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    First morning of first day of primal! I plan to give it my all for 30 days, June 1-30, and monitor what happens. I've been reading the archives and blog for about two weeks and the book is on order, should arrive this week. I've already been cutting back on carbs and sweets. Already I'm feeling better, fewer cravings, more energy. I understand the value of also cutting back on dairy but I don't feel quite ready to do that (I adore cheese!) although I've stopped downing huge glasses of milk like I used to.

    About me: I'm female, 50 years old, 5'7", 226 (highest weight ever!). BP normal but at last dr. appt. was told my blood sugar is too high, so that's a concern. Morning blood sugar is in the 115-130 range, would like it to be below 100. Diabetes does not run in my family, but I don't want to be the first!

    I'm self-employed and spend hour upon hour at the computer. My favorite leisure activities are reading and crafts--needless to say, I tend to be extremely sedentary. But I'd like to be an active person. I recently moved from a major metro area to a gorgeous part of the country and would like to be able to hike, bike, kayak, etc., without gasping for air.

    I live in a forest in the Rocky Mountains, so hiking up and down slopes will be my main form of exercise. I've watched the "forest workout" video (looks just like our property!) and plan to incorporate some of those activities, lifting rocks and logs and such. I also have a vegetable garden to care for. (I'm a newbie gardener so it's a big learning curve.) I think summer is a great time to go primal!

    Okay, here's my plan for today:

    B: Eggs, sausage, blueberries, coffee
    L: Leftover roast beef, horseradish mayonnaise, asparagus
    D: Halibut, butter, cauliflower
    S: Cheese

    Work in the garden, hike 40 minutes (20 min. down slope, 20 min. up)

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    Welcome to the primal community! You seem to be on the perfect track. In my mind, your eating for today is pure primal. Dairy is accepted if one can digest it. I am able to digest small amounts. I enjoy raw cheese - the flavor is too good to give up! And, its an excellent source of protein and fat.

    Garden work and a hike is a great workout too! Walk as much as you can as well.

    Summer is the perfect time to go primal and the easiest in my mind. I have been primal for 2 months and will never look back.
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      Thank you, Toad. I peeked at your blog and loved your post about Chicago--my hometown! Chicagoans do enjoy their steak. :-)


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        That's awesome! Yea, the steak I had in Chicago was by far the best steak I enjoyed in my entire lifetime! I will be going back around the 19th of June to play a lot of golf and drop off part of my 100% grass fed cow

        I love it when I find primal people in Chicago and Grand Rapids I will be starting a few facebook pages...

        -West Michigan Primal
        -Grand Rapids Primal
        -Michigan Primal
        -Chicago Primal (since my bro lives there and I LOVE visiting there)

        I will be starting them today
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          So yesterday didn't go exactly as planned. I stuck to my planned primal breakfast and lunch, but ended up going out for an impromptu lunch with friends. Ate a primal-friendly salad (greens, nuts, 1/2 pear, bleu cheese dressing), but accompanied it with sweet potato fries! They are the best at this particular restaurant (I know, excuses, excuses...)

          I did take my 40 min. hike, between the raindrops. Rain scotched my gardening plans, but I did quite a bit of housework indoors. Today I need to stay pretty much glued to my desk (on deadline--I'm a writer and editor), but I thought I might set an alarm to go off every hour, reminding me to get up, move, stretch, do a quick physical chore, etc.

          Per Sparkpeople, yesterday's tally was about 1348 cals, 77 carbs, 106 g. fat, and 56 g. protein. Is there something else I should be keeping track of? Also, how important is it to drink lots of water? I know CW says drink lots and lots, but I rarely feel thirsty and have to remind myself to drink.


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            P. S. In addition to the overweight and blood sugar conditions mentioned earlier, I have a couple of other health issues that I'll be monitoring during this challenge: rosacea (a skin condition) and sleep apnea (the latter related to the weight, I'm sure). Interesting to see if/how they respond to the change in diet.


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              Don't forget about the 80/20 rule

              Sweet potatoes are great for a once in a while veggie. I eat them about once a week. Fries aren't the best, but you are BEGINNER! Give yourself credit - you ate a primal salad while out with friends for lunch. Have patience and before you know it you will not go for those lovely sweet potato fries... trust me

              Cals and the 3 macronutrient levels are all you need to keep track of. As long as you eat a lot of veggies, greens, and some fruit - berries, you will get all the macronutrients you need.

              Water... I thought I had to drink 8 glasses a day before going primal - that's CW for ya! I simply drink water or water with lemon when I am thirsty. This is not often - I have just a few glasses a day. When I workout or if its really hot I require more. My body lets me know

              Your rosacea should improve. I had acne prior to going primal but am now acne free.
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                Day 2

                Feel pretty good overall. A bit of a headache, but that could be due to stressful workday as much as my new way of eating. Am amazed at how NOT hungry I am. I've always been a snacker/grazer, a real problem for a work-at-home person. Today I found myself going several hours without even thinking about food. Imagine all the other things I'll be able think about when my brain space isn't taken up with food thoughts!

                B: egg, sausage, black coffee
                L: tuna, mayonnaise, sugar-free chocolate pudding, 1 graham cracker (a treat--was able to eat ONE instead an entire sleeve!)
                D: Italian sausage, green pepper, mushrooms, onions, sauteed in olive oil

                Not much movement other than simple stretching and some ironing. However, it's still early evening here--enough time to get in a walk.


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                  Awww- Jennybug is what my parents always called me.

                  I second it, your rosacea should improve. I would say that mine is 90% better: one of my favorite unexpected benefits of eating Primal!
                  With Mark's help, I've conquered depression, acne, rosacea, scale obsession, migraines, and lethargy. Who knows what tomorrow will bring?


                  My Journal:


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                    That's good news about the rosacea, Primal Diva!

                    Re weight, I won't be as excited about the scale as I will be if my clothing size goes down. It would be so nice to once again shop in normal clothing stores instead of "big-girl" ones, if you know what I mean.


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                      Originally posted by Primal Diva View Post
                      Awww- Jennybug is what my parents always called me.

                      I second it, your rosacea should improve. I would say that mine is 90% better: one of my favorite unexpected benefits of eating Primal!
                      I love it... so true!
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                        Day 3

                        Nutritionally I've had a good day so far, but I haven't been feeling my best. Headache that lasted all day, a feeling of heaviness in my gut--not nausea exactly, but a sort of dull ache. Also feel thirsty so have been drinking more water. I took a nap in the afternoon but it just made me feel groggy. Could this be what you seasoned pros call "carb flu?"

                        Adventures in cooking for two: My husband had a taste for pizza tonight, so for I sauteed up a big batch of Italian sausage, mushrooms, peppers, onions, garlic, and spices. Then I put half of it on a crust with tomato sauce for him, and put the other half in a pie plate for me. I covered both the pizza and the pie plate with mozzarella and popped them in the oven. So we're basically having the same thing, except no crust for me. I would like dh to also go primal. He hasn't committed yet, but I think he's taking a wait-and-see attitude with me as I undertake this month-of-June challenge.

                        Today I ate:
                        B: eggs, bacon, coffee
                        L: steak w/melted gorgonzola and butter, lettuce, iced tea
                        D: crustless pizza
                        S: no snack today because I WASN'T HUNGRY! (wonder of wonders, miracle of miracles)

                        Sparkpeople sez:
                        1439, 37 carg, 107 fat, 81 protein

                        Exercise: long walk in the woods


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                          I think it could be a bit of carb flu.... in my case when I had it, it was just the reduction in the actual sugar intake I was used to, I'm sure.


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                            Originally posted by Suse View Post
                            I think it could be a bit of carb flu.... in my case when I had it, it was just the reduction in the actual sugar intake I was used to, I'm sure.
                            VERY possible!

                            Originally posted by jennybug View Post

                            Day 3

                            D: crustless pizza
                            How do you make your crustless pizza?
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                              How do you make your crustless pizza? [/QUOTE]

                              I just threw all the toppings (sausage, peppers, mushrooms, onion) into a pie plate with mozzarella cheese, baked it, and ate it with a fork.

                              A friend was telling me about a way to make pizza using the meat as the crust. Apparently you mix ground meat with onion and garlic and spread it out in a layer on a pan and bake it for about 20 min. Thus the meat becomes the crust. Spread tomato sauce on it and toppings, cheese, and broil it until the cheese is melted and slightly brown. I haven't tried this way yet but it sounds good.