fridge put a bunch of rhubarb in the freezer.

                      I lied to the folks in my arthritis thread yesterday. I do use some sugar ... in my rhubarb. Forgot about that. I'm leaning more to believing that peppers and tomatoes are having a greater impact on my poor old tailbone. I have a tomato in my lunch but I'll only eat it if I'm really hungry.

                      I've been thinking about all the women who seem to be struggling with PB and weight loss. I wonder if I would be so happy if I'd leveled out at a higher weight. 128-ish isn't bad. Would I be so content if I'd stayed around 137-ish like when I started? Not likely. Or if this had been the first thing I'd tried and I was healthy and energetic at 165? Nope. Maybe I should stop responding to that question.


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                        I'm so flaaaat ... depressed type flat. I was getting so excited because I was sleeping so well. I was even napping very well. But now, it's more like lying around with my eyes closed for hours on end or just staring off into space. I could do that 5 or 6 times a day.
                        I'm not stewing. That's what I used to do instead of sleeping. I made a couple of mistakes at work yesterday but I'm not worried about them. I don't have to go back and fix them. They're nothing earth shattering. I'd just like to sleep and forget about them. That's not even right. If I slept today instead of working ... I wouldn't make any mistakes.

                        Stuff's piling up because I'm sleepy. Not physically tired. Not hypoglycemic. Sleepy. And when I think of all I should get to and fix ... it makes me sleepy.

                        Perhaps I should do some reading about diet and depression. I'm down to taking a very small dose of Paxil and I don't even take that every day. I'm not sure if this is what I felt like when I was very sick or not. Some of it feels very familiar.


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                          I can't tell you how much I wish this was my last day at work this week! So dozy! I stripped off my jammies, pee'd, put my jammies back on and then stepped on the scale. Dumb!

                          We had meatza again last night. As long as I remember to get ground beef out of the freezer in the morning, it's a fabulously simply after work meal. Quick, easy, versatile. All I had was sauce, cheese and olives and it was fine.
                          Today I have a beef roast in the crockpot.

                          I've got my smallest scrubs on today. That's supposed to perk me up. Not working.

                          Well, I've been staring at this rectangle for about 15 minutes and still have not come up with anything smart or encouraging to say. Not all journals are brilliant


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                            Hope today is a better day!!


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                              Thanks Mikki!

                              Bad, bad day yesterday. I'm sure I've mentioned before about how mindless I become when I'm tired. Muffin, donut, beer. I'm not angry with myself or full of regret. I'm just tired. The dichotomy of already being tired and then eating things that make me tired? That's a head scratcher.

                              OTOH ... the beef roast in the crockpot was fabulous! We also had the last package of beets from my garden last year ... with butter of course.

                              We have no plans for the weekend. None!